Nikon D800E Review

February 18th, 2012 Posted in Digital SLR Cameras

The Nikon D800E is a 36.3-megapixel full-frame DSLR, designed to fit the needs of professional studio and landscape photographers who need the greatest resolution possible—without the anti-aliasing effects of the parent model, the Nikon D800. The D800E optically corrects for the anti-aliasing filter, resulting in an identical light path with no anti-aliasing characteristics. This leaves the camera susceptible to a moire effect and discoloration when photographing repeating patterns, but it maintains the maximum possible resolution of the mammoth image sensor.

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  1. Lorraine Rappl Says:

    Also, could it be easy to possess a family? Will it pay well?

    Exactly what do you suggest if you wish to take pictures of landscape and individuals but without needing to travel a great deal.

  2. Hester Noonan Says:

    I am likely to be going for a Photography course in The month of january, and I am searching for a camera to purchase. The teacher sent a listing of cameras, and I am thinking about purchasing canon’s Digital rebel t3i (because the t4i is not available my home, and that i require it soon). Below may be the listing of cameras he suggested. Thanks ahead of time!

    Nikon D90, D3200, D7000, D300s, D600, D800, D800E, D3x, D4

    Pentax K30, K-5, K-5 II, K-5 IIs

    Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel T3i, T4i, 60D, 7D, 5D Mark II, 6D, 5D Mark III, 1D X,

    The new sony SLT-A35, A57, A65, A77, A99

    Olympus E-5

    Sigma SD15, SD1

  3. Gerri Nardozzi Says:

    Like a upon the market “still” professional digital photographer, I observed lots of questions mentioning towards the upper listed Canon “still” cameras qualifing for movie making or using the host to a video camera, I’ve found this strange. Comments?

  4. Allyn Ardizzone Says:

    i ve been searching to buy the brand new nikon d800 ,there’s 2 versions the d800 and d800e i’ve been searching reviews and virtually kenrockwell plus some videos online don’t explain concerning the the E version,what’s the advantage in one camera to another?

    so far as i understand both of them are 36mp and take video

    thank u

  5. Rochelle Carlye Says:

    Im searching to purchase an expert camera, to have the ability to take ‘family portrait” pictures. Especially since I’ve got a choosing. I wish to take monthly pictures of my boy making them seem like i went to obtain the pictures appropriately done. Also I wish to know Ill have the ability to setup a whitened back round and also have my boy pose but still allow it to be seem like an expert studio picture? Or would that simply allow it to be look stupid? Which kind of camera must i buy to satisfy me? Budget: $350 top quality

  6. Ezequiel Orio Says:


  7. Pearline Holoman Says:

    Is that this true?

  8. Jerrie Leroux Says:

    I am just going to begin and state that if you are likely to let me know which i have no need for a complete frame camera or you intend on saying something that does not answer my question, save a while and and do not answer this.

    I have been employed in film photography for any very very long time now and figured it’s most likely time I switch to digital. My issue is that lots of the technical specifications are lost beside me. Irrrve never really needed to give consideration to these kinds of things in film and today it seems like I am needing to relearn photography once again.

    What’s the best full presented camera throughout, not thinking about cost?

    I have been searching at canon 1ds mark III’s, are these cameras considerably outdated now to the stage where buying you might be setting myself as much as buy another camera by 50 percent years?

  9. Merlin Leary Says:

    Fhotoace, I understand you clicked on about this so Let me know what you think concerning the matter.

    First of all, allow me to condition, this is supposed to provoke intelligent discussion and I am only searching for counter arguments or reasons for why “you” trust DxOMark’s scores.

    Let us perform a little reality check, concerning the past five years in DxOMark-land and also the past five years within the real life.

    The entire year is 2007. Nikon has got the D3 like a flagship and also the D300 because the prosumer APS-C body. Canon has got the 1DsIII and D40, correspondingly. DxOMark scores the D3 as 81, the 1DsIII as 80 – a meaningless difference, by their standards. The D300 scores a 67, as the 40D scores a 64 – that’s beginning to resemble a real difference.

    2008 saw Nikon go into the ‘affordable’ FF market using the D700, which DxOMark scores an minor 1 point greater than Canon’s 5DII at 80 versus. 79. 2009 had updates towards the high-finish prosumer APS-C segment, and Nikon’s D300S scores a 70, while Canon’s 7D scores a 66. 2010 introduced us mid-range APS-C updates, even though the 60D using the 7D’s sensor scores a 66, the D7000 scores an 80, beating Canon’s then-current FF sensors.

    This season, the somewhat-less-affordable FF fight continues, using the 5DIII scoring 81, barely much better than it’s predecessor, as the D800/E scores a really impressive 95/96, soundly beating all Canon cameras in addition to almost every other sensor DxOMark has ever examined, including medium format physiques with sensors with 2.5-occasions bigger sensors.

    So, it appears quite obvious that in the last five years in DxOMark-land, Nikon continues to be significantly enhancing, Canon continues to be stagnating, and Nikon is much ahead. But that is DxOMark-land. How about the real life?

    Canon and Nikon are openly exchanged companies, and therefore, they publish their annual and quarterly reviews (within the Investor Relations parts of their corporate websites). IDC (an industry analysis firm) also puts out annual summaries from the market in general.

    In 2007, Canon had 43% from the digital slr market, Nikon had 40%. This Year, Canon had 44.5% from the digital slr market, Nikon had 29.8%. So, over years while Nikon was getting us better sensors than Canon, Nikon was losing share of the market while Canon was attaining it. Ok, fine, but that is 2010. How about this season?

    In 2Q2012 (by twelve months, they report it as being 1QFY2013), Nikon had an 18% y/y development of unit sales of dSLRs and contacts. In 2Q2012, (they report by CY, not FY), Canon were built with a 47% y/y development of unit sales of dSLRs and contacts.

    So, DxOMark has stated Nikon has ought to sensors for a long time, and also the sales data reveal that Canon has offered more dSLRs and contacts for individuals same years, and still does so, by the newest data available. Be simple conclusion in the above is the fact that while DxOMark’s Scores have a big effect on the amount of inflammatory posts on the internet community forums, other product significant effect on the real life aggregate purchasing choices of customers.

    If Consumer Reviews gives one product a significantly greater rating that another product, that always includes a tangible effect on sales, i.e. individuals reviews impact purchasing choices. DxOMark has provided Nikon greater rankings than Canon for a long time, there doesn’t have been any impact of this on sales, i.e. other product effect on purchasing choices.

    Considering that:

    a) you will find defects and ambiguity within their scores, as well as some apparently aberrant results (e.g. Canon 70-200 II),

    b) their scores apparently (based on them) shouldn’t be accustomed to compare cameras of various resolutions,

    c) they’re scoring only sensor performance, which is simply one a part of camera performance

    I’d reason that furthermore DxO’s Scores don’t have any effect on purchasing choices in aggregate, they ought to only have a small impact, if any whatsoever, on personal purchasing choices.

    Their dimensions are often quite good (I only say usually due to the above mentioned-recommended 70-200 II problem, where DxOMark would be the only ones on the planet who appear to consider the MkI is preferable to the MkII, and chose to not test another copy but instead to protect their results, which really does not help their credibility).

    Exactly what the this past year plus has outlined in my experience is the fact that DxO Mark scores are totally irrelevant and meaningless.

    If DxOMark will be reliable, then there must be screams that PhaseOne are totally rubbish which Nikon is ripping off people by selling any camera above $3000, because the D800 may be the only camera anybody should purchase prepared to save money than $3000 on and individuals under is going for that D600.

    The DxO Analyser isn’t designed for the photography enthusiasts. It’s for engineers and specialists.

    If anybody would like to argue towards DxOMark then I’d like to listen to it.

  10. Issac Mcmina Says:

    Just how much will the average landscape digital photographer make and just how much perform the High quality ones make?

  11. Raymonde Bonacci Says:

    Which kind of cameras do photography enthusiasts use of these professions?

    What features and specifications are needed?

    - photojournalist

    - sports digital photographer

    - portrait digital photographer

    - landscape digital photographer

    Exactly what is a great place to analyze professional cameras and speak with photography enthusiasts about whic camera to buy. I have to begin in the $1000-1500 range for that base lens and the body. Thanks.

  12. Angel Curtner Says:

    I’m able to take excellent photos, and curently have a reasonably impressive portfolio to have an amateur. I understand I’m able to do a great job at wedding ceremonies, senior photos, occasions, portraits, landscape, etc. My problem lies herein: I’m not sure the easiest method to get jobs. How do you start advertising and marketing my services within an economical way?

  13. Antoine Hespe Says:

    Just checking to ascertain if you will find any KNOWN photography enthusiasts supplying ideas to up-and-comer’s.

  14. Buford Vreeken Says:

    Saying i’ve got a MAX cost range at 450 dollars. What will be a GREAT video card? And just what would its abilities be? Because this is for having the ability to play better game titles, please give a good example of exactly what the “greatest” game i possibly could play. What i mean is a game title that might be “difficult to play” as with it might have a top quality computer to experience it. When responding to this ASSUME the many other areas of my computer are top quality.

  15. Lynelle Engelken Says:

    this really is with regards to physics

  16. Wan Pumper Says:

    I’m only a teenage girl wanting to take Great Pictures. So Produce the Benefits and drawbacks from the camera you believe is better?

  17. Towanda Quiring Says:

    Must i get a combo the nikon D800 along with a D4 or perhaps a Canon Eos 550d 1Dx i do not have any lens from nether i will receive a loan to begin a photography business and shoot wedding and sports.

    I’ve got a The new sony i wish to upgrade to some Nikon or Canon i personally use to aim for a news paper company i no more do this, so can someone assist me to decide i’m not sure which to obtain…

    then what is the very best combo for that 1dx?

  18. Ralph Neifert Says:

    Hey, I am an aspired digital photographer but doesn’t wish to accomplish anything major because of schooling and work. I had been wishing to maybe find the best camera to begin shooting fundamental things, a camera with High Quality and never this type of difficult to use camera. A camera for newcomers, having a budget off 500 dollars, Anybody Help ME. I’d greatly be thankful

  19. Chi Frame Says:

    For me it might be canon’s 1D C

    50-204800 ISO,61 AF points/20 Mix, FF, 18MP, 12fps RAW 14fps JPEG, Dual digic 5+, 6,95ym Pixel pitch, 100.000 pixel RGB sensor, 4k Video in 24fps and Full Hd video in 60fps

    and also the two best image quality cameras Phase One IQ 180 back and Nikon D800E

    What is youre opinion ?

    u do not have to fasten a phase one to some hassy u can attach it for their 645 they’ve it although hassy produces better cams

  20. Maurine Bostian Says:

    Im doing GCSE photography and i’m battling to fun photography enthusiasts.

  21. Stephanie Vandervoort Says:

    I’m still attempting to determine which model I ought to get. In the beginning I needed the d800e, but am wondering when the other is much better in my needs. I shoot in most conditions, video, macro, studio, mostly nef images. Though I’m also thinking about the additional sharpness for the potential for printing poster sized art work prints & extreme crops. Can there be really that a distinction between the 2?

  22. Brian Tenharmsel Says:

    Just say should i be an ordinary digital photographer of landscape, wildlife, cultures/tradition. Basically possess some amazing pictires created so what can I actually do together? How much cash can one make?

  23. Christopher Grose Says:

    I’m wanting to enter business and would certainly prefer to listen to other photography enthusiasts or anybody you never know something relating to this problem.

    Thankyou for the time!

  24. Shanelle Croxford Says:

    Being a landscape digital photographer is among the things I must do. What exactly are a few benefits and drawbacks to be one?

  25. Shelby Grebner Says:

    How do you know which lens is perfect for a popped sensor versus for any full-frame sensor?

    On Nikon it is easy you search for either DX contacts or Forex contacts. (Likely to switch from Nikon D5100 to 5D Mk. III)

  26. Numbers Bintz Says:

    I wish to be a Wildlife Digital photographer who travels the planet and takes photos of a myriad of creatures. What college must i visit?

  27. Vina Price Says:

    I presently have canon 40D. Tried on the extender mainly to consider pictures of 3yr old kid. I possibly could sell my 40D on eBay and purchase another. I possibly could ADD $100 for any used 50D, $300 for any used 60D, $300 for any used 5D Mark I. I made use of almost 75% of times my Sigma 30mm DG 1.4. Could it be worth to upgrade? I am talking about would the image image be upgrading? Videos aren’t essential. Image Quality is priority. Interesting help.

  28. Alfonzo Claybourne Says:

    So i intend on getting my first Digital slr and that i have considered getting multiple ones however i came lower to three or possibly 4. Fundamental essentials Nikon D3200 i love this because its new and that i know megapixel’s don’t count however i do such as the seem of individuals 24, additionally, it has additional features i love. Next i love canon’s 650d purely due to the touch screen which its a great camera the only real factor i do not like may be the cost it appears quite entry for that cost. I additionally such as the Nikon D7000 but i wouldn’t obtain the package lens because it enhances the cost up i’d obtain a 50mm lens i figured this since i think 50mm a set lens would inspire my creative side which i’d develop creative shots, i additionally such as this camera since it has weather ceiling and 39 AF points and also the 6 FPS continuous shooting that we love even the twin dials to alter aperture and shutter speed simultaneously it might only exercise £85 a lot more than the 650d. i additionally such as the D3100 purely without other reason compared to cost. I appreciate any solutions. Thanks :D .

    In addition, i such as the D90 but is that this still a great camera.

  29. Jose Newsum Says:

    Sadly the Nikon website does not offer “weather-proof” like a search option. I’m wondering which of the DLSR physiques were “weather-proof”. I understand the ones such as the D3 and D4 are but how about others? Oh and please, I am not searching for some debate here on the Digital slr being water-proof. I understand they aren’t water-proof… Thanks.

  30. Clarisa Stobbs Says:

    is moire able to be fixed in photoshop?

  31. Chi Vuncannon Says:

    After I use my current camera, a Nikon D40-X, and that i fasten a portrait lens into it, I must support quite far to be able to photo shoot my subject.

    I learned from the photo workshop the Nikon D40-x is a great camera to take along with you on character hikes. However when photo shooting models inside a studio, it’s not the best option because of its crop sized frame making you need to support out of your subject too much or make use of a fundamental 55 mm lens that doesn’t act as well and doesn’t do too in low lighting.

    Can anybody recommend a Nikon camera having a full frame sensor that doesn’t cost over $3,000. Thanks.

    @Taylor. I additionally come with an 85mm lens.

    I requested an indicator for any full frame Nikon sensor. I didn’t request for any troll.

    How come there a lot of online trolls? Do people not have access to anything easier to do? Good grief.

    Thanks Well traveled and Meow.

    And Agidy Yellow, there’s no problem with asking someone’s opinion on which kind of camera they’d recommend for any full frame sensor size.

    The photo workshop I shot one at was my initial one. It’s not like I’ve experience. Reached start somewhere. -) Also reached use studio lighting for brand spanking new at workshop.

  32. Alta Colston Says:

    Cause i had been searching at nikon and located all as much as D90 and D7000 require AF-S contacts i had been wandering if canon are identical.

  33. Clementina Oslan Says:

    I want top quality photos

  34. Glady Holsonback Says:

    I play game titles on which is presently my only accessible computer- a comparatively new laptop. I recieve decent performance, even when I can not always play at max configurations.

    Regrettably, the graphics card within my laptop does not support anti-aliasing. This really is something I must have, if at all possible. It’s my knowning that them in laptops can not be easily transformed such as the ones in Computers. Are there more possibilities to acquire this effect?

    I recognize the apparent response is “obtain a gaming PC”, and that is something I plan to do, after i have the cash in the bank. But meanwhile, can there be any software, tweak, or any other process I’m able to try?

    Thanks greatly for the help.

  35. Roscoe Mill Says:

    I wish to determine if the d600 may have better low light performance at f4 compared to d7000 at f2.8. The reason behind the various apertures is the fact that I have calculated that they’ll give almost identical depth of fields at equivalent focal measures and that i require a decent DOF to concentrate pull with plenty of ease for filming.

  36. Elanor Thepbanthao Says:

    When will the united states possess the nikon d800 available?

  37. Maegan Bellah Says:

    I mainly shoot landscape and am indecive regarding which camera is much better

    The Nikon D800 or D800E or even the Canon 5D Markk III having a 17-40mm Canon lens

    Any assistance will be appreciated, thanks!

  38. Kent Eberting Says:

    Sensor technologies are always enhancing, but how about quality? I believe it is a shame the new d3200 and approaching d5200 from Nikon are rising to 24 mega pixels. Possibly this is useful for large prints, but 16mp is fairly decent and that i don’t believe the jump needed to be excessive. But when we put so mant pixels right into a sensor, surely this can reduce the standard from the sensor overall. DXOmark puts the D3200 and D5100 pretty near the coast sensor quality, reduced ISO performance, but given that certain is made later, there must be a noticable difference. Do you consider cameras have sufficient pixels now? I sincerely hope we do not see crop sensors getting their Mega pixel count unnecessarily upped to 30, 36, and maybe even more later on at the expense of picture quality. How about you?

  39. Jonah Stoesser Says:

    Exactly what do all of the different amounts mean? Like Nikon D40, D90, D3X

  40. Morgan Syta Says:

    I am thinking something which ideally covers all of the most broadly used wide-position configurations ( 16, 20, 24, 28, 35mm)

  41. Dong Centeno Says:

    I’ve come across videos of 5D Mk3 versus D800. And So I wanted to get this done questions to determine what one people like best and why.

  42. Emilee Sprouffske Says:

    What is the very best Nikon camera to purchase for portraits £700-£12000

    I alreadly possess a nikon D40 having a 50mm and 70mm-300mm contacts and so i need one which fit them, also wheres the biggest score?

    iim considering a Nikon D7000 having a 18mm-105mm.


  43. Jin Mcglohon Says:

    thinking about buying and selling within my D7000 PLUS 17-55 2.8 NIKON for any D700

    is that this a smart choice

    is only going to possess a 50mm 1.4 lens and eight- -200 2.8 left to begin with basically achieve this

    Your camera shop can give me £900 exchange in my gear although the D700 is £1070.

    Shoot a great deal in low light sometimes at iso 1600 with expensive.

    To obtain a quick enough shutter speed to freeze motion. Its at occasions where there’s inadequate and dim light and i have to freeze people dancing singing and moving. I actually do use my 50mm 1.4 too

    Sometimes. The pictures emerge fine to tell the truth. Just thought the reduced light abilities from the D700 and picture quality could be superior.

  44. Glenn Pospishil Says:

    ” First, did you know the D800E may be the model with no anti-aliasing (also known as low-pass) filter? ” ……yes, I know of this; I did browse the reviews and also the consider the test photos.

    In illustrator : Unsharp mask filter: Amount 200%, Radius .3, Threshold the outcomes are non the less impressive

  45. Pamela Tibbert Says:

    Could it be worthwhile to conserve for that D600, or perhaps is the D3200 comparable in picture quality?

    I’d rather spend $1500 less around the D32000 if there really isn’t that large of the difference

    But when the D600 is quite a bit much better than I’d be prepared to conserve for this


  46. Dusty Concatelli Says:

    Im considering purchasing an X1 or X2 whether it goes lower close to 1200$ however they get terrible reviews. Basically have an X-e1 which looks much better I’ll not have it on me. People dont carry camera bags everywhere. Lots of photography is spontaneous. It appears well-built, good picture quality, small, fast…. Will an X100 easily fit in your jeans? Must I just have an RX100 and save the truly good photos in my Hasselblad film camera? The only real disadvantage to the X2 may be the cost and also the 2.8 aperture that is restricting. What is your opinion?

  47. Taneka Schiefer Says:

    My fireguard consists of metallic power grid. After I fold it, and a pair of bits overlap the thing is waves, or lines.

  48. Lynelle Engelken Says:

    Hi ok if you read any one of my questions before you will be aware that I’ve been looking to get my RGB recent results for a while now accomplished for a project. Finally I’ve got them yay!

    However am battling on learning how to determine the dynamic range. Making this what It is really can someone simply have a review this and let me know if I am wrong or right thanks :)

    Zone R G B

    - I =


    I = 5 5 6

    II = 24 24 26

    III = 46 46 48

    IV = 70 72 72

    V = 109 109 109

    Mire = 159 161 161

    VII = 209 209 209

    VIII = 246 246 246

    IX = 255 255 255

    X = 255 255 255

    XI = 255 255 255

    Putting each one of these together I recieve my zone ruler.

    So they’re my RGB results. Now it asks me ‘What may be the dynamic range in stops?’ I believe the reply is 10? Does that seem right?

    Im really getting trouble foreseeing this out its confusing me a lot. Any help could be appreciated a lot!!

    Because of all everyone who’ve taken your time and effort to reply to my questions.

    THANKYOU!! This can help a great deal :)

  49. Arnold Diiorio Says:

    programming language subject

  50. Jeff Katra Says:

    I am not sure exactly what a seem card is but Ive heard about it, Will I need someone to make music on FL studio or perhaps is it a method to access certain pluggins to make sounds for music? And just how will i acquire one?

    I additionally want to understand how to can get on basically get one. I’ve Home windows 7 installed.

  51. Claudio Passaretti Says:

    I’m wondering which Slr is much better inside your opinion?

    Nikon D600 or Nikon D7000

  52. Maryjo Minotti Says:

    I am getting decent although not amazing framerates in a few games and i believe that perhaps the games are running around the integrated Apple HD 4000 GPU. I understand that you could set programs to operate on the GPU of your liking within the Nvidia user interface however i can’t make sure that it really works . I think that Mass Effect is running around the HD 4000 despite the fact that it’s set to instantly identify the nvidia GPU since i see the overall game Apple HD Graphics icon within the system tray for any couple of seconds once i exit. How do you know without a doubt my games are running around the Nvidia card? And just how would I change it out whether it was? Thanks.

    its a acer aspire V3-471G

    core i7 with nvidia geforce GT 640M

  53. Leeann Sabine Says:

    I am new within the photography world and I must obtain a Digital slr but I’m not sure which of individuals is the greatest:

    Canon Eos 550d 600D

    Canon Eos 550d 550D

    Nikon D3100

    Nikon D5100

    Nikon D3200

    Nikon D800 – D800E

    Help me select the right explaining why and please should you compare, clarify the terms since i might not understand them perfectly like me only a beginner..

    Thanks ahead of time.. =)

    @Andrew: I have already began learning having a Pentax P-Z-10 that belonged to my dad but it is with films not really a digital one.

    @Flyingtiggeruk: so, the only real distinction between canon 550D and 600D may be the swinging LCD panel ?

    I believe I’ll choose either canon 550D or even the nikons except the D800/D800E.

  54. Sergio Friske Says:

    I’ve got a lenovo Y550 and wondered the way i will make games run easily onto it. will it need RAm or something like that? i am terrible with computer systems.

  55. Randell Goluba Says:

    Imagine cash is no object…

    -Canon Eos 550d 5D Mk III

    -Canon Eos 550d-1D C

    -Hasselblad H4D-60

    -Hasselblad H4D-200MS

    -Leica M9-P

    -Leica S2-P

    -Nikon D4

    -Nikon D800E

    -Another Thing?

    Which may you choose should you (in no particular order):

    -Wanted the very best pictures possible

    -Did not want something overweight

    -Shot some still objects, some moving objects as well as in most environments, etc

    -Wanted something simple

    -Wanted something reliable

    -Would take advantage of the camera’s burst-shot function

    -Consider video abilities an added bonus but includes a separate camcorder

    -From time to time make use of a tripod

    -Usually make use of a monopod or no stabilization

    -Were utilizing a Mac Professional to process images

    -Most likely wouldn’t print many shots

    -Sometimes shoot both in relative and finish darkness

    I understand why is very vague as well as in some respects difficult to answer but I’d understand the opinions of some pros and fanatics.



    Thinking about possess the Hasselblad H4D-200MS and also the Canon Eos 550d-1D C?

  56. Kurt Fosher Says:

    I am likely to be going for a Photography course in The month of january, and I am searching for a camera to purchase. The teacher sent a listing of cameras, and I am thinking about purchasing canon’s Digital rebel t3i (because the t4i is not available my home, and that i require it soon). Below may be the listing of cameras he suggested. Thanks ahead of time!

    Nikon D90, D3200, D7000, D300s, D600, D800, D800E, D3x, D4

    Pentax K30, K-5, K-5 II, K-5 IIs

    Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel T3i, T4i, 60D, 7D, 5D Mark II, 6D, 5D Mark III, 1D X,

    The new sony SLT-A35, A57, A65, A77, A99

    Olympus E-5

    Sigma SD15, SD1

  57. Jordan Luetkemeyer Says:

    Everyone knows games nowadays look a lot better than ever before,but nonetheless nowhere just like Pixar movies,what make individuals movies are designed so?

    Could it be due to Anti-aliasing,greater polygons,better lighting,or some publish-processing effects? Can someone with understanding of those areas answer this for me personally? And Just What publish-processing effects does these movies use?

  58. Andy Manry Says:

    Has anybody ever thought about why vehicle wheel rims looks as if they’re spinning backwards in a fast speed (maybe a minimum of 25 miles per hour?), then at slow speeds, the edges go back for their forward rotation. Has others observed this and may explain why this occurs? I’m speculating something related to the way the light is reflected from the rims creating an optical illusion.

    I don’t mean rewriters either, sorry for that confusion, however i do understand the effort.

  59. Bo Stockner Says:

    I possess a Gateway NV54 laptop. It may run Warhammer 40k: Beginning of War II, however it has framerate issues. Can One do anything whatsoever to really make it run more easily? I understand I can not change my graphics card, but could I help it to get softer?

  60. Marquerite Lichter Says:

    i own both xbox360 and ps3 can somebody let me know what this effect is .Could it be known as anti examining

    to smooth the graphics jaggies .It looks horrible games appear foggy and graphics misty

    i actually do like a few of the ps3 games exclusives ect but xbox360 grapics look a lot better

  61. Yen Menjares Says:

    I wish to make some large pixelated images, however i can’t learn how to disable the blurr and anti-aliasing that occurs after i scale a picture. Any help?

  62. Riley Asfour Says:

    After I lower the graphics I barely visit a difference yet I recieve like 40-60 more fps.

    Not counting DX11 and resolution textures I have them on.

  63. Monet Georgales Says:

    Hi Friend I love to Play Computer Games in Greatest Setting to ensure that the overall game Looks Real.

    But Is My Game Looks more Real after Enabling VSync and Anti Aliasing or there’s no Diffrence or less Diffrence in performing that?

  64. Cecil Hayase Says:

    I needed to bump it because of nobody responding to.

  65. Wilbert Alrais Says:

    someone explained I ought to power it down becuase Ive been benefiting from really bad pixelated graphics within the sim cards 3….what exactly is it and when i power it down does it screw something up?

  66. Cherri Hranchak Says:

    After i play games, the overall game begins to obtain each one of these “stretchmarks” that span the whole screen. This occurs with Halo 1, Oblivion, Spore, and Fallout 3. My video card is really a GeForce 7900 GS

  67. Hilma Stricklind Says:

    Could it be worthwhile to conserve for that D600, or perhaps is the D3200 comparable in picture quality?

    I’d rather spend $1500 less around the D32000 if there really isn’t that large of the difference

    But when the D600 is quite a bit much better than I’d be prepared to conserve for this


  68. Emil Heindel Says:

    when ure on the road and there is a vehicle alongside you, in the same fast speed, u consider the wheel and also the wheel appears to show another way. cus u know how the wheel is really turning (to visit forward) however it appears to all of us the wheel is turning another way.


    why is it just at fast speeds?

    it is possible to relation between how quickly the vehicle is and just how fast the wheel appears to become submiting another direction?

  69. Scott Angel Says:

    You realize,you are able to rotate any degree you would like?

  70. Billy Alterio Says:

    hello…i must connect my Nikon d3100 to my laptop to obtain a live view in my new project..but the truth is d3xxx cameras cant be connected..and so i have plans of hooking up my camera to some laptop with the aid of anybody is aware of this connection???performs this helps you to get live view clearly???

  71. Edison Metherell Says:

    My computer is lagging horrible in Skyrim, that is will not do in other games, and so i know it is a graphics hog. In either case, I have to understand how to turn view distance towards the cheapest setting, I am using Steam to operate it.

    Every other configurations I ought to tone lower?

  72. Elmer Mcgavin Says:

    I can not use Illustrator since it is to costly.

    Also how will you learn to utilize it?

  73. Kristofer Forden Says:

    I presently possess a geforce 8500gt installed, but im improving for an GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896 Megabytes Video Card from Evga

    awesome! im obtaining the new card just for $130! i understand awesome, right?

  74. Tad Bodary Says:

    Should you look very carefully in the monitor?

  75. Wan Pumper Says:

    My sim cards has become really slow since I began installing from Origin. How do you make my sim cards 3 game improve your speed? I have attempted all the graphics options by turning them lower also it still did not go as quickly. And That I checked for updates also it stated my laptop was current. I eliminated any games and junk I did not want but still was slow. My laptop got faster however the sim cards continues to be slow. My pal has got the same kind of laptop as me and she or he has got the equivalent sim cards 3 expansion packs. And her configurations in graphics are positioned high but hers works very fast? Are you able to help therefore i do not have to turn all the graphics lower?

    System Info:

    Manufacturer: Hewwlet Packard

    Model: Presario CQ57 Notebook PC. (Compaq Hewlett packard)

    Rating: 3:4

    Processor: AMD E-300 APU with radeon ™ HD Graphics 1.30ghz

    RAM: 2.00 GB (1.60 GB functional.

    System type: 64 bit


  76. Drucilla Carretino Says:

    I believe because my video card is simply too weak its leading to my pc to turn off while playing aion and /im a new comer to the overall game began yesterday dont understand how to lower the graphical configurations. Thanks men for the help ahead of time.

  77. Coy Rusek Says:

    I’ve got a nvidia video card.

    I possibly could not pressure anti aliasing with the nvidia user interface for that games.

    Even when i pressure it the overall game looks exactly the same.

    Help the overall game looks crappy.

  78. Jay Belluz Says:

    I’ve been plotting x(t) = 4sin(100*pi*t)+4sin(300*pi*t)

    The sampling frequency is 200 Hz. Aliasing messes up the feel of the graph.

  79. Johnathon Crankshaw Says:

    I been testing out creating images, however i end up with blocky results. What type of function must i use to melt the perimeters?

  80. Harvey Raether Says:

    Desired to produce a bit of music video’s, what is an inexpensive top quality camera that may shoot videos in 1080p hd

    thanks !

  81. Thanh Ausburn Says:

    I designed a tree in illustrator and I wish to place the tree right into a program I’m making, however the background, that is whitened, keeps turning up by using it. How do you remove that whitened background simply have the tree visible?

  82. Geri Batun Says:

    i am a newb with illustrator and that i only agreed to be wondering if you’re able to place your screencaps on illustrator so they are more obvious and fewer fuzzy?

  83. Giovanni Soladine Says:

    I had been just wondering the way the lag could be on my small laptop playing Black Operations.

    I handle MW2 on Mediterranean configurations all right.


    AMD Turion Mobile M500 Dual Core 2.2gHz

    6gb ram

    ATI Radeon 4200 HD


  84. Fredda Cogill Says:

    it leads to a “shifting” backwards and forwards to ensure that the line is constantly moving.

    its why certain checkered suits cant be worn on television. its a 2 word term. what exactly is it?

  85. Foster Tepley Says:

    By seem frequency i’m mentioning the the acoustic bandwidth of seem that people can hear (20 to 20000 Hz)

    I’ve the next questions:

    1) Basically directly connect function generator output with frequency of 10 kHz to speaker, will the output seem be 10 kHz (seem is really a mechanical vibration)..

    2) How about the sampling frequency (bitrate) ? will it play any role in identifying the seem frequency from the signal when it’s outputted to loudspeakers?

    I’d really appreciate any help even when it is simply one sentence. I did not find any relevant information after i looked on the internet…and so i guess knowing this stuff is only a matter of experience

  86. Cordell Wilgus Says:

    After I make artwork in Paintbrush (Home windows) everything looks fine, but the moment I actually do fonts it messes up. For example, if I am while using color black on whitened background, the black font turns a myriad of rainbow colors round the edges. I am presuming this really is to melt the rough edges, however the rainbow colors look so sloppy. Does anybody understand how to stop this color bleeding around the fonts?

  87. Levi Cammarota Says:

    Have you not ever observed this, the way a decelerating high-speed rotating part can be displayed to slow, stop and appear stationary after which seem to reverse direction, after which continue its deceleration?

    Could it be something related to the regularity of sunshine and also the revoltions per minute from the object?

    Why whenever you blink and stare in the rotating object can your skills have a stationary snapshot from the object?

    All solutions or theorys are appreciated, if perhaps to ensure that i stop standing around the kerbside blinking in the traffic and itching my mind. Carl.

  88. Gloria Florendo Says:

    I’ve been experimentation with photo shop colorizing my families old black and whitened photos. What’s hard that i can determine is exactly what colors to make use of. Must i try taking some color charts and convert these to black and whitened for any reference? or it is possible to better way.

  89. Cristin Langfitt Says:

    I’ve been because of the Bode magnitude diagrams for the open loop and closed loop systems, using the frequency succumbed radical/s. How do i look for a appropriate sample rate for that digital control system with such diagrams?

  90. Malcolm Slight Says:

    So I made some really detailed vector art in Illustrator and I wish to move it to GIMP for more work but I’m not sure steps to make the backdrop transparent. Let me save it in PNG format or something like that of this sort to ensure that no color is loss also it can operate in GIMP. How do you do that?

  91. Wayne Rivenbark Says:

    I am discussing whether or not to get Final Fantasy VII (7) for Ps or laptop computer. I performed it on ps growing up and loved it, it is possible to difference (besides graphics) within the PC version?

    THANKS! ^_^

  92. Jerrell Wankum Says:

    Will it make my Video Card continue to work harder? It can make the sreen look just like should you have had Anti Aliasing on and that i know for certain that AA gets too hot computer systems so can something which will the same factor as Anti Aliasing have an adverse impact on my computer?

  93. Clorinda Rister Says:

    Additionally, it happens with helis, virtually something that turns as fast as possible.

  94. Carol Skibisky Says:

    This is for cod2 for mac, i want the worst configurations only therefore it does not lag just as much.

  95. Tiffany Donahoe Says:

    I am while developing a comic, and I must understand how to create balloons which have the yelling effect such as this: (Copy link)


    In Illustrator cs4

  96. Norman Fenwick Says:

    does oversampling lessen the effect of noise ?

    what’s difference b/w aliasing and isi ?

  97. Charmain Figliola Says:

    im searching for games that work great( great graphics ..etc) that fall for action or racing … as well as if they may be downloaded ?

    ( l ready have cod warefare & nfs undercover )


  98. Lee Ridner Says:

    Since I downloaded the most recent nVidia motorists a couple of days ago, games which have always run easily with high FPS rates on my small system now all of a sudden give my system a difficult time, with frame rates shedding whenever there’s fog/haze or a lot of opponents on the watch’s screen. To repair this, I re-downloaded some old motorists and also the same issue still happened. Why has my system decreased so massively in performance? I’ve an nVidia GT 650m, if you would like more in depth specs, my product is identical in specs for an Alienware m14x. Any assistance is appreciated.

  99. Inga Vernazza Says:

    I would have asked on the official forums, but I don’t have an account for that game and it won’t let me sign up…

    So I downloaded the benchmark program from FF XIV and my computer seems to be awful at running it, no matter what I do. With the smallest resolution and lowest settings, I get a score of 1881 (slightly low). Here’s the details from the benchmark program:

    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Official Benchmark (Exploration)
    Tested on:2/21/2013 3:57:27 PM
    Average Framerate:14.984
    Performance:Slightly Low
    -Capable of running the game, but may experience some slowdown. Adjust settings to improve performance.

    Screen Size: 1152×864
    Graphics Presets: Custom
    -Improve overall graphic quality. : Disabled
    -Disable rendering of objects when not visible. (Occlusion Culling) : Enabled
    -Use low-detail models on distant objects to increase performance. (LOD) : Disabled
    -Cache LOD data only when necessary. (LOD Streaming) : Enabled
    -Smooth edges. (Anti-aliasing) : Disabled
    -Increase transparent lighting quality. : Disabled
    -Grass Quality : Off
    -Use low-detail models on shadows to increase performance. (LOD) : Enabled
    -Display : Environmental
    -Shadow Resolution : Low: 512 pixels
    -Shadow Cascading : Off
    -Shadow Softening : Low
    Texture Detail
    -Texture Filtering : Low
    -Anisotropic Filtering : Low
    -Naturally darken the edges of the screen. (Limb Darkening) : Disabled
    -Blur the graphics around an object in motion. (Radial Blur) : Disabled
    -Effects While in Motion : Display None
    -Screen Space Ambient Occlusion : Off
    -Glare : Low
    Cinematic Cutscenes
    -Enable depth of field. : Disabled

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130104-1431)
    AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1045T Processor
    AMD RADEON HD 6450 (VRAM 3557 MB) 8.17.0010.1047

    I’m not that “computer savvy” when it comes to hardware, so I was hoping if you guys could recommend some things I could improve, like updating drivers or buying new hardware (and possibly how to do it/or a guide to installing things, if you suggest new hardware, what kind should I get?) that would be hugely appreciated.

    This is a home PC by the way, with a tower and separate screen if that makes a difference. Thanks a lot!
    Thanks for the answer PopeJewish. I have 8GB of RAM, so I guess I just need to upgrade the GPU? What kind of GPU would you recommend and how can I install it? Can I find it in stores? I just updated my drivers myself and that helped a little too.

  100. Hilario Bivens Says:

    Nikon only please.

    MAX cost $800.

    Im requiring assistance to purchase a new digital slr. I apply it home photos along with a hobbie that i must are a buissness eventually. I actually do babies to family portraits. I have no idea much by what to search for inside a camera and that’s why im requesting help. I’m beginning my research tonight for reviews. When i first were built with a D5100 however i offered it as being i did not like the way it didnt take all contacts. I quickly were built with a D200 up to a couple of days ago if this died. I’ll be purchasing online when i locate them cheaper and every bit as good. Ebay or Kogan. New or second hands but prefer to new for the way old and also the condition. Must include lens when i have none!

    if you have other brands you need to recomend then please. Not really a large fan of cannon but ill find out about it. i understand nothing about the new sony but often hear good reviews

    if you have other brands you need to recomend then please. Not really a large fan of cannon but ill find out about it. i understand nothing about the new sony but often hear good reviews

  101. Phoebe Kelch Says:

    i wish to order this camera however it might lose value nd stop by recognition before long however i do not have to money to help keep purchasing new cameras each year

  102. Benny Meringolo Says:

    The card board pinhole will be a lot less expensive than D800E. However the D800E is missing a minimal pass filter giving much sharper images. However the card board pinhole offers quite a bit less moire. Which to createOrpurchase?

  103. Young Romasanta Says:

    must i obtain the nikon d7000 or even the nikon d7100 or even the nikon d800e

  104. Alton Chi Says:

    I am searching to consider my old family photographs printed at roughly 300dpi, making them bigger. The issue is the moire-effect print heads are earning the re-sized images look terrible. What is the high-finish software available I’m able to buy which will take it off for me personally?

  105. Brooks Naff Says:

    (I understand the D800E and D7100 don”t – I am just wondering if you will find any others?)

    Is not it time Canon created a complete frame model with no low pass filter ?

  106. Patsy Cephus Says:

    Like anti antiliasing or w.e

  107. Brian Dryman Says:



    this is actually the picture of the PC that Microsoft Home windows Xp is a component of it. i wish to know how do i fix the aliasing effect within the picture and Symbols?


    it is not my computer, but it’s my friend’s computer and it is Graphic card might be S3.

    contributing to Zip file. there are just a digital file however, jpeg files might have virus too, but i wager it’s clean. you can also check it with all of anti-virus items for additional security.

  108. Marcell Tags Says:

    Would you reckon an ATI Radeon 600 is going to be adequate for Unreal tournament 3 or should i have to upgrade? I’d request about other specs too but im at the office and do not have my computer specs to hands

  109. Sindy Ludtke Says:

    HI my games possess the jagged edges/ stair situation effect within the graphics and i’m told which i need anti aliasing. And So I added my steam games and minecraft towards the nvidia user interface and went my games with anti aliasing. I’m utilizing a gt 630m and all sorts of configurations I put for that nvidia user interface in my steam games did no effect…the anti aliasing only labored in my only non steam game that is minecraft! Can someon please let me know what’s wrong? The jagged edges have left in well as the relaxation of my games, the configurations did no effect whatsoever!

  110. Martin Mankel Says:

    This is extremely difficult to explain, but what’s the pixels that kinda shade out colors in pictures. How can you make that effect in illustrator? I am talking about like this. The colour black is diminishing into gray therefore it does not look strange. So how exactly does someone do this? - Last Minute Deals

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