Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review

February 18th, 2012 Posted in Digital SLR Cameras

The 16 megapixel Live MOS Micro Four Thirds sensor is the crown jewel of the E-M5, and comes complete with five-axis image stabilization, allowing the sensor to shift up, down, forwards, backwards and diagonal to compensate for camera movement, enabling what Olympus reps describe as “a built-in Steadycam.” Perhaps even more impressive, however, is the camera’s autofocus system. Olympus claims that the E-M5 features the “world’s fastest autofocus,” of any camera — yes, that even includes top-of-the-line DSLRs. We went on a quick indoor shoot with the cam and were incredibly pleased with the focusing system’s performance — subjects came into focus instantaneously, even in low-light. We can’t confirm that Olympus claim, but this thing is definitely very, very fast.

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  1. Christin Mentnech Says:


    Want to make an entry into Digital slr market try not to want something bulky to carry around. Thinking about the Olympus E-P3 but unsure which lens to obtain using the camera? 17mm or 14-22mm? Do you know the variations.

    Every other suggested camera options within the Compact System Cameras?


  2. Tracey Glawson Says:

    I have had digital camera models before but I am looking for a better camera now, to obtain more serious with photography. I mostly shoot people, or creatures, which sometimes have been in motion. I love retro designs and am not in opposition to beginning by helping cover their a classic camera. I like the style of the Olympus OM-30. Maybe a few recommendations from both finishes from the cost selection of 100$ to 700$? One to begin with and something to conserve for?

  3. Elmo Ligman Says:


  4. Homer Jeannette Says:

    I wish to determine if there’s industry that have CMOS cameras which not have the moving effect, after i watch recent movies your camera actions are rapid however the background isn’t altered like CMOS usually cause and that i thought CCD sensors were changed a couple of in the past?

  5. Jordon Vallejo Says:

    What exactly are some shot types, and names of camera actions utilized in somy spy films?

  6. Inga Vernazza Says:

    Lately i’ve bought an imac and that i have observed which i cannot locate the sim cards.ini file which, after i was using home windows, was the file that you simply edited to alter your camera speeds.

    So i’m wondering, either where’s this file situated around the mac or how else are you able to alter the camera movement speed on the mac computer? thanks

  7. Denita Banez Says:

    1. the three dimensional view color sketches of the particular position from the interior (they appear as though completed in color pencil)

    2. three dimensional made detailed layout (both in jpeg and animated mpg files in which you have camera movement round the place)

  8. Clifton Vanbibber Says:

    It’s kind of near the start of the film when it’s presenting Schindler. You will find certain shots of his costly possessions. What’s the title of the shot and kind of camera movement? I have to know this to have an essay for varsity. Thanks.

  9. Edward Crout Says:

    The scene does not have to be important, but needs to have important film factors. For example lighting, framework, mise en scene, angles, camera movement, etc. I am getting a difficult time, therefore if anybody could produce certain moments, they can also be just your faves, that might be great! :)

    These kinds is really a senior high school elective.

  10. Willard Tutwiler Says:

    My homework is to locate a film which had an excellent camera movement which was great for your moment,Example: The boy in shining is riding his bike in the home and camera is following him cloesly from behind

  11. Leigh Cirrincione Says:

    I realy wan2 play skyrim. The main problem is motion sickness. 4this reason i need2 controle my camera movement via keybord. Can there be any way2 do that ? I haven’t got gamepad. And that i feel comfort with only keybord, not mouse.

    Plz assist me to…….

  12. Darlena Christel Says:

    I must study this film trailer and discover the effective elements. I have to discuss editing, production design (props, setting, lighting etc), camera movement/angles, and seem. What can you recommend speaking about and then any help or ideas could be greatly appreciated :)

    http://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=7VdONYkKFmQ

  13. Ivy Radford Says:

    I wish to have the ability to walk around while recording but I wish to determine if anybody knows associated with a techniques which i might have the ability to assist me to so there’s is very little camera movement. Thanks!

  14. Porfirio Greenfeld Says:

    I’m searching for video editing software that supports choosing a place inside a video (for instance: a triangular) in order to connect another layer into it. When that time moves within the image (camera movement, not image movement) that layer should move after it. So when it rotates, it ought to rotate too.

  15. Larry Boylen Says:

    I wish to setup an outside video surveillance and have to know things i need.

    1. Require a wireless, photo voltaic camera because it will likely be installed 500 foot from the house. Have they got these?

    2. Require an Internet camera that broadcasts on the web and saves the pictures in order to notice while focusing on the pc.

    3. Evening vision because you will find no street lights here.

    Please let me know which online retailers ask them to and tutorials if at all possible.

  16. Breana Merl Says:

    Okay i am 16 and that i love movies im always watching them everything acting, camera movement, effects, ect. anyways so what can I actually do now to get involved with the film Business and work my in place?

  17. Allyson Palmisciano Says:

    I am writing a short script for introducing video production class and only agreed to be wondering just how much camera movement ought to be incorporated within the script (should i really write within the script once the camera should zoom and just what camera to change to, etc.) Case a fundamental intro course, but any info. is needed. Thanks.

  18. Nathanial Desano Says:

    Whenever you take a look at movies in the 1960′s 50′s 1970′s . They did not use fancy Special Forex , not really fancy camera work, plus they were great movies. they are still. Not just american movies, but hispanic movies like Cantinflas movies.. individuals are the best.

    No fancy effects with no fancy camera actions. but the very best

    Why does hollywood believe that a film is excellent whether it has Special Forex?

  19. Palmer Monteleone Says:

    I really like the overall game. However the camera movement is not just like it had been within the Sim cards 2. Would you agree? Exactly what do you want or dislike relating to this game?

    I love that you could virtually personalize everything. Which you can purchase a vehicle now

  20. Cristin Langfitt Says:

    I’m shooting a documentary Trailer on the 5d Mark III having a steady cam. Any recommendations for camera actions like swipes or steady cam actions for that editor to be able to come up with an attractive Trailer?

  21. Lorinda Bettin Says:

    I’m doing a movie analysis which requires camera movements and angles . Can you explain or give any example videos of a Traverse shot ? I have no idea how it look like..

  22. Emilio Castelum Says:

    so the essay has to be on the scene where the fbi character goes to see hannible in the prison for the first time. i have to analyse, lighting, colour, sound, character, editing, camera angles, camera movements and iconography.


  23. Milan Clubb Says:

    In a single way it draws in me because I have had a lot of recently that “looked better within the viewfinder compared to print”. But my concerns are the following:

    When handheld would it not often create more camera movement than whether it were held upon your face?

    Would it not melt away your batteries fast ?

  24. Brendon Sandholm Says:

    Well….i recall a few years back (maybe this past year /have no idea) they began to film the show with strange camera actions and zooms and stupid stuff and stopped watching cause it had been annoying after which I completely didn’t remember about this and began watching again. Today they demonstrated a flashback having a scene from the time these were filming with strange cameras (a scene with Greenlee). So my Q is, what’s going on with strange camera actions? Why did they begin doing might why/when did they stop?

  25. Harvey Wanca Says:

    1. Need brand of camera. Your camera needs to take a top quality, High Definition picture so it may be produced like a PROFESSIONAL PRINT In Writing OR CANVAS.

    2. How do you go ahead and take picture? Take picture inside or outdoors? Put painting inside a still existence box to lessen glare?

    Thanks To Any Or All That Answer!!!!

    They are my works of art which i colored myself. Thanks!

  26. Kurtis Silvan Says:

    I saw a music video in Lake tahoe now and getting trouble recalling the artist title. It needs to be recent. It comprised mostly of black, crimson and pink renditions from the band singing and dancing, with a lot of camera movement, zooms, etc. Among the band people would be a whitened male, another a black girl. Type of a jazzy pop hybrid. Something Something and also the Somethings?

  27. Valery Vidovich Says:

    I must evaluate a film for college and i must pick one scene in the entire movie that discloses the theme. i must perform a shot by shot analysis explaining why the director chose certain shots, camera angles, camera actions, lighting and seem.

    i most likely must have pointed out that i’m not permitted to evaluate jaws or even the matrix once we have examined them at school. :(

  28. Aracelis Winegardner Says:

    I am looking for a good video to assist use Illustrator and edit videos rather than pictures. I wish to do action videos mostly, with bullet, bloodstream, and expensive effects, and “technological” effects that appear actually was and remain in place, despite camera movement. Help anybody? Thanks!

    P.S.- I am speaking about videos like CorridorDigital and freddiew’s. Many thanks!

    I am talking about a tutorial for editing videos in Illustrator, not really a video showing using illustrator. Hope this clears up some.

  29. Allan Tartamella Says:

    A few of the elements may include film stock, lighting, contacts, framework, angles, depth, POV, scale, camera movement, utilization of lengthy takes, etc. and just how it produces meaning inside a particular scene.

    Among the finest to obtain a better sense of motion picture elements to ensure that i’m able to better comprehend it. Thanks

  30. Zofia Pintor Says:

    I simply got such a Olympus Mju 1040 camera and that i aren’t able to find any place in the manual the best way to turn the expensive off when going for a photo. HELP!!!

  31. Sharyn Sult Says:

    I am considering purchasing 30 fps CCD camera(Digital recording device video compression H.264) and worried about blurriness because of extremely fast motion from the human model and never from camera movement since the camera is going to be still.

    The CCD camera’s max shutter speed is 1/50000th of the second.

    Could it be enough to repair blurriness referred to above?

    I just read somewhere that for Slr if shutter includes a high speed then enough light ought to be permitted inside camera. Could it be also true for CCD camera?

    So in be concerned about aperture size and ISO quantity of the CCD camera?

    Should i search for every other factors that may cause blurriness?

    Any suggestions about this really is welcome.

  32. Leann Woytowicz Says:

    a. highly personal narrative

    b. many monitoring, panning, and hands held camera actions

    c shooting in tangible structures using available light

    d. figures speaking directly in the audience

    Thanks ahead of time.

  33. Teddy Abajian Says:

    I really like the show however they focus, zoom out, move left, move right, all in like 2 seconds. Does other people think they will use a significant amount of camera movement?

  34. Hoyt Driessen Says:

    I want one movie illustration of all these kinds of camera actions – pan, tilt, monitoring, and zoom (note – these might not be the right terms, these were only the ones utilized in my British class)

  35. Joella Fortin Says:

    If there is a couple running for the camera, and also the camera is clearly moving backwards because they run, what’s this movement known as?

  36. Mickey Knust Says:

    I make Machinima for that Sim cards 2 and wondered knowing ways to get smooth camera actions for that Sim cards, your camera moves method to fast after i make use of the arrow secrets to maneuver it :/ I would like slow smooth actions. Please and Thanks

  37. Terresa Walks Says:

    good examples of low angles, high position, perspective shot, bird’s eye shot. Good examples of camera movement like panning, monitoring and zooming. Also good examples of lighting like previously mentioned, from below, sidelighting and backlighting.

  38. Clayton Saddler Says:

    I had been searching for a compact digital camera that accompany a handheld remote control but apparently it normally won’t exist. I’m wondering exactly what the littlest camera having a handheld remote control is? I wish to have the ability to place the camera on the tripod and take multiple pictures without needing to return to totally reset the timer.

  39. Cinda Heaphy Says:

    I required some photographs of the waterfall today coupled with the best effect lower to obtain that smooth look, however the photos are fuzzy and I am unsure why. I’ve a picture stabilizer on my small lens and that i was shooting installed on a tripod With an online to reduce camera movement. I am a newbie, so could anybody shed some light on which would cause blur?

    There is no wind, tripod was on the stone pathway and I am utilizing a Canon Digital rebel Xsi

  40. Angela Semper Says:

    you can try http://world wide web.creaktif.com/

    this is exactly what I wish to do:

    I’m a three dimensional artist and that i can produce a three dimensional model and I wish to slowly move the camera movement together with a button movement only.

    Must i purchase any plug-in or service for your?

    basically need where I’m able to get assets or lessons for this?

    I’m able to handle the macromax’s or adobe’s any form of expensive

    just I would like a idea to experience with.

  41. Onita Cheu Says:

    i’ve an AQA media test tommorow, and that i never really learnt what they are called of camera movement, and just what they mean?

    i understand the kinds of shots incidentally, simply not the movement?

  42. Young Diano Says:

    Im carrying out a project in class which involves writing a script.My real question is that i have to know do you know the names of all of the fundamental camera movement and effects. cany anybody assist me to?

  43. Sheldon Revord Says:

    I’m wondering which kind of camera actions have been in the outlet scene where they chase the chicken to where Rocket is swept up between your Police and Lil’ ze gang???

  44. Sarita Focht Says:

    In my British class I have to asses both James Cameron films: Titanic & Avatar.

    Fans of James Cameron’s films / know much about his pointing techniques.. are you able to briefly summarize his kind of pointing style?

    Camera shots, camera anles, camera movement, lighting, seem /SFX, editing techniques.

    If you’re able to let me know a little about they he makes use of it might be useful.


  45. Vincenzo Kulesa Says:

    I understand this may seem just like a stupid question, but how does someone become company directors of major films? I imagine being a director/author. I really like (trying) to create scripts and watching movies using the seem off to pay attention to your camera actions, but my real question is how can the

    large Hollywood company directors get funding from major film companies if they’re the initial director. I am speculating they’re going to film school or they create short films/advertisements and when the businesses like they are previous work the organization can give them money to help make the movie. So how exactly does the entire process work knowing. Thanks

  46. Eduardo Walling Says:

    I additionally like:



    Persons unkown

    Prison break

    And That I don’t mean anything about law or government or shows about actual ghost predators with crappy camera movement

  47. Ray Sahagun Says:

    I am merely a high-school student, but making videos is a superb hobby of mine.

    Evaluating other videos, I have recognized what made videos suck.

    Seem is a, the way the “camera movement” is not dynamic, whether it’s stable or otherwise, and lighting, simply to title a couple of.

    Any ideas to make videos better?

  48. Burma Hughes Says:

    I’m attempting to place an image right into a moving video and to achieve the picture contain the position where it had been initially placed to eventually disappear the screen because the camera pans left. Presently, the placed picture will pan using the camera movement. the precise effect i’m attempting to accomplish may be the one proven here vimeo.com/1858780 at 27 seconds through 32 seconds…ANY ADVICE Could Be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  49. Adriana Bolnick Says:

    I wish to obtain a video camera for vlogging and wondered that is a great one. I had been to invest as much as $200.00 I wish to vlog, but additionally make quality videos with in my YouTube funnel. I simply make short comedies without lots of camera movement. I am unsure to choose a cam just like a switch or decide on a more classic video camera. I additionally would like it to easily be suitable for window movie player. Thanks

  50. Alonzo Reesor Says:

    http://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=1_QO8LoGNpc

    Within this video, your camera is not steady in certain shots, and also the text around the video appears like it belongs to the place, because it stays within the same position when then camera moves, and does not stick to the frame. How did the editor do that? And just what program is capable of doing this? Will Final Cut Professional make this happen effect?

  51. Luna Hasty Says:

    Hi help. I’m carrying out a film essay for uni and major stuck. I’m doing the Barbara promenade sequence 1976, I understand things to discuss except camerawork. Within this sequence what type of camera shot, angles, actions does P Palma use. I can not perform the sequence analysis without camera work lol. I understand using close ups and extreme shuts to really make it abnormal and stuff. But thats about this! Help

  52. Florentino Launiere Says:

    I wish to take photos of the kids playing sports, playing around and merely basically being kids. I recieve lots of blur having a fundamental compact digital camera when theyre in movement. I wish to capture them as frozen stills when they are going to catch that baseball or when they’re in mid-air going to land within the pool.. Things to should i search for inside a camera to capture this?

  53. Levi Crapp Says:

    I have to look for a camera that may use older Slr contacts. What type of mounting system wouldn’t it must have?

  54. Hershel Soro Says:

    Mine would need to be Paris La Defense, great music (should you a Jarre fan), excellent editing, and proper camera position actions which appears to possess really taken the spirit of his concerts.

    (Paris La Defense: This summer 14th 1990, ITV)

    (VHS launched 1992)

  55. Jestine Henkensiefken Says:

    What’s the difference backward and forward?

  56. Whitney Aune Says:

    I simply got the olympus microphone ME-15 and I wish to determine if I’m able to plug it into apple ipods or audio players to record voice? Does anybody be aware of or cheap options?

  57. Elenor Kaing Says:

    I simply bought an olympus evolt e-500 camera, but it is your body only. I’ve got a quantaray 70-300mm macro lense which fit my original camera, a minolta maxxum slr 35mm. Does anybody determine if this lense will fit my new camera? Otherwise, does anybody know where I’m able to look for a used lense which will fit, cause new too costly.

  58. Sonny Moye Says:

    Interesting lens for various effects. Can One buy an Olympus digital something will be able to begin using these lens’ in? Or should i begin with scotch? Any marketplace for these antiquities,they’re in sound condition.

  59. Andy Manry Says:

    My camera is definitely an olympus PEN EPL1. It’s pretty new and my first camera. Please let me know step-by-step or publish a relevant video. Thanks!

    There’s a speed dial for this and that i have place it to S however i still do not understand shutter speed exactly. Can anybody explain the amounts and the like? In Addition, I bought your camera from the friend and she or he lost the manual.

  60. Anthony Heriford Says:

    My partner is getting Greek mythology scene like a back piece and that we are searching for an image of mount Olympus falling apart that people may use inside it. All of the ones we gave seen all look too fantasy-ant. Does anybody are conscious of any websites?

  61. Fredda Cogill Says:

    I simply got an Olympus Further ed-4000 Camera as a birthday gift and whenever i have a video, there’s no seem after i attempt to play-back the recording on my small camera. If a person could let me know how you can turn the seem on or let me know when not working that’d do well. Thanks ahead of time!

  62. Herta Vallarta Says:

    I’ve got a Minolta Maxxum af 70-210mm lens as well as an Olympus e-420.

    The e-420 includes a 4/3 lens mount, and also the lens is 1/4.

    I am not a new comer to photography, but I’m not sure anything about plugs.


  63. Neil Broadfoot Says:

    I’ve got a nice Olympus C-700 camera, however i lost the memory for this. It utilizes a 1mg Sdcard, and they’ve been stopped. Can’t appear to locate them online anywhere either. Anybody know where i’m able to acquire one?

  64. Spencer Reaves Says:

    I am going for a photography class within my senior high school. Our teacher designated us a task using film cameras that is due your day we obtain back. I don’t possess a film camera myself, and so i lent one from my grandfather. He gave it in my experience but stated he did not possess a manual. I sought out a web-based manual however i could not find something that looked good or was free. Does anybody know an internet site using the manual for that Olympus Infinity SuperZoom 300 or could just share some common understanding concerning the camera that may assist me? I honestly know little to nothing about this or any film cameras. Our teacher never really trained us haha. Thanks!

  65. Joaquin Tetro Says:

    I discovered an Olympus camera c-830L. However it doesn’t have memory, cords, or anything. Just the software. So please let me know things i need and how can i think it is.

  66. Belinda Tushoski Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Digital Eos 550d Digital rebel XT and also have bought an Olympus Evolt E-300. Can there be something I may use to have the ability to use my Canon contacts around the Olympus? I bought your body only, so prefer to use contacts I’ve than buy brand new, clearly. Thanks!

    I’ve been capable of finding an adapter which goes another way — quite simply something which will allow me to use Olympus contacts on my small Canon. Does not it follow that there must be one which goes another way?

  67. Cuc Simunek Says:

    I’ve an olympus dvr vn-6000 and want to transfer the audio recordings make up the recorder into my pc, but have No Clue. Help!

  68. Pamela Tibbert Says:

    I have downloaded the olympus master 2 program however when i connect my camera and visit PC the red-colored light will flicker for any second, switch off, after which return to the choices screen around the camera.

  69. Hong Ringold Says:

    I order a olympus camera. manual guide of the camera isn’t any specs concerning the shutter speed & I’m not sure where’s shutter speed in camera so plz let me know the way i can set this.

  70. Jon Kuznicki Says:

    What’s the height and diameter from the shield volcano of Olympus Mons on planet Mars? Please produce the peak’s height.

  71. Damian Mixson Says:

    I will be going for a photography class in class and that we require a special camera for this.

    The needs are:


    adjustable aperture

    adjustable focus

    adjustable shutter speed

    Any cameras you know of this meets all individuals needs will be a great help!

    Thanks a lot :)

  72. Antoine Hespe Says:

    I simply bought an olympus camera, and also the lense is really a Zuiko Digital 14-42mm 1:3.5-5.6. I personally don’t like the lense since the manual concentrate on it does not do much justice or capture perfectly. I’m wondering what will be a decent as well as in-costly lense with this camera, with higher manual focus and captures more crisp pictures.

  73. Dominic Ballow Says:

    i cant find my charger and that i was likely to take a lot of pictures tomarrow and so i checked out my siblings olympus charger and my battery fits so im just wondering whether it may cause damage. thanks!

  74. Luciano Nutall Says:

    Wouldso would an Olympus SP-550UZ do?

  75. Johnathon Crankshaw Says:

    i’m planning of purchasing an olympus 790sw. however, my work requires me to visit alot. if just in case i’ll be requiring assistance, service or repair as i am from the usa, would my unit be maintained/fixed internationally other the main one where i purchased it?

  76. Kristian Viesselman Says:

    I’ve an olympus e620 and that i actually want to obtain a fisheye lens for this. I am searching for something that includes a lot of quality but is reasonable. Does anybody have suggestions? thanks.

  77. Etha Froiland Says:

    I’ve an Olympus voice recorder. It records audio recordings in Wav format. They play perfect around the laptop. But I wish to transfer the tracks onto Compact disks which may be operate on any Compact disc player. Do you know me the process?

  78. Carroll Demien Says:

    I’ve Olympus VG110 Camera. Everything works fine except seem. After I am recording a relevant video it doesn’t have seem. I visited configurations and hang microphone On and also the same happened. Can someone assist me to, please?

  79. Janay Dugdale Says:

    I simply found an olympus om20 after i was cleaning up my loft. my mother stated they’ve been with them for a long time. just wondering how good this camera is, what type of photos it requires, is film still available for this? any pointers on utilizing it too could be great! its pretty old however it looks to stay in top condition :D

  80. Ray Ihde Says:

    I lately bought an Olympus E-510 camera and wish to discover what will be the best compatible lens for shooting sporting occasions. I mostly need it for baseball games. The games I am going to I sit across the first base line and I must have the ability to get focused, close up shots of gamers all around the area..3rd base, outfield, pitchers, etc. I should also make use of the camera for equine races. What lens works the very best? And roughly just how much would this lens cost?

  81. Seymour Grishaber Says:

    This is an Olympus Further ed-210

    I heard there’s away, and I’d be at liberty to not spend 20$ on the new chord :) . For those who have any suggestions, thanks!

  82. Timmy Myree Says:

    my camera was almost 500 $ using the 3 year warranty. it had been waterproof, shockproof, and freeze resistant. it had been an excellent camera and that i required proper care of it truly well! i am talking about i labored in a cleaners for any summer time to conserve for this, than simply before The holiday season it eliminate. after i required it into black(where i purchased it from) they stated there is nothing they are able to do. A girl at the shop stated after i went in again a couple of days ago stated i ought to electronic mail olympus or give them a call. What are the best and just what should i only say?

  83. Caitlin Athanasiou Says:

    I simply got an olympus Tough camera which is allegedly waterproof as much as 10ft does anybody have knowledge about these camera?

  84. Lavona Dardar Says:

    I simply got this camera for Christmas and i wish to take black and whitened pictures but i’m not sure how to get it done on my small camera . I’ve an Olympus Further ed 3010 camera . Are you able to help me ?

  85. Isabella Jaster Says:

    I’ve a classic Olympus OM 10fc and also make use of the old contacts since i have have about 5 on the new Olympus camera. What type of Olympus camera can you recommend?

  86. Debrah Tempel Says:

    Essentially, I wish to purchase the new olympus pen camera which has emerge this year and i’m getting trouble discovering it on the web. What’s the exact title from the camera? Like could it be E-033 or N-234 or what?

  87. Byron Wilds Says:

    I’ve the Olympus stylus 10.1 megapixel that is a couple of years of age also it had the dates set before however it always takes them back by itself. Dose anybody understand how to place it to exhibit the dates again?

  88. Andrew Lanser Says:

    I simply discovered the Li-10B battery is obsolete now. Even though the information that included your camera mentioned to not substitute, I’ve no choice now. Does anybody have this camera and when what exactly battery have you use being an alternate? Performs this mean basically locate one I must customize the wall charger too or will my Olympus 300 charger use the choice battery? Thanks

  89. Colin Mirabal Says:

    I simply imported photos onto my computer from my camera while using Olympus Master software. They’re within the “browse”display in Olympus Master organizer but I wish to transfer them into my Adobe Illustrator in order to do more together. I understand you’ll be able to do that, but I’m not sure how. Help!

  90. Ressie Cart Says:

    hello can someone differentiate bitween olympus om-1 om-1 md and om-1n. which do you consider is the greatest one. thanks. knowing anybody sell one mint do you know me thanks.

  91. Lee Ridner Says:

    I’ve this Olympus Trip AF 4000 which has been relaxing in my closet for a long time and today I am wondering just how much it’s worth. It appears great minus a tiny small ding right in front, apart from that it appears good. Irrrve never really taken an image by using it but in the looks of methods it activates it appears enjoy it can effortlessly. So may someone please tell much more about this camera?

  92. Kristofer Forden Says:

    My SZ-11 olympus camera included a charger that contained two parts. When i first part was the USB cable that attached to the second part which may connect with the wall plug. Regrettably I lost my USB cable required to charge my camera and also to connect with my computer. I am searching for a alternative and i am unsure which to purchase? Would you help

    Thanks A lot !

  93. Shanelle Croxford Says:

    My niece would like the Olympus E-PL1 because she if really large into photography. My question, what is the camera that’s somewhat comparable (not getting video)but less costly? I’d rather not sacrifice quality however i can not afford a $600 camera for any 17th birthday.

  94. Robert Schlotzhauer Says:

    I’ve an Olympus 8010 tough camera having a defective mother board. I have bought the machine board and I’m wondering if anybody includes a diagram, instructions or perhaps a connect to instructions regarding how to take apart and switch the mother board about this. I am very good at doing such things as this but prefer to approach this with some information in hands. Any help or assistance could be greatly appreciated. Essentially I want instruction or perhaps a diagram/pictures regarding how to go apart. Thanks ahead of time.

  95. Ryan Jevtic Says:

    I want a great macro lens in my olympus pen epl1 however i have only about £300 to invest, but all surjections is going to be useful

  96. Raul Slim Says:

    I am searching in the Olympus Stylus tough-600 with tap control. How good do these cameras work. I visited Best To Buy and performed with one and i like it. The lady at Best To Buy stated they are not effective well in low light plus they don’t get over a go as quickly as Cannon or The new sony. Is that this true, how good will they work.

  97. Levi Crapp Says:

    I’ve an olympus E500 camera and also the lens ( olympus digital 14-45mm) will not focus I can not even have it to maneuver. It’s stuck. How do you repair it?

  98. Vito Golab Says:

    I’ve got a olympus om 10 camera I visited have a picture today and also the shutter just frozen up. I required from the lens and that i spot the shutter mirror was up I’d this issue prior to the before the shutter just release on its only. Among the finest to understand how to repair the problem I’d rather not need to get another camera

  99. Sharice Pfalmer Says:

    I saw this commercial with this new olympus camera that doesn’t need sensational looking still takes obvious pictures. The commercial was with that one couple that happening a visit to the place in which the wife’s parents met.

  100. Terry Strevels Says:

    I wish to have the ability to possess a live view or at best an active update, on my small computer, of photos I take. I can not appear to obtain the software that included your camera, and I am unsure it’s even able to this.

    Any suggestions of where I’m able to understand this software or other software that may allow me to do that?

    I could not find anything relevant around the Olympus website.

    Oh and also the software should be mac compatible, however i think that will not be an problem.


  101. Carrol Maczko Says:

    I’ve an Olympus tough 3000,it states sometimes it can go underwater,but will i require a cover for your?

  102. Andrea Sardin Says:

    I have heard about too many installments of people stating that their Olympus waterproof camera had seeping closes.

    I want it for holidays (visiting the USA), and should not risk purchasing an Olympus whether it might leak.

    Just wondering if anybody can suggest an Olympus model that is not vulnerable to seeping closes,

    Or can anybody let me know the way the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1 works in contrast (display quality, speed, functionality etc.)

  103. Almeta Jaros Says:

    If we are utilizing an autofocus digital still camera, only then do we have a picture while using digital still camera with an autofocus sytem. You never know how to get the best concentrate the look taken using autofocus system digital still camera? Assist me to with a few source code. Or forward me to the page or web. Thanks

  104. Darnell Hultman Says:


    I’ve an Olympus camera, with it came software for that photos known as Olympus IB. I went onto my computer right now to look whatsoever my old photos I’d taken, plus they seem to be erased from my computer. Nothing in almost any file what-so-ever. I opened up my Olympus IB software and also the photos are showing there on pictures, however when I click them it informs me I have to remove them since the original file is no more there. It won’t allow me a choice to consider them after that and set it well onto my computer.

    Overall my real question is, How do i take potentially erased photos from the IB Olympus software and set it well onto my home windows computer?

    I don’t ever remember removing our photos, so I don’t know how they might be gone to begin with?

    Also, all the folders exist, simply not the pictures….

  105. Irene Pecina Says:

    that is rather embarassing in my experience. Can anybody explain what’s going on?

    Is there something related to the cameras difficulty with autofocus? Can One cure it by utilizing manual focus? What exactly are som other solutions?

  106. Kit Freund Says:

    I am a total ignorant if this involves wise phones, but you know what, I wish to purchase one to appear awesome.

    I heard that apple iphone and Universe are the most useful 2 mobile phones now adays, what are the differences together ? and which is much better ?

  107. Pandora Freiberg Says:

    The folks is going to be energetic, also it appears like autofocus can occasionally decelerate the shooting, whereas manual focus just shoots whatever is incorporated in the viewfinder. With f/3.5 and around 1/125 of shutter speed, could it be okay to make use of manual focus in a show? Does autofocus reduce trembling camera?

  108. Sterling Gaccione Says:

    urgent plzzz

  109. Erna Piscitello Says:

    Possibly having a camera light such as the panasonic TA1 not necessarily important however i want one having a autofocus system… switch? or… just let me know which would be the perfect for quality and battery existence.. thanks x

  110. Myles Twisselman Says:

    It clearly must be fairly light and never too big. I’d still like something which produces top quality photos and isn’t too delicate. Ideally under $500, though you can mention more costly cameras.

    Thanks, Longshiren. :-) I checked out the Panasonic site and located the Lumix TS2 to become a good camera in my needs.

  111. Shayne Kevin Says:

    I am in senior high school and I am destined to be going for a beginner photography class. I have to possess a camera for that class. Which kind of Camera must i use?

  112. Herbert Kamalii Says:

    I’m beginning a beginners course in photography working in london. The woman explained I desired an electronic SLR to complete the courses that provide qualifications (not only the ‘know how’ courses).

    So I’m wondering what camera is the greatest one to choose?

  113. Shelby Cancio Says:

    41 megapixel autofocus xenon expensive

    1/1.2” sensor size, ND filter, as much as 3x

    lossless zoom, geo-marking,

    face recognition

    and let me know what’s deficits digital zooom

  114. Wayne Rivenbark Says:

    I am doing a project and that i can’t find the best definition for focusing for any camera. Help?

  115. Tiffany Donahoe Says:

    i’ve come across that the majority of the cameras’ autofocus system states TTL Autofocus. do you know the others?

  116. Joaquin Tetro Says:

    Why is the image quality adopted a mobile phone better? Could it be the amount of mega pixels your camera has? or even the resolution? or autofocus? another thing?

  117. Laureen Grade Says:

    I’ve lately began to build up a desire for Photography, and I have used three different cameras:

    Canon IXUS 500

    Olympus (I am unsure concerning the particulars)

    along with a film camera (YASHICA)

    Canon’s ( 5 mega-pixels) & Olympus ( 8 mega-pixels) are for those who wish to take pictures throughout family holidays – varieties.

    And also the Yashica is film and that i require a new camera.

    What Digital/affordable camera is suggested for any beginner, for example me?

  118. Ramiro Higgin Says:

    What’s Phase ditection &Contrast recognition AF Systems .The Particulars And diffferences.?

    As stated contrast recognition is slow system so must i choose 4:3 systems (four Third ) cameras or must i stuck to phase recognition cameras?

    I’m thinking about buying Pansonic G1 Your Opnion ?

  119. Lemuel Rayer Says:

    I have always loved photography but only have ever endured a concise small digicam. Let me know exactly what is a good but relatively cheap Slr in order to get began and hopefully conserve to have an awesome one.

  120. Elton Diangelis Says:

    I finished my script and also have been with them copyrighted and writer’s guild approved and today I have to obtain a camera plus some good production software. What can you suggest since i have about $2000 dollar budget try not to understand what to obtain.

  121. Quentin Ramon Says:

    I must improve my photography abilities, and am thinking about obtaining a professional camera (I have been using a P&S until recently)

    I discovered a store that carries canon’s Eos 550d 500 and also the Nikon D3000. Which must i choose?

    Every other suggestions are welcome. Thanks

  122. Linnea Romaro Says:

    i want suggestions, i am thinking about buying one later on, thanks!

  123. Wayne Zematis Says:

    I’m on the pursuit to understand how the AF function works, between your camera and also the lens. What’s the process, or processes? Thanks

  124. Tijuana Palacios Says:

    I keep attempting to autofocus it, which really works, however my camera will not go ahead and take photo. So essentially your camera is autofocusing, it simply will not shoot. It’ll shoot using the lens on manual focus, however i can’t appear to by hand focus it using the adapter on. Does anybody understand how I’m able to have it to shoot during autofocus?

  125. Deandre Schmuhl Says:

    I shoot lots of stage shows, and haven’t been totally pleased with the creation of any one of my digital camera models. I want a camera where I’m able to retain many of the beautiful stage lighting, is fast and it has a great autofocus/whitened balance. I’d like lens recommendations. Thanks!

  126. Pierre Auger Says:

    I have been reading through around also it appears that the vivitar 728 would readily xti although not the autofocus along with other functions. could anybody let me know if this sounds like true, and when it’s, is the anyway to regulate it?

    really i already the vivitar expensive. i am thinking about buying an xti and merely desired to determine if its likely to work

  127. Zada Tretina Says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing a brand new camera in my property business in addition to personal use. It’ll mostly be utilized for interior shots so a large position lens is important.


  128. Amos Kitchell Says:

    I’ve got a great 35mm nikon which i won’t ever spend and my digital cannot rival it so far as pic quality. I wish to have the ability to apply it fundamental cam use however i love wild birds and wish to have the ability to get good photos of wild birds. What is the somewhat affordable digital available that can rival my thirty year old 35mm??

  129. Huey Mielkie Says:

    I’ve got a 35mm film Maxxum 7000, but I’m not sure which kind of light metering system it uses. One Wikipedia page states “center-weighted,” another Wikipedia page states “6 zone evaluative, 6.5% partial metering.” Among the finest to be aware what a part of my viewfinder has been metered after i am in manual exposure mode.

  130. Jamison Lamons Says:

    Hi, frnd i m so confused. How do i make sure about the standard of the camera(cell phone). Frequently i begin to see the resolution is nice however the standard isn’t good. What’s megapixel? Plz explain clearly. Thanks

  131. Logan Weismantle Says:

    The typical listed SLR contacts give a zoom of just 4X noramlly (high-mm / low-mm ) . So why do ppl buy individuals cameras once the ultra zoom cameras possess a zoom selection of almost 20X noadays ? What is so excellent in SLR along with a separate lens ?

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