Nikon D5100 Review

April 16th, 2011 Posted in Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon is naturally keen to build on the success of recent Nikon DSLRs, and the company understands that in order to compete in today’s competitive market an SLR has to be much more than just a camera. It must be a complete imaging system that allows images (or movies) to be captured in a range of styles and adjusted without having to connect to a computer.

A DSLR must encourage its users to experiment and educate them about their hobby. Since the advent of the compact system cameras, there’s also increasing pressure for DSLRs to be made smaller and more portable despite their incredible specification.

Excellent photo quality with a good noise profile, a streamlined shooting design for both photo and video, and a broad, practical feature set contribute to the Nikon D5100‘s strengths.

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141 Responses to “Nikon D5100 Review”

  1. Coy Rusek Says:

    I am in a budget of approximately $600, the other cost is there other then your camera itself?

  2. Martin Mildon Says:

    I shoot lots of outdoors stuff and a great deal of evening time exposures. I’ve been to just about all forums reviews evaluations etc. I just read somewhere more contacts focus on the Nikon D5100, I’m curious why this really is or if it’s?

    I just read the Nikon D5100 may use contacts that were not mad for this like maybe Canon contacts

  3. Elouise Duriga Says:

    I simply lately bought my Nikon d5100 and love it! But now i’m residing in a significantly different a part of America (inside a National Park), and I wish to obtain a couple of new contacts. I am searching for a great wide position lens along with a decent contact lens and even perhaps a macro. I would rather spend a maximum of $400 on either, but, obviously, quality is essential. Any suggestions? (I’ve no brand preference, btw.)

  4. Pearl Vanry Says:

    The Nikon D5100 has this mode, and I’m wondering when the t4i has additionally, it.

    (Selective color effect mode is to get one color appear,for instance red-colored, and other things that’s not red-colored is grey)

  5. Demetra Gisondi Says:

    I have been saving for any digital slr camera for any very long time now and Let me know which camera to choose.

    I’m not sure whether or not to save longer and choose the d5100 in order to just purchase the d3100.

    May be the d5100 well worth the extra cash? Is there an exterior mic input to create top quality movies? May be the swivel screen a buggar or perhaps is it handy? Help. xx

  6. Tobias Orielley Says:

    I have been saving for some time and that i almost find the money for either camera.

    This is my FIRST Digital slr camera, and so i have no clue working these. my camera will mainly be utilized for Videos – YouTube. I simply desired to know from someone’s perspective exactly what a better camera for any Beginner could be.

    Also, basically was wanted to obtain a seafood eye lens, wouldso would i do that?


    Oh! & a tripod.

  7. Palmer Monteleone Says:

    I want a camera with one of these features,

    manual & auto-focus

    a mic input with either 3.5mm jack or xlr input

    full HD abilities, mainly with 25FPS but 50 is alright

    manual & auto iris control

    if anybody will find or advise a camera with one of these features id be very grateful, thanks

  8. Kayce Kiracofe Says:

    I’ve got a Digital slr Pentax K200-D Camera it really works just great however I would like one which records HD movies since I am an actress. I visited the shop last evening to test the Nikon D5100 which appears just great, specifically fot the cost. However when I examined it’ observed the autofocus is very slow. The lens of my Pentax camere includes a supersonic motor making the autofocus incredibly fast but of all of the reviews that I have read on the web nobody even mentions it.

  9. Harley Boyar Says:

    In comparison towards the older model (Tokina 12-24mm DX) can there be really that large of the difference? I have read reviews and many people say there’s slightly less ghosting and flare, however the more recent model does not appear much better.

    -Also, will the older model autofocus using the Nikon D5100?

  10. Valarie Lorentz Says:

    I already possess a 50mm 1.8G along with a 70-300mm. I had been thinking about buying a 18-55mm VR or perhaps a 18-105mm since the ones I’ve are ”too close”.

    Which has better image quality? Whick one you recommend me to purchase?

    An alternative choice ended up being to purchase a 35mm 1.8.

    Does anybody have suggestions? thanks!

  11. Alan Devai Says:

    I’ve got a Fujifilm finepix s2950 and was searching to upgrade to higher camera. Both The new sony a65 or Nikon D5100 were my choice, may be the The new sony a65 a great camera? Or perhaps is the Nikon D5100 a better option? Whant for photography(professional photos) editing and stuff… Publish them on Flickr and tumblr.

  12. Aracelis Breedan Says:

    I want a great camera for photography. Most significantly I would like it to have fast shutter speed. Also, simple to use, but many of good features.

  13. Tonja Hardesty Says:

    Are you able to please suggest me one Digital slr camera in the below list. Presently I’m using compact digital camera, I’m made the decision to purchase a brand new first Digital slr. Thanks ahead of time!!

    Nikon D3100

    Nikon D3200

    Nikon D5100

    Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel T2i

    Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel T3i

  14. Aida Oravetz Says:

    My boyfriend is actually engaging in photography and extremely wants a camera, but I’m not sure things to get him. I understand he wants a Nikon Dslr, with interchangeable contacts, but I am simply not sure exactly what the best camera your money can buy is. I am unaware relating to this stuff. Interesting help!

  15. Trinity Clymore Says:

    I wish to have the ability to take awsome pictures in my Artworks as im going art for An amount. Would actually appreciate help, Using what camera might be best suitable for obvious cut pictures, and when you will find classes on the web? Thanks ahead of time :)

  16. Karly Tlamka Says:

    Should I purchase the Nikon D5100 now or will Nikon come out with an upgrade?

  17. Doug Ramirec Says:

    Throughout black friday I’m thinking about getting into line for that Canon T3i. I’m prepared to wait 10 billion hrs but only when I understand the cost will probably be worthwhile. Also just how much would certainly your body be in comparison towards the entire factor?

  18. Columbus Lebarge Says:

    I wish to purchase a Digital slr, i’m tiny bit confused between individuals two. Really i’ve good quality knowledge about canon but Nikon is better in camera.some good info present in internet but it is not sufficient.

    I wish to know which camera you personally think takes the very best pictures, out of your own experience.plz share your experience.

    Thanks by trying that helped me to!

  19. Tifany Espina Says:

    I’ve been searching for an excellent digital slr camera (either canon or Nikon) that’s much less costly, around 500 dollars or less. I discovered the Nikon d3100, which inserts my cost requirement, but I am unsure about the standard. I’m a ametuer digital photographer who would like to upgrade from the compact digital camera to some digital slr. The d3100 is 14 mega pixels, is the fact that cost effective for a digital slr? Thanks!

  20. Burton Spachtholz Says:

    I have been saving for some time and that i almost find the money for either camera.

    This is my FIRST Digital slr camera, and so i have no clue working these. my camera will mainly be utilized for Videos – YouTube. I simply desired to know from someone’s perspective exactly what a better camera for any Beginner could be.

    Also, basically was wanted to obtain a seafood eye lens, wouldso would i do that?


    Oh! & a tripod.

  21. Florencio Lybbert Says:

    I have been searching for a Nikon d5100 and also the costs are about £600. I Quickly found slrhut on the internet shopping selling your camera for £475. I have read reviews about the subject saying how great the website is but you cant ever make sure so I am here asking people if theyve used the website and more. Same with slrhut reliable?

  22. Oscar Sokol Says:

    I’m searching for an expert Digital slr camera that creates top quality raw photographs. I wish to click photographs outside in addition to indoor, portraits, p-focused skills, medium zoom photographs and macros too. I examined couple of cameras and that i found The new sony NEX-5 admirable because it fits my budget and because of its compact design, hence helpful for simple handling and transporting. Please provide your opinions or suggestions.

  23. Phoebe Kelch Says:

    Hi, i am thinking about buying a digital slr which is better ranked, best cost, (above 18mega pixel) please produce your opinions.

  24. Tien Filippides Says:

    I had been lately helping a man acquire some better camera angles in a live show inside a record store, and I’ve got a Nikon d5100 and that he includes a Canon crop-sensor camera, however i cannot remember what it really was known as. There is very little light available. He’d an 85mm 2. and that i were built with a 35mm 1,8. Both of us shot at 30fps 1080p and other alike exposure.

    But his video looked almost perfectly clean while mine had noticeable noise. I’m not sure if he will have the ability to utilize it. How can this be the situation for video? Based on DXOmark, the Nikon d5100 has got the best low light ISO capacity associated with a APS-C camera except 1 Pentax one and the majority of the Canon ones are a smaller amount capable, so it should be solely a relevant video factor.

    My lens wasn’t stopped lower, it had been at 1.8. Also, after i stated 30fps, things i designed to say was shutter speed of 30, 25fps.

    I am searching go back over the recording evaluations and it is not really as different when i remember, but it’s there.

    For what my ISO was set to, I can not say because around the d5100, the ISO setting does not affect live view whatsoever, that is always set to auto-ISO, however i had my exposure set to -.3 to own right lowish lighting look and all sorts of my configurations kept in manual.

  25. Dagny Miyata Says:

    I am looking for a reasonably priced slr camera.. just for recreational uses, and am confused about what to get. The nikon d3100 looks good, though the new d5100 looks good? not sure about the canons – 550d could work. there are lots of mixed reviews and i dont know what specifications are most important. I would just like some help please!

  26. Antione Modert Says:

    I wish to obtain a Digital slr camera, it does not need to be ‘the best’ but among the finest a great camera having a fast capture that creates obvious photos. Any suggestions?

    **moneys no problem. i’ve got a good having to pay job. i wish to perform some band photography within my home town.

  27. Jen Werthman Says:

    Nikon D5100 or Canon Digital rebel T3i? Every other Digital slr camera recommendations under $700 are welcome too:)

  28. Harrison Bollich Says:

    Determining between both of these great ones:

    Canon T3i 600D


    Nikon D5100

    Which may you select and why? I love each of them but take some opinions before I buy something. I have read lots of reviews would like to know who available really has use both or atdleast had an opportunity to provide an evaluation drive.

  29. Justin Tysarczyk Says:

    My primary me is for film making, and secondary as home video. Could it be good picture, could it be well-built for film making, how lengthy can one film onto it, will it include a Sdcard, AND importantly may be the 24p good

    (because that is what helps make the MOVIE quality.) Total what number can you provide from 100. If there’s something better available for the similar cost, please let me know.

  30. Rocco Cordiero Says:

    i’ve lately got very into photography and also have began doing the work a AS Level at school, and am being purchased a camera for christmas when i have only a normal kodac camera. im searching around a £500 limit so don’t want almost anything to fancy as it will likely be my first :) the primary photography i actually do are portraits xx

  31. Sarita Focht Says:

    I’m a new comer to all this, and was told which i needed a really fast card to prevent losing data within the transfer. Please advise the best idea to obtain. Thanks to any or all who answer.

  32. Zofia Pintor Says:

    I’ve read good quality and useful reviews concerning the camera and i believe I love to acquire one for me personally. Somebody assist me to locate an online shop within the Philippines where I’m able to use my charge card.

  33. Shelby Cancio Says:

    For less than $700…under $600 could be nice. I am not worried about mega pixels just as much since i have don’t really intend to inflate pictures…

    and I am searching for one which has got the live view using the screen, not only a view finder. Are you able to have an SLR for less than $700 with this particular feature?

  34. Erika Nachtrieb Says:

    I’ll be likely to New You are able to this summer time and that i have only one lens. The 35mm 1.4. I Figured of having the Nikon 17-55mm , I personally use the Nikon D5100. Help. Thanks.

    More Evening Pictures Or Portrait.

  35. Dannie Heverly Says:

    I am wishing to consider photos of my loved ones (kids), travels, and youth sports (soccer and track). I’ve got a good assortment of old Konica Minolta contacts which will use the a55 and am drawn to its 10 fps, but read within the reviews the 10 fps is not all it’s charged as. Any ideas?

  36. Rick Barbare Says:

    I wish to give my hubby a camera bag for his birthday. He’s much more of a photography enthusiast but he is doing a a few photo shoots from time to time. He’s a contact lens but he does not utilize it frequently enough to hold it within the bag. Apart from that he carries your camera, some lens cleansers along with a couple memory cards. I additionally realize that he favors to achieve the neck strap connected to the camera.

    I haven’t got time to visit an outlet and appearance the baggage out personally so I am type of based on solutions from those who have possessed/had first-hands encounters using the bags they recommend. I have been browsing on Amazon . com so it might be most useful if you’re able to recommend any which are available on the website. Here’s a listing of characteristics I’m searching for in a perfect bag:

    -Not really a backpack

    -under $40, ideally within the $10-30 range

    -lightweight but protective

    -enables camera to become readily available by digital photographer

    -travel-friendly/not bulky

    Any recommendations is going to be much appreciated. Thanks!

  37. Josiah Azen Says:

    I have performed using the Nikon one in the shop, and Like it. It’s somewhat a lot more than Let me spend at this time. What are the cameras which are comparable in features that do not cost as much?

    I am not really a serious digital photographer, only need a brand new camera which will take good pictures to scrapbook.

  38. Lon Tousley Says:

    I purchased Nikon D5100 Couple of several weeks ago. I’m using 18-55 vr lens.I shoot many character & portraits by using it. Now I wish to shoot all kind of photos like portrait,landscape,micro. However I have no idea a little more about contacts. please suggest me some in my Nikon D5100 camera.

  39. Tracey Ord Says:

    I’m going over seas inside a couple of several weeks and wondered what is the best camera to make use of?

    I only actually want to carry one lens otherwise any.

    What’s the smartest choice? I do not fully realize much about photography, but any input is appreciated.

    I believed a Canon Eos 550d-550D. Is the fact that a high quality one?

  40. Marcell Tags Says:

    I’m a beginner but I wish to know which is much better.

    The T3i sells for additional, however i often hear the D5100 is much better?

    Also, will the will a more recent form of the D5100 be launched soon? I understand the T4i should be introduced over the following year.

    Thanks :)

  41. Cameron Irizary Says:

    My siblings birthday arrives around the second The month of january and that i thought it was on amazon . com also it appears just like a good tripod in the reviews,

    http://world wide . kingdom/Hahnel-Triad-30-Professional-Aluminium/dp/B00361EC1S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356703713&sr=8-1

    can there be every other good tripods within the same cost range?

    And that he utilizes a Nikon D5100.

    Appreciate responding to

  42. Anthony Heriford Says:

    I believed it was an excellent damn camera because of its cost. It is just around $300 dollars using the lens and package. I’d obtain the Nikon D5100 nevertheless its a little from my cost range. My cost range is $100-$400 for any Digital slr. May be the Nikon D3000 the ideal choice? thanks!

  43. Flora Dowsett Says:

    ive looked all over the net and located some websites in the cost of 950+ however i just read the reviews around the sites recognizing its a gimmick…

    help? any legal cheap sites you realize? thanks

  44. Mac Vonstein Says:

    From AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-Erectile dysfunction, Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG APO Macro Telephoto Contact Lens and Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6, Which telephoto lens is the greatest to make use of with Nikon D5100 and why?

  45. Chung Romey Says:

    Autofocus is really a nessecity and thus is really a switch out screen to have the ability to record myself and see whether im in frame… I’ve got a cost selection of 400-800

  46. Leisha Bowersock Says:

    I’m thinking about getting this camera but am stuck between this along with a Nikon D5100. Any insight? Thanks.

    Sorry i didn’t remember to say this. Your camera i recieve could be used a big part for video making. picture taking continues to be important just much less.

  47. Geri Batun Says:

    I am searching for a Digital slr and i am less than sure which I ought to get. I would like one which takes great detailed pictures and yet does not cost 1000′s of dollars. I had been searching in the nikon J1 and V1 but i am unsure if they are likely to have the standard I would like. I at would like it to be 650$ or below, together with a lens. Any suggestions?

  48. Trevor Armenta Says:

    mmm yeah typically the most popular Nikons at this time may be the D5100 and D7000. I’ve got a D5000, still very good.

  49. Randell Goluba Says:

    I had been lately helping a man acquire some better camera angles in a live show inside a record store, and I’ve got a Nikon d5100 and that he includes a Canon crop-sensor camera, however i cannot remember what it really was known as. There is very little light available. He’d an 85mm 2. and that i were built with a 35mm 1,8. Both of us shot at 30fps 1080p and other alike exposure.

    But his video looked almost perfectly clean while mine had noticeable noise. I’m not sure if he will have the ability to utilize it. How can this be the situation for video? Based on DXOmark, the Nikon d5100 has got the best low light ISO capacity associated with a APS-C camera except 1 Pentax one and the majority of the Canon ones are a smaller amount capable, so it should be solely a relevant video factor.

    My lens wasn’t stopped lower or anything, it had been at 1.8. Also, after i stated 30fps, things i designed to say was shutter speed of 30, 25fps.

    I am searching go back over the recording evaluations and it is not really as different when i remember, but it’s there.

    For what my ISO was set to, I can not say because around the d5100, the ISO setting does not affect live view whatsoever, that is always set to auto-ISO, however i had my exposure set to -.3 to own right lowish lighting look and all sorts of my configurations kept in manual.

    I know of the aperture bug in live view. I transformed it before I transformed to reside view.

  50. Harvey Wanca Says:

    I’m searching at buying the Nikon Erectile dysfunction AF Nikkor 70 – 300 1:four to five:6 D Lens used from the local digital photographer, before I actually do want to confirm that it’s suitable for the Nikon D5100?

    I understand the 5100 needs the lens to possess a motor inside it or something like that for autofocus… is the fact that correct and performs this lens get it?

    I’ve knowledge about DSLRs and photography but am unaware if this involves doing things apart from really While using product!

  51. Carmine Paduano Says:

    Likely to understand this camera within the next week. Could it be a good camera to take pictures and videos? Any advice in photography, tips, anything? :) thanks!

    I wish to get as numerous solutions as you possibly can since i really should determine if it is good or perhaps an okay preformed camera!


  52. Taneka Schiefer Says:

    I dont mind what brand but I’m not going so that it is hella costly. Please let me know a great camera (this isn’t hard to utilize, allow it to be modern and never individuals old shutter ones haha)

    please link me to it too.

  53. Necole Cupps Says:

    I am likely to get my first Slr soon however i have no clue whether to choose Canon or Nikon. I actually do realize that Nikon is perfect for more professional photography enthusiasts (FYI, I have had encounters with SLR cameras) however i find Canon more costly. Not really a primary problem really, however i would not be attempting to spend a great deal in my first SLR.

    I have done some investigation and that i discover the Nikon D5100 and also the D5200 very pleasing, since i have will even take HD videos with full-time Auto-focus.

    ALSO, I’ll be requiring a cam which has the capacity to handle low light and inside well with minimal noise and grain.

    To anybody who is the owner of the cameras pointed out, could they be appropriate? Do you know the camera can you recommend (Both Nikon and Canon) for novice customers?

    Legit solutions only please? :)

    Also, I actually want to explain that I am not moving in for Professional photography. I understand that carry out the same function and it is all about what it is getting used. Among the finest to understand which camera could be appropriate for any novice user.

  54. Alexis Castille Says:

    Basic level for that passionate amateur! We can’t decide between Nikon D3100 and also the The new sony a37 Dslr. Reviews appear to conflict. The new sony has stabilizing and will work for video (not the most crucial aspect) but Nikon is frequently preferred. Very confused. Would appreciate some assistance!

  55. Valery Vidovich Says:

    I’ve loved taking photos for around 3 years. At the start, I’d steal my mother’s camera, go outdoors and take pictures of flowers, trees, water, essentially anything including character. Here lately, I’ve been really considering getting good in it and doing photography like a serious hobby. The offer is, I haven’t got a high quality camera. My birthday is approaching and I am considering requesting a camera. What is a good camera to begin with if I am thinking about photography? Please nothing too costly. Whether it makes any difference, I’ll mostly be taking photos of character, landscapes, my atmosphere, anything much like that.

  56. Marilou Witczak Says:


  57. Mariah Praska Says:

    I’ve investigated the person specs, checked out multiple online reviews, and checked out (some) from the cameras within the store. I’m still unsure which camera is the greatest, any suggestion for any camera that’s perfect for character and landscape photography is appreciated. Thanks

    I’ve checked out the:

    The new sony A560

    The new sony A390

    The new sony Alpha SLT-a35

    Nikon D3100

    Nikon D5100

    Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel T3

    Olympus E-volt E620

  58. Asha Lan Says:

    I understand about ISO, aperture, shutter speed and fundamentals like this. I am deeply in love with photography, however i have only a Panasonic TZ20 (that we hate) and am searching to upgrade.

  59. Cherri Hranchak Says:

    Are interested SLR Nikon camera.. Can someone please advise which is nice among above models as well as advise the great lense.

  60. Branden Iafrate Says:

    Hi I’m thinking about buying Nikon D5100 together with Tamron AF 18-200 mm F3.5 – F6.3 Di-II & Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G Lens so will skip the package lens that is Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR. I’ve couple of questions.

    1. Do you consider its smarter to choose Tamron missing the Package lens?

    2. Does Tamron has AF feature i’ve attempted to see reviews but i’m not capable of finding the solution for this?

    3. Am not likely to do wildlife shooting n all you do too think i’m able to stick to AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G Erectile dysfunction VR rather than Tamron am confused help i actually want to stick to Nikon lens however i am searching for a good contact lens within budget, please suggest me.

    Interesting response, i’m not likely to inflict wildlife photography just family tours and things so which could be more sensible choice for this? I additionally heard that Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G Lens is ideal for street photography am greatly interested by using it. So which lens must i get together with the 1.8g?

  61. Alycia Cessna Says:

    Also what’s best? Nikon or Canon. Cannot choose from the 2. I’m just beginning photography and that i want the very best Digital slr.

  62. Raphael Elgas Says:

    I’m thinking about buying the Nikon D40. It’s my first SLR carmera and that i plan for doing things on outings all over the world (you may only go once so may as well take good pictures). I simply want to take photos of landscape and architecture and hopefully just purchase one lens rather than needing to keep switching contacts. What can you recommend?

  63. Marylou Schweikert Says:

    How do i record videos with Nikon D3100 as the preview being shown on my Mac? I have search a great deal with this and could not locate an answer, any help could be appreciated, thanks.

  64. Alexa Droegmiller Says:

    I wish to know what is the “standard” camera lens for that Nikon cameras of 52mm. The majority of my buddies has got the 18-55mm lens in it but I´m confused, I figured that 18-55 only does apply to 58mm. Are you able to please orient me relating to this matter?. Any explanation is going to be useful. Thanks!

  65. Trenton Coggins Says:

    I purchased my Nikon d5000 about this past year, however i barely utilize it. I am thinking about selling it and becoming a Canon Digital rebel t3i in my father. I first got it for around $900 and just how much must i market it for? Where must i market it? Thanks!

  66. Griselda Vanoflen Says:

    So I must buy a Nikon SLR, however i have no idea how to start. I would like a camera that’s right for a novice, but even while I be advanced, it will not require me to instantly get a more complex camera. Also, what will be a good lens which i could purchase like a “starter” lens, for additional fundamental photography?

  67. Allyn Ardizzone Says:

    Let me purchase a new digital Nikon camera. I’ve got a large amount of AF contacts I made use of with my Nikon SRL? What is the digital Nikon that will permit me to make use of my older contacts?

    Thanks for the tips. I am a hobby digital photographer, but will have some nice older contacts, including macro 500mm telephoto. Used to do didn’t remember to incorporate my budget-its below $1500US. The minus the better. If at all possible I’d love to obtain a camera which includes a choice (or whatever its known as)that can help with trembling camera. I have developed RA and my meds have triggered a lot of hands trembling.

  68. Ozie Vanosdel Says:

    I get a Nikon D5100 and I must buy a lens that zooms relatively far but still take top quality pictures.

  69. Johnathon Benscoter Says:

    Around three several weeks ago my Nikon Coolpix camera was getting a lens problem. My dad researched where you can send it back to have it fixed around the official Nikon website, and that we sent it within the box together with all the information requested. Now it has been too lengthy and that i haven’t become back or become any word onto it. I’m not sure what to do around the Nikon Web site to discover where it may be or the way i am setting it up back. Does anybody understand what I’m designed to do?

  70. Kassandra Rothstein Says:

    I previously had a Nikon Further ed and loved it. Im searching for such like. Doesn’t have to become a Nikon but must be a completely manual 35mm camera. One will be able to change all of the configurations and contacts and the like. Oh and i’m searching for used/older types of course, I’m purchasing one on ebay.

  71. Anthony Heriford Says:

    Perform the amounts within the Nikon mean a greater version when they are greater (for instance, a Nikon D50 is greater than the usual D40) as well as for Canon, a greater version when theyre lower? (5d greater than 450d).

  72. Johnathan Mederios Says:

    I have got the contacts and I have alwasy had a few physiques. However the camera I really like Nikon d200 is dying. It has been causing problems a great deal. Regrettably I suppose digital does not last as lengthy.

    I am really from the look using the technological facet of photography. I simply prefer to make top quality photos, I shoot wedding ceremonies, baptisms, portraiture, and my very own art work pieces. I am searching for something exactly the same quality ora little better to have an okay cost.

    What’re your suggestions?

  73. Esmeralda Melquist Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon D60 and also upgrade my 55-200 mm lense. Camera is mainly accustomed to potograph my children sport action plus some of low lighting indoor occasions. My finances are $600 how do you choose the best lense?

  74. Trenton Coggins Says:

    I am wondering how good the Nikon Coolpix L120 does inside a low-light gym with a lot of sport action. I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L22 which does not perform a grand job for the reason that condition, even around the sport setting. I really like my camera, but that is its only downfall.

    Please let me know knowing from general observations, not really a review you read. And do not suggest more costly cameras. I am not searching to purchase an expert camera anyway.

  75. Maia Brandeland Says:

    I’ve got a nikon camera having a expensive attatchment and i’m trying to puzzle out what model it’s. I’ve attempted to type in most from the amounts and stuff quietly, as well as on the lense, however i am not able to obtain the exact model.

  76. Cuc Simunek Says:

    Okay my nikon coolpix 5700 internal expensive is not working however i bought this extended expensive a slave expensive.

    What I wish to know is how do i fix the configurations to ensure that my slave expensive would expensive to create my pictures better . I’ve it set to slave on and also the slave mode I’ve it to is S1 can anybody assist me to?

  77. Hester Noonan Says:

    What’s the best Nikon made Digital compact camera obtainable in world? Could it be obtainable in India and what’s the aprroximate price of it? Just in case any particular shop you knowin and around Delhi please guide me.

  78. Katlyn Sohl Says:

    Was searching for an extra battery buy for my Nikon P500 and desired to go to a *REAL* store to obtain the batteries immediately ! Any tips ?

  79. Benedict Taskey Says:

    I’ve exactly what occurs the standard Nikon F2 Photomic SLR but no hot shoe, coupler, sync switch, wires, or any one of that stuff, none which I understand is essential. So yeah, any listing of stuff needed and suggests regarding how to install/assemble them could be great.



  80. Alise Moench Says:

    when capturing with my nikon d60 the lens came detached and also, since won’t remain attached. the lens will attach and lock in place and can disappear your camera unless of course are applying pressure toward your camera. i’ve looked over the lens and camera and absolutely nothing seems to become damaged. has other people had this issue?

  81. Hoyt Driessen Says:

    I am thinking about obtaining the Nikon D5100 inside a couple of days approximately, before a concert. I’m wondering when the camera is effective at recording videos in noisy conditions (I’m attending a stylish-hop concert – to become more specific, Watch the Throne with Kanye and Jay-Z) and when the built-in microphone can capture audio all right. Thanks ahead of time!

  82. Tuan Yezek Says:

    I have been saving to obtain my first digital slr camera after much research and having fun with cameras at stores I have simplified it lower to Nikon…possibly d5100/5200 or d7000/7100.

    However after reading through reviews I do not enjoy the lens that accompany the d7000 package so I believed of purchasing another lens than the one which has the camera. Since I Have can not afford to purchase a camera AND multiple contacts to start with I’d like a great multi-purpose lens that might be good for Macro, Landscape & Portrait.

    What will be the best throughout Nikon lens to be used with all of individuals situations?

  83. Lucinda Borucki Says:

    I’m attempting to launch a little photography “business”. Among the finest to begin taking shots of family and buddies however i am wishing it’s something which will grow. I want an excellent photography camera for any beginner something which will grow beside me. I understand I like photography, it’s something which I’ve been thinking about since i have was 12, however, I’m not sure much concerning the cameras. I’m wishing this could eventually be my profession and assist me to offer my two youthful kids. My investing limit is $500- $600. Help me look for a great camera that might help me go professional!!

    Every other websites or pointers or ANYTHING that can help me could be greatly appreciated.

  84. Ramiro Higgin Says:

    I have been saving to obtain my first digital slr camera after much research and having fun with cameras at stores I have simplified it lower to Nikon…possibly d5100/5200 or d7000/7100.

    However after reading through reviews I do not enjoy the lens that accompany the d7000 package so I believed of purchasing another lens than the one which has the camera. Since I Have can not afford to purchase a camera AND multiple contacts to start with I’d like a great multi-purpose lens that might be good for Macro, Landscape & Portrait.

    What will be the best throughout Nikon lens to be used with all of individuals situations?

  85. Rita Leibowitz Says:

    Of all the professional series cameras from nikon what will be the best model to purchase for somebody on a tight budget. I presently possess a nikon d3000 and wish to upgrade soon.

  86. Minnie Banana Says:

    I’ve the Nikon J1, I will be taking photos of my buddies in order for there senior pictures. My directions and manuals have been in japanese… So I am at a complete loss. But when anybody has got the camera and it is pretty professional by using it or comfortable and understand how to utilize it well, are you able to please let me know what configurations I ought to get it under? Please and thanks.

  87. Cedric Rountree Says:

    Okay all 3 of those camera are about exactly the same cost range £400 and I’m not sure which to purchase. I curently have a Canon Powershot S100 along with a Nikon D70 that we like however i want something much better than the pair of them.

    Please dont recommend every other cameras unless of course they’re within the £400 cost range and is preferable to all 3 of those options I’ve chose.

    People the D3200 is nice due to the 24.4 megapixel sensor but many people state that does not always mean a great deal. I love the seem from the D5100 probably the most so far due to the reduced light abilities using the RAW files. I’ve the program with this on my small computer so don’t be concerned about this and for canon’s 600D now this was my first choice till I discovered concerning the Nikons. thanks ahead of time for responding to.

  88. Chung Romey Says:

    I curently have the Nikon FA, however the F3 appears to become calling out my title too! Do you know the benefits and drawbacks?

  89. Jewell Emperor Says:

    I’m attending a skill school for photography and want an excellent digital, however the Nikon D3 that they encourage is much from my cost range–seriously, I am a student!! Can there be anything pretty much as good but less costly?

  90. Dacia Matson Says:

    I am attempting to watch some videos which were documented on a nikon camera on my small mac. I replicated the memory to my computer however the file type is unreadable. How do i watch it?

  91. Cyrus Peaslee Says:

    I am thinking about beginning my very own photography studio. I’ve got a Nikon D80- is that this a great camera for studio photography? Purchasing another camera is unthinkable, and so i really should know if this sounds like okay or otherwise! Also, any other strategies for the studio could be greatly appreciated!

  92. Tifany Espina Says:

    i truly love everything concerning the nikon D3100 aside from the truth that it’s interchangeable contacts. i understand more professional photography enthusiasts such as the interchangeable contacts, but i am “not ready” to obtain a camera that does not possess a built-in zoom for very far objects. can there be any cameras that are the same D3100 in display quality, depth of area, video abilities, etc, although not interchangeable contacts? thanks a lot!

  93. Theda Beerle Says:

    Ive been searching in the nikon D3000, D5000, D3100, and D7000. I’d like reviews of every please and suggestions and recommend what is perfect for marco photography. Thanks!

  94. Drucilla Carretino Says:

    not only an electronics shop a genuine Nikon outlet or perhaps a store where i’m able to find cameras, contacts along with other Nikon stuff.


    my home is Quezon City btw.

  95. Romeo Odaniel Says:

    I am seeing some great deals on used Nikon D200′s at this time since the D300 has gone out. I am wondering if that might be a much better wager long-term compared to D40x or D80 in my first Nikon Digital slr due to the sturdiness. Any ideas on whether it might be too advanced just for beginning out? Or could I come to be it pretty rapidly?

  96. Jean Defouw Says:

    I am thinking about buying one in my Nikon D3100 therefore it needs to be compatible. What’s the distinction between the Nikon mc-dc1 and mc-dc2 remote release cord? Thanks

  97. Mitchel Kobernick Says:

    I wondering should you could attatch the Nikon d3000′s lens to some video camera and so i might get a much better searching picture for videos. Help?

  98. Shanelle Croxford Says:

    I’ve got a nikon coolpix 4600 camera. I dont enjoy it because after i take pictures, they come out fuzzy because I’ve got a shaky hands. Exactly what is a better option to this camera?

  99. Debrah Tempel Says:

    I’m searching to invest around 400 on the camera but am only worried about taking photos as opposed to the movies and stuff. What Nikon will give me the highest quality picture for approximately that cost. Perhaps a nikon coolpix l120 would get the job done? Any help could be great thanks!

  100. Jackson Rucker Says:

    Hi everybody I do not care what it really seems like I would like it for photography what you have better picture quality? What you have a much better sensor? What you have nice colours? I am only utilizing it for a short while like 2,3,4 days what one looks more professional for you help finally what the first is a far more professional camera ill be purchasing it with both contacts like 18 to 55 and 55 to 300 thanks

  101. Santos Darsch Says:

    I have to purchase a remote shutter release in my Nikon D40, I understand that both ML-3 and also the MLl3 are compatible, the ML-3 is much more costly compared to mll3. Does anybody own both of them? Do you know the rewards and disadvantages?

  102. Pricilla Rieb Says:

    My father just offered me a Nikon FG 52mm film camera and there is no manuals or anything.

    So I’m wondering what type of film and battery it needed.

  103. Johnsie Caccamo Says:

    I am unable to use my nikon d80 using the metz mecablitz expensive. Each time attached it my camera, your camera keep blinking the expensive within the camera information panel and also the shutter will not launched.

  104. Patience Lozowski Says:

    I like Nikon cameras and I like photography. What’s the best camera by Nikon for any beginner?

  105. Leeann Sabine Says:

    hello, im thinking about purchasing a D-SLR.

    I had been just wondering when the nikon D5000 was the very best for me personally.

    im a novice with SLR, but im thinking about learning, and taking advantage of it virtually everyday. my real question is, i mostly take pictures of creatures ( horses more often than not) and character, outdoors world. would the nikon D5000 be the greatest for your?

  106. Chi Frame Says:

    Canon 5d and also the 7d. I had been just wondering if Nikon had any cameras which have features that rival individuals from the 5d/7d, for example HD recording, liveview mode, integrated cleaning system, etc.


  107. Hannah Hankerson Says:

    I’ve the nikon n-50 35mm film camera and I have to understand how to discover the f-stop setting and also the shutter speed. Even the nikon n-50 has numerous different programs it may operate on would the f-stop and shutter speed function as the same for every on?? Thank you for any help.

  108. Merlin Leary Says:

    My uncle has got the nikon d5100 and that i possess the canon eos 550d digital rebel t3.

    What’s the difference may be the actual excellence of the digital photo both of them take?

    do you know the mega pixels of both?

    and then any additional information you need to give could be greatly appreciated!

  109. Bari Elfenbein Says:

    I want a great nikon or canon camera for any beginner that’s convenient to carry around.



  110. Emilio Castelum Says:

    I’m wondering if anybody might help me with my Nikon P100. I have got the close-ups, stills, etc. I actually want to shoot moving horses. More specific horses which are jumping, galloping, being ridden at shows, etc.

    What’s the best setting in my Nikon P100 to shoot this kind of photography. Ideal shutter speed? Any advice can help really.

  111. Harold Piraino Says:

    I am obtaining a Nikon coolpix camera also it only has the real low watt battery and so i was searching for where i possibly could purchase a 1000mAh battery. Does anybody know any sites or stores which have the best battery compatible for that Nikon coolpix s60 camera?

  112. Sammie Whidby Says:

    I acquired a brand new nikon coolpix slr 230 however i wanna charge it through usb port.I cant understand when its fully billed a eco-friendly light keeps flashing however i have no idea if it’s showing charge.I do not have a manual help.

  113. Lavona Dardar Says:

    i believe nikon is about precision photography,while canon needs fine-tuning offer the effect.i love natural.

    so would u suggest nikon d3000 over canon digital rebel xsi?

  114. Misti Hulitt Says:

    I simply purchased a Nikon Coolpix 5700 used. It does not possess the usb cord but her massive memory. How do you get my photos from this to my laptop?

  115. Ezequiel Orio Says:

    Yes, I understand it is a little late so .

    However I don’t want anything too expenssive (which means this instantly means no SLRs/DSLRs.

    And So I am searching at Nikon compact digital camera models.I suppose it does not need to be Nikon, however i know Nikon is a very good logo and I have had issues with Kodak before.

    I’m thinking about Coolpix S8100 and Canon – PowerShot 14.1 but I’d like more options and opinions!

    Help a cousin out! Thanks a lot!

  116. Tashina Paya Says:

    The SD cover (door) on my small Nikon D60 is damaged. How do you change it step-by-step and how can i purchase the part relatively cheaply?

  117. Orlando Vasudevan Says:

    Should you possess a Nikon camera I would love to understand your ideas onto it. Be sure that you let me know what type it’s and just what you want and do not like about this.

    I am searching to purchase a Nikon camera soon and that i wanted some outdoors sights which ones are the most useful. Cost is not that vital that you me as lengthy as the standard makes it worth while. I’d rather not pay $700+ simply to discover which i may as well have become a disposable camera from walmart.


  118. Sophia Busie Says:

    What factors appear to best explain either the arrival or even the growth of representative political institutions in The European Union throughout the decades between your Congress of Vienna in 1815 and also the Berlin [or Congo] Conference of 1884-85?

    How did these processes impact the smoothness of political actions within Europe?

  119. Columbus Lebarge Says:

    I wish to connect my advent 8109 laptop to my rose bush LCD15W008HD lcd high definition tv to ensure that i can tell my laptop screen on my small television. What cable must i use?

  120. Woodrow Priester Says:

    You are not too old with an advent calendar. I’m within my late twenties and that i have one. Today I opened up my first door and there is a chocolate Santa hat inside. Scrumptious. I really like as being a Christian.

    What chocolate have you find within your advent calendar today?

  121. Carmon Huehn Says:

    I heard some time back that they are either gonna redo FF and have a follow-as much as FF Advent Children. Haven’t heard anything since though.

    Has anybody heard anything?

  122. Mariel Koener Says:

    Okay, I truly wanted an MJ advent calendar but there is only one being made and it is offered out fast. I figured that perhaps there’d be considered a site where one can submit images for every day etc along with company could print them out and give back the arrival calendar, you can supply the chocolate yourself etc. But all I have found is which makes them manually or online ones, that are lame. Anybody are conscious of this type of place?

    …An advent calendar may be the type of calendar which has holes inside it with chocolate inside?

  123. Woodrow Priester Says:

    Ive attempted the arrival website and that i cant download everything from there, thanks.

  124. Asha Lan Says:

    May be the Advent 6411 laptop great for doing offers, music and browsing on the internet?Make sure you help

  125. Hilario Bivens Says:

    My son loves Donald Duck, but cannot locate an advent calender anywhere. Anybody have ideas? Thanks

  126. Dacia Matson Says:

    I am making my boyfriend a house made advent calender, the boxes are very small , I can not think what else to set up them. I have put haribo hearts in certain and rolos and I wish to put little notes but what must i put?

  127. Irish Plump Says:

    i wish to make an advent calendar that appears just like a house (santa’s house or workshop). i would like it to be 3-d and never a set wall calendar. i’ve got a card board storage box, however i dont understand how to put areas within the inside for that goodies to ensure that i’m able to access them again the coming year.

    any ideas or links?

  128. Corliss Gysin Says:

    I’ve damaged the screen on my small advent roma 2000 laptop but cant obtain the plastic cover off in order to take away the screen since the bezel is in the manner. Does anybody get sound advice to have it off?

  129. Staci Grate Says:

    My buddies Flatmate Ate all her advent calendar. Everybody I understand is disgusted. Ideas?

  130. Kristofer Forden Says:

    I wish to make an advent calendar in my sister for Christmas. Wouldso would i am going about creating one? What can i want? Could it be easy? What month must i do? Since she most likely will not be opening it until christmas. And what types of things can one place in every day?

  131. Elwood Garve Says:

    I am selling my advent laptop 6441 laptop so I have to restore it enjoy it just arrived on the scene from the box however I don’t possess the Compact disc. Any ideas?

    Thanks ahead of time.

  132. Lu Hart Says:

    I am considering departing an advent calendar in my girlfriend in her own porch, so she’ll have it when she would go to work each morning. I believed of writing an email by using it which may essentially explain that each time she opens a door i’m going to be considering her. Would this be considered a strange factor to complete?

  133. Neta Coronado Says:

    I’m considering the Nikon D5100 personally. I wish to enter into photography(beginner) I’ve got a Nikon L120 at this time and I wish to upgrade. I wish to be without a doubt after i purchase my more recent Nikon which i make a good decision. Must I purchase the D5100 package and where? Different websites vary from the Nikon website itself of what’s suppose to stay in the package.

  134. Danita Harbus Says:

    My boyfriend wished to buy an advent calendar, and every place a contained in it every single day until christmas. He’s 27, and that i know many people use chocolate or chocolate however i want another ideas. They’re really small boxes too.

  135. Kristina Sherrick Says:

    In the finish, following the credits, of FFVll Advent Children Complete, there’s a scene in which the camera is zooming from a little aria of flowers in the place in which the Zachs sword was once. Because the camera zooms out, two voices, a male and female, say something in Japanese. I’m wondering if anybody could let me know the things they say.

  136. Everett Bambrick Says:

    I’m beginning to build up curiosity about photography since past couple of several weeks. Now I must purchase a Digital slr to consider my passion for photography one step further. I’m proficient at realizing image type & quality after i view it, but I’m a total newbie if this involves purchasing a camera. I’ve acquired Nikon D5100 after dealing with some reviews as my first Digital slr. I wish to know that’s it value for money for beginner like myself or must i be searching for another brand/camera. Also want to know good quality options.

    My fundamental needs are Motion and occasional light photography.

  137. Booker Ryant Says:

    I’m creating a homemade advent calendar and want some ideas for magnets. For instance for that fifth day I’ve got a nickel, the tenth day a cent and xmas id baby Jesus. Please for those who have worthwhile ideas let me know.

  138. Carlee Chaddock Says:

    I have were built with a Advent K200 laptop for around three years, and it is become very slow, so I have made the decision which i would perform a full system recovery. But to be able to perform a full system recovery, I want the recovery disc that included laptops, but because it is, I have dropped it. I’m wondering should there be an answer and so i could still recover laptops to factory condition with no recovery disc.


  139. Jerrell Wankum Says:

    I decided to sing inside my church’s advent dinner talent display on December twelfth. The only issue is, I can not think about almost anything to sing. I want suggestions. Advent/Christmas/Sacred music is preferred, but any suggestions are welcome.

  140. Madeleine Houston Says:

    How did the arrival of photography and/or the development of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints influence the impressionists within their abandoning from the stylistic qualities of traditional painting? Your opinion?

  141. Renna Corporon Says:

    I am curious about what’s the origin of advent calenders at Christmastime, I actually want to understand how they found be to begin with. - Last Minute Deals

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