Pentax A40 Review

June 20th, 2009 Posted in Digital Compact Cameras


The Pentax Optio A40 is a 12 megapixel compact camera that packs a lot of features. Sporting a 3x zoom (37-111mm equivalent) lens, enhanced Shake Reduction image stabilization technology, a 2.5-inch high-res screen, and a plethora of in-camera modes and options, the A40 sounds like a capable camera. Included with the camera are a USB cable, audio/video cable, hand strap, rechargeable li-ion battery, charger, and CD-ROM with software.

The A40 features the following primary shooting modes:

  • Auto: Complete automatic mode, which allows basic settings like flash mode, macro focus mode, drive mode (continuous, single, timer, etc.)
  • Program: Allows the choice of auto-exposure program, shutter priority, or manual exposure mode, giving more options to more advanced users
  • Night Scene: Optimizes the camera for shots of scenes or people at night; the camera suggest the use of a tripod or similar to help stabilize the camera, and the use of flash for portraits
  • Landscape/Flower: These two modes are optimized for their respective targets, with the camera adjusting the focus style as well as some color options to help make the pictures appealing
  • Natural Skin Tone/Food: These modes also adjust color tones to help get the best pictures – natural skin tone is clearly aimed at making photos of people look better, while food mode gives more saturation to make food items look more appetizing
  • Kids/Pets/Sport: These modes are all specialized for quick moving subjects, changing the focus mode to help track and allow quick shots of your target
  • Text: Designed to help get sharp, clear photos of text – this mode allows for choice of black and white photos and can be further optimized by adjusting the contrast value

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29 Responses to “Pentax A40 Review”

  1. Huong Rusk Says:

    Can there be in whatever way i’m able to make use of a wireless handheld remote control on PANASONIC LS-80 compact camera ?

  2. Chau Bliek Says:

    my pentax optio A40′s LCD screen continues to be damaged but theoretically it ought to have the ability to record images etc. please let me know should i be wrong (most likely am wrong).

  3. Coy Dietlin Says:

    Does anybody possess a repair manuals for pentax optio a40 camera? i simply transformed damaged lcd screen to brand new one, but cannot choose the best places for 3 plates and also the right size screws to repair within the cover box. Thx.

  4. Salena Hittle Says:

    for instance a concise camera’s aperture is 2. basically have a photo using the compact camera and aperture focused on 2 after which go ahead and take same photo by having an Digital slr camera and lens with similar aperture (2) and also the same everything (shutter speed, iso, …), can i have a similar depth of area both in photos or no?

  5. Jamison Lamons Says:

    -fugifilm J20

    -olympus stylus Further ed 3010

    -pentax optio A40

  6. Nicolle Buglisi Says:

    I’m searching for a camera, but it should be $400 or under.

    Also what’s the best brand, I’ve got a pentax Optio Touch, that takes great pictures, and was just $200.I heard that Canons work great too… I simply require a camera that can take great pictures, for an inexpensive cost…I take lots of pictures of creatures and so i need one that will take good pictures of moving things.

  7. Tory Bilbrew Says:

    I had been playing a mode around the xbox 360 form of the overall game where i needed to wait to respawn, and that i experienced a strange floating camera mode where i possibly could control your camera… It had been type of glitchy, and that i could move far from the map, and may undertake some textures…it had been into the spotlight Crossfire i believe, inside a destroyed Afghan town having a central horizontal road… I’ve not found any record of this kind of factor online, has this ever became of any one of you?

  8. Tanesha Yost Says:

    Eventually I accidentally dropped my Pentax Optio A40 on the ground. After I attempted turning it on, it demonstrated the beginning-up screen, then switched off alone. It stored happening, only it stopped showing the beginning-up screen and began to simply show a black back-lit screen. Now it does not show any manifestation of existence after i press the energy button. What are the ideas that can help to repair this?

  9. Caitlin Athanasiou Says:

    I previously had home windows vista and also the camera labored fine. now I’ve got a mac and even though i’m able to get still pictures I am unable to obtain the video come to play. it states the format isn’t based on quick time player. the disc that included it will not work and also the box states only works best for home windows. does anyone are conscious of a means round this in order to see the video ive taken. it uses divx to record

  10. Barry Berkbigler Says:

    This Christmas, I am wishing to obtain a new camera which takes some excellent macro shots. I understand I seem pretty ignorant by what I am asking from somebody that loves photography, and that i apologize. -Anyway I donrrrt understand what this means once the macro shows up as 3 centimetres or 35 mm on it’s review. May be the macro quality better or worse when the number is greater or lower? I really hope I’m making sense. I’ve come across some amazing photos in which the subject within the picture can be quite close-up, and incredibly obvious. If anybody knows any cameras which takes a photograph like this, (with no additional lens) please let me know! I understand you will find some available, I’ve come across a couple of, however i am still skeptical. I have also heard the Digital rebel might be great for macro shots too. (Obviously the Digital rebel is a superb camera generally), however i am still unsure. I am sorry for asking a lot of questions. :/ however i would greatly appreciate a solution! :D

  11. Carol Norrick Says:

    Which of the aforementioned must i upgrade on everyday use and periodic amateur photography for any 14 years old?


  12. Leisa Camarda Says:

    It requires too lengthy to return to camera mode. I would like the preview time for you to be shorter. Whereby the configurations are you able to change that?

  13. Marva Serdula Says:

    My boyfriend has in some way handled to place a hairline crack within the screen but it is touched the part below that really shows the images therefore the display does not work. I have left pictures however i are only able to discover their whereabouts once I have submitted these to laptops.

    The crack runs completely in all directions flat and on screen underneath you will find dark marks around in which the crack is. When I stated anything else is working fine.

    Can there be in whatever way to correct this? If that’s the case, just how much wouldn’t it cost and are you aware any places where this may be done around Merseyside or Greater Manchester, or somewhere having a mail service.


    Oh and giving us a connect to a location that sells protective camera cases is fine and dandy but that a little of the situation of closing the gate following the equine has bolted…

  14. Pricilla Rieb Says:

    i want it inside a couple of days if i haven’t got the memory i will not have the ability to take pictures inside my cousins wedding it just holds 10 with no memory

  15. Antione Krenke Says:

    I unplugged the USB cord before I switched from the camera. Now it states it’s memory is full, but no images to show. So I am much less sure how to proceed…

    Used to do give a memory next, also it still states memory error. I am positve I am using the correct one, since it fits, and it is an SD…that is what it requires.

  16. Russel Stitzer Says:

    I’ve the pentax optio e60 and was told I desired to alter the f-stop/aperture. I’ve been with the book several occasions will it be known as another thing or may your camera not have access to it? Thanks

  17. Donny Matinez Says:

    I’ve got a hitachi video camera and such as the part thats damaged is the fact that the one thing the way you switch to camera and video mode n such. like its stuck also it wont use camera mode. also it would always switch off whenever you move it. just how much do you consider it cost to have it fixed?

  18. Cecelia Briggerman Says:

    I’m searching at improving my camera, and i’m totally confused. I have no idea if it’s easier to convey more mega pixels or optical zoom. The cameras I’m searching at would be the Pentax Optio Z10 (8 mega pixels and 7x optical zoom) and also the Pentax Optio A40 (12 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom).

    All assistance is appreciated! Thanks!!! :)

    And So I is deserving of the main one with increased optical zoom then? When I will not be increasing the size of many whatsoever!

  19. Jestine Henkensiefken Says:

    It may sound like something in the top phone is twisting after i switch the telephone to camera mode, and today the screen is totally whitened and also the front screen is not working either.

    i purchased them back of ebay and it is a verizon phone. they most likely wont pay for it :(

  20. Heike Bridget Says:


  21. Levi Cammarota Says:

    I do not think it is the windex though.

    I simply dispersed it on screen to wash it and today it keeps clicking camera and none of my secrets work now since it keeps likely to camera mode.

  22. Rhona Drach Says:

    I’d found a classic panasonic palmcorder camera within my loft. I needed to ascertain if it might work again, and so i billed battery now it’s working. However, after i switched it onto camera mode and required the lens cap off, the screen still demonstrated black. Should a tape maintain your camera for your problem to become fixed?

  23. Chester Grunow Says:

    well i simply got this camera, it had been used therefore it included its problems. The primary issue is any time i have a picture, one fourth from it is split along the side of the screen also it dates back to camera mode. I cant save the image also it basically take another picture it fuses both together.Yesterday i had been while using camera all right and today it does not work. Does anybody know why it’s acting by doing this?

  24. Filomena Boers Says:

    I’ve got a Sanyo VPC-700 and that i cannot discover the configurations for black and whitened or sepia pictures. I discovered how you can perform the video configurations within the manual however they aren’t exactly the same when you’re in camera mode. Isn’t it able to perform it in camera mode? The manual does not say and I have looked with the menu section several occasions.

    If anybody has got the same camera or other ideas tell me. All assistance is appreciated.

  25. Wan Pumper Says:

    The slide-cover from the camera keeps opening, putting it in camera mode. It’s driving me nuts.

  26. Jamison Helstad Says:

    Not the standard camera modes, but online I see people as with a stationary camera and the start of the runway. Its just like a spectator view. Or they close ups that aren’t obtainable in the standard game?

  27. Rudolf Largent Says:

    I’ve got a kodak easyshare z1285. I wish to understand how to activate light in camcorder mode

  28. Jewell Emperor Says:

    i’ve got a energy acoustik in-dash fully motorized touchscreen monitor… its a dvd player radio… i’m able to watch it simply fine after i am driving… however when i turn my car headlights on… it aborts the dvd player mode… and instantly adopts camera mode

  29. Anabel Barimah Says:

    i am attempting to make a film.

    as well as for some moments i want your camera gradually moving in all directions to left and the other way around with camera mode off or on. - Last Minute Deals

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