Nikon Coolpix L20 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L20 Reviews reviews the Nikon Coolpix L20 and writes;
“L20 performs very well for a cheaper compact digital camera. Many of the photos I produced with it are above average. .. If you are looking for a cheaper digital camera that takes a good picture and is extremely easy to use then you cannot go far wrong with the Nikon Coolpix L20.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

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174 Responses to “Nikon Coolpix L20 Digital Camera”

  1. Micheal Bendle Says:

    I’m trying to purchase my first camera. Is Nikon Coolpix L20 10MP Camera with 3.6 Optical Zoom appear like good purchase?

  2. Stewart Blaydes Says:

    I lost the USB cable in my new camera. It is a Nikon Coolpix L20. I wish to purchase a new cable, but these appear to possess in a different way formed small finishes. The main one for connecting to the pc is definitely exactly the same, however the one you plug in to the camera could be various different dimensions. It is possible to reputation for the little finish from the correct cable with this camera?

  3. Ivy Radford Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing the casio exilim ex-z85 camera, however i thought I ought to acquire some input from others first. If anybody available has bought this camera, or tried on the extender before, would you please let me know that which you think about it? Or maybe anybody has bought another casio camera, would you let me know that which you think about it please? anything helps.

    thanks!! :)

    oh here is exactly what the camera appears like if you are wondering…

  5. Stephan Bastilla Says:

    My camera may be the Nikon Coolpix L20 camera.(we first got it a few several weeks ago)

    If only utilizing it a few days ago and also the lens jammed i suppose, i did not view it until i pressed the off button also it stated “LENS ERROR” so when i checked out your camera the lens counseled me jammed! and so i snapped up a paperclip and attempted obtaining the lens unjammed however it didnt work!

    I really should no ways to get it unjammed As soon as possible. My parents dont no abbout it and that i dont would like them to no cuz ill maintain SUPER trouble.


  6. Linnea Romaro Says:

    i’ve got a red-colored nikon coolpix l20 and im running home windows vista

    after i hook it up it states driver wasnt installed properly and rather than it saying L20 it states Digital Still Camera. i attempted to update the motive force however it states its already current

    i understand i did not install nikon transfer along with other for free. are you able to just link me to some site thats really Useful and KNOWS my problem or how can i download the motive force?

    and i don’t possess a spot to place the sdcard in to the computer

  7. Cris Grappe Says:

    I purchased a Nikon Coolpix L20 camera at Radio Shack about last month with cash and that i have forfeit my receipt. It can’t be considered a problem, however the camera isn’t working. What must i do?

  8. Tiffany Donahoe Says:

    Which is much better?

    http://world wide


    http://world wide

  9. Harley Boyar Says:

    I would like a camera which has Great clearness, and may also zoom while filming. I favor a camera, but when there is not a high quality one, a video recorder will act as well (as lengthy as it can certainly also take pictures).

    Also, I want so that it is type of cheap, maybe around $100 approximately.

  10. Robert Schlotzhauer Says:

    is that this a great camera? it is possible to portable charger i’m able to buy for this? what type of editor can one upgrade on my comp to edit photos?

  11. Vince Luangrath Says:

    Samsung, Nikon, etc?

    For private uses, nothing proffesional.

  12. Hannah Hankerson Says:

    I’m a 15 years old girl and that i desire a nice camera which i can use for everyday things. It must be really durable too! haha! I like the The new sony cyber shot! is the fact that a great camera to obtain and when what exactly model is the greatest to obtain. What’s the best camera to obtain because of its value.

  13. Allyson Palmisciano Says:

    http://world wide .


    http://world wide .

  14. Kacy Elizondo Says:

    Okay so ive designed a movie with my Nikon Coolpix L20 & I cant import Any one of my videos to home windows movie maker Ive attempted everything like attempting to press the “Import from digital camcorder” button but that doesn’t work & ive also put my Sandisk thumb drive in & moved the files to there however when i click my memory stay with import my videos is gives mt the content “No products suit your search” any help? P.S My camera is fully blocked in and switched on

  15. Javier Hammarlund Says:

    Okay, so I’ve got a nikon coolpix L20 and also got for Christmas 2009 so it’s not too old. Today I had been turning it onto take a look at some pictures I required the 2009 week and also the screen was whitened with black black cracks inside it. I’m not sure how this happened and I have to know if this sounds like fixable? It may download pictures to the pc as well as take pictures the only real factor is I can not see anything which is cracked. Can One customize the screen in my camera where would I’ve found one?

  16. Sebastian Berson Says:

    My finances are within Rs. 25,000. I’m only a beginner. I’ve acquired enough knowledge about Nikon Coolpix L20. Now I wish to change to some greater along with a better version. So, please suggest me some appropriate models for me personally. I’m searching for SLRs really…..

  17. Chae Leibel Says:

    I would like a camera, although not too costly do you know the best ones you are able to suggest? Thanks

  18. Theda Beerle Says:

    Hi, I am searching for an excellent Camera having a video camera This is a reasonable Cost. I would like the combo pack and HD if at all possible interesting replies

  19. Juana Dicostanzo Says:

    I’ve got a area trip tomorrow and i wish to take pictures. i’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L100. It’s awesome and it is mine. i wish to decide to try my area trip but i’d rather not look dorky by using it. Everybody else has individuals little rectangle digital camera models. Am i going to look strange basically take my camera?

  20. Sandra Botticello Says:

    at this time, i’ve got a nikon coolpix l20. i did previously like it, however it takes crappy and fuzzy pictures 50 % of time, expensive does not work when it is designed to, also it requires really costly and special batteries.

    i would like a brand new camera, that can take amazing pictures, nothing over $300. i love photography, and that i have to have one to understand much more about it. at this time, i’m not sure much lol. anybody have knowledge about cameras under $300 that do not require absurd batteries and take great pictures? thanks. :)

  21. Celestine Aloi Says:

    I generally used rechargeable batteries however in rare situation after i place new non rechargeable batteries directly into my camera it doesn’t work correctly, display shows exhausted batteries, but it’s fully loaded. what’s the reason and remedy.

  22. Erick Ducceschi Says:


    christmas is comming soon and i wish to purchase a camera to take top quality videos and photographs. The cost.. im considering a maximum of $200. Thanks ]

  23. Joni Ausland Says:

    i am a 16 years old girl, and searching to purchase my first camera, i would like something which looks good, and neat. i am prepared to pay around £100 for just one, what are the that you’d recommend? thankyouu! x

  24. Erick Ducceschi Says:

    I required some pictures today on my small camera. I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix S560. I didn’t remember to place my memory in earlier and I haven’t got a cable. How do i get these pictures from my memory to my memory? Thankyou!

  25. Joline Hanel Says:

    Which from the following cameras takes the very best pics and vids the nikon coolpix p90 or even the Panasonic DMCFZ28. I’m especially bothered concerning the video quality when i desire a camera and build top quality videos which may be submitted onto YouTube.

  26. Kurt Fosher Says:

    there exists a 128mb memory that people got whenever we got our first camera, a kodak. it labored greated and saved the quantity of pictures we would have liked, although it is not very large. that camera ws dropped and broke, and that we lately bought a nikon coolpix L20. We placed exactly the same memory, however it only held 27 photos(without any video). im thinking it is because it’s a greater grad camera with 10 mega pixels. would be that the problem? also, how big memory don’t let purchase?

  27. Elina Grein Says:

    About 50 % were adopted a Hewlett packard Photosmart 425, 5. mega pixels and also the relaxation on the Nikon Coolpix L20, 10 megapixel.

    The images I intend on taking will be using the Nikon. The number of more pictures would I have the ability to take using the card tonight?

  28. Lynna Ladell Says:

    So I am headed to India and that i require a camera that operates on AA batteries. I wanna go ahead and take best pictures i’m able to. This camera must also be as tough as you possibly can.

  29. Erick Ducceschi Says:

    So What Can a $150 Can Purchase FOR Camera That Also Can Be Used VIDEO CAM. I Love NIKON, PLEASE Tell Me THE MODEL.


  30. Sean Curls Says:

    At this time I’ve got a really crappy Polaroid a550 Camera and I have been with them since Christmas of 2007. I’m really wanting a brand new camera, but I’d rather not get another really bad one. I’m also 14, so Let me purchase one under $100.

  31. Lynn Tuft Says:

    I am youthful and am considering engaging in photography.

    I’m just wondering exactly what a good, cheap camera that i can get could be.

    when i only say cheap i’m speaking maybe about 200 dollars – 250.

    no film cameras please.


  32. Lester Gastonguay Says:

    i wish it to be for sale 100.00

    id like that it is a Camcorder sorry i didn’t remember to include that before and around 100 dollars

  33. Charisse Ribb Says:

    which camera ‘s better to get.


    Samsung 12MP SL502 Silver Camera Bundle with 2GB Sdcard & Situation



    Fujifilm FinePix J38 Black 12MP Camera + 4GB SDHC Memory and Situation Bundle



    Nikon CoolPix L20 Red-colored 10MP Camera + Bonus 4GB SDHC Memory Bundle



    Sanyo Xacti VPC-S1285W 12MP Camera As Well As Your Choice 4GB SDHC Memory Value Bundle



    VistaQuest VQ-1224 Silver 12MP Camera with 3x Optical Zoom



    The new sony Cyber-shot DSC-S930 Silver 10 Mega pixel Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, Bonus Situation Incorporated, 2.4″ LCD, Image Stabilization, Face Recognition

    which one inch many of these is the greatest someone to buy

    , i neeeed to understand . & just solutions

    * 5 hrs ago

    * – 4 days left to reply to.

  34. Kraig Kilbride Says:

    available. Along with a camera title. I truly want 1 which has red-colored-eye removal, subject or face recognition, and blink warning is needed. ppl keep suggesting the nikon coolpix l20, and i like it. but can there be anything a little cheaper? thank you for ur help!!

  35. Jerilyn Arhart Says:

    Hey everybody! So I have got an problem. I’ve the Nikon Coolpix L20 Camera, and it is labored ideal for a while now. Problems is, lately I have observed a red-colored us dot in the center of my pictures. I have attempted washing the lense, however it does not disappear. After I focus to consider an image or video, it does not appear, but following the picture is taken or even the video begins filming, the us dot turns up. I can not afford a brand new camera, and that i really should take away the us dot all my pictures, by fixing the issue, not editing the pixs… Thanks.

  36. Marcell Tags Says:

    Hi, Im looking for a camera , but I’ve got a 300$ budget.

    Dose anyone are conscious of a pleasant camera which will take outstanding photos w a pleasant zoom range for

    the cost?

    If that’s the case would you send us a link to your camera which shows the photo quality ?

    This is my initial camera,and Im 24 yr old. So am looking forward to this thanks a lot!!!

  37. Hector Vollmer Says:

    what’s the best,and easiest trail camera to purchase?

  38. Broderick Geanopulos Says:

    I want a camera in my visit to The country this summer time however i don’t want an average square camera. This trip will probably be a large photography outing for me personally and that i desire a camera that’s more compact than my Nikon D90 but equivalent in quality and capacity. I would like something more compact and much more compact to ensure that I’m able to ensure that it stays under my clothes and so i don’t have to be worried about it getting stolen. I favor Nikon items.

    Any suggestions?

  39. Antonio Hempel Says:

    Okay, so I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L20 camera. I needed to upload a few of the pictures onto it onto my laptop, and so i used the cable cord that included your camera and blocked it into my laptop. Something put their hands up and stated I desired to set up something, and so i simply pressed allow. However, it wound up no longer working and mentioned that “This operation needs an interactive window station.” How do you fix this issue? I have already checked the Nikon website but have experienced no luck to find a fix for your problem. Help Dx.

  40. Gloria Florendo Says:

    I am searching to obtain a camera for less than $150. I discovered the Nikon Coolpix L20 for affordable on Amazon . com, also it looks very good. Other people are conscious of digital camera models that take good photos, will not break per week, and therefore are affordable? Zoom could be nice, and then any other awesome little extra supplies. There’s a lot of on each one of these different sites, I simply know what is the best! Thx

    Paranormal Cat… I actually do ghost hunting too! Which camera will most likely opt for me, so I am searching for things which will be good for your too!

  41. Sal Stransky Says:

    the red-colored light through the expensive symbol is illuminating. I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L20. I’ve already transformed the batteries. how do i repair it?

    I’ve the expensive on. It is simply no longer working

  42. Gerry Klingman Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L20/L19 camera along with a Home windows Vista computer.

    Whenever I connect my camera to my computer via USB cable, it does not identify it on my small computer. It use to operate fine before but I’m not sure what went down. I have attempted re-installing and removing the program that included your camera but that didn’t fix anything. I additionally attempted making the certain your camera was billed before I really hooked up to the pc but that did not act as well.

    Incidentally, it creates my buddies lab-top however it does not work with my computer.

    Good answer will be presented 5 stars since i actually need this to become fixed.

  43. Dorathy Szymansky Says:

    i see all these videos of bmxers/skateboarders doing a trick and then a camera takes an automatic picture with out a photographer. what is used to do this???

  44. Chauncey Larrier Says:

    My Nikon Coolpix L20 camera is not being identified by my laptop, and so i can’t transfer my photos to my computer, someone help, my OS is Home windows Vista

  45. Ronny Ingraffea Says:

    i acquired a nikon coolpix L20 camera and i wish to determine if i’m able to utilize it like a webcam…

  46. Christy Dershem Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L11 Camera 6mega pixel. when i did previously utilize it with Lexar 1GB memory, I possibly could take about 300 photographs. however i’ve got a transend 8GB memory and that i may take only 1200 photos…….. however i thought 8 gb memory could hold about 2400 photos.

    Is my calculation wrong or perhaps is a problem with my camera or memory?

    Thanks ahead of time

  47. Marline Magnant Says:

    http://world wide

    http://world wide

    http://world wide

    Which Nikon?

  48. Pamela Tibbert Says:

    Fujifilm FinePix A220 Silver 12MP Camera Bundle includes Fujifilm 2GB SD Memory, Luxurious Camera Situation, 50 Bonus Photo Prints coupon $89.00


    Nikon CoolPix L20 Red-colored 10MP Camera + Bonus 4GB SDHC Memory Bundle

    From $89.00

    i would like a camera which has goood quallity & you can use for alot and it is ideal for anything

    individuals two are my only choice so help which works & has higher quality ?

  49. Neil Broadfoot Says:

    How lengthy may be the battery existence from the Nikon Coolpix S550? And what’s an optical viewfinder? What’s ISO? Exactly what does it do?

  50. Darnell Hultman Says:

    which camera ‘s better to get.


    Samsung 12MP SL502 Silver Camera Bundle with 2GB Sdcard & Situation



    Fujifilm FinePix J38 Black 12MP Camera + 4GB SDHC Memory and Situation Bundle



    Nikon CoolPix L20 Red-colored 10MP Camera + Bonus 4GB SDHC Memory Bundle



    Sanyo Xacti VPC-S1285W 12MP Camera As Well As Your Choice 4GB SDHC Memory Value Bundle



    VistaQuest VQ-1224 Silver 12MP Camera with 3x Optical Zoom



    The new sony Cyber-shot DSC-S930 Silver 10 Mega pixel Camera with 3x Optical Zoom, Bonus Situation Incorporated, 2.4″ LCD, Image Stabilization, Face Recognition

    which one inch many of these is the greatest someone to buy

    , i neeeed to understand . & just solutions

  51. Morgan Syta Says:

    Which camera takes better photos with showing better outcomes of how things appear. After I take photos on the camera and cell camera I look different in every

    I’ve got a Universe S mobile phone

    and Nikon Coolpix L20 camera

  52. Whitney Ricketson Says:

    These two cameras are with 4x zoom. Nikon L20 manual states that although recording, zoom does apply up to 2x only. Canon doesn’t bring it up particularly. Are generally with same zoom ?

  53. Nicky Bellomy Says:

    Let me conserve my money for any really, great camera. I love photography, and I’m wondering if anybody knows of an excellent camera.

    I’m not sure if the has anything related to anything, but there exists a Hewlett packard Slimline. Let me not need to undergo a lot of stuff to upload pictures.

    It is possible to camera you recommend and just what are a few stuff about this?


  54. Von Goslin Says:

    i’ve got a Nikon Coolpix camera, after i put my memory inside. just the pictures show but my videos arent showing. can u assist me to ways to get them from my memory to my computer.

  55. Odell Shren Says:

    So I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L20 camera. It is not the finest camera and that i can’t stand some things about this, however it was pretty reasonably listed and hey it really works. Now one factor I truly loved relating to this camera was you’d a choice of going for a black & whitened, blue, or like multi-neon colored picture. I did previously simply alter the configurations and alter the colours. However, I ended utilizing it for some time and today for existence of me I am unable to work out how Used to do it! I’ve pressed every button, attended every option and that i cant appear to discover the way i did this..does anybody understand what im speaking about and may tell me? I did previously do all of it time..I simply cant determine any longer haha. Just help!(:

  56. Horace Gould Says:

    I truly desire a camera with video playback with seem also it needs to be under $150

  57. Clayton Saddler Says:

    I am thinking about purchasing a Nikon Coolpix s6100, but I am slightly concerned about how easy it will be to consider pictures having a touchscreen. Will the camera possess a shutter button, like non-touchscreen cameras? And when not, could it be simpler to consider pictures having a touchscreen of computer sounds, since it sounds pretty shaky in my experience, even when I haven’t got shaky hands. Any comments could be very useful!

  58. Casey Saulsbury Says:

    I’ve got a nikon coolpix camera. I need a ton of images loaded onto my mac. I’ve the cord and also have blocked it in to the camera and also the computer, I switch on your camera, and also the pictures won’t load. i have attempted departing it for some time however it only helps make the batteries go out.

    Can anybody help?? Thanks!

  59. Wan Pumper Says:

    I am considering purchasing a Nikon Coolpix L20 Camera however i actually want to have the ability to upload some videos to youtube by using it. It does not really matter how high the standard is really as lengthy as it can certainly make videos. Whether it can’t will the The new sony Cyber-shot DSCW180 Camera – Red-colored (10 Mega pixel 3x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD make videos? It might be really helpful should you could reccomend which has got the best footage and quality and whether or not they are uploadable to youtube. Thankyou greatly! :)

  60. Kayce Kiracofe Says:

    He’s a Nikon Coolpix L110 camera and it is new. Its within the mode where it requires automatic pictues.

    How can we stop that?

  61. Ilene Brager Says:

    Okay my nikon coolpix 5700 internal expensive is not working however i bought this extended expensive a slave expensive.

    What I wish to know is how do i fix the configurations to ensure that my slave expensive would expensive to create my pictures better . I’ve it set to slave on and also the slave mode I’ve it to is S1 can anybody assist me to?

  62. Leeann Mcmindes Says:

    I blocked my nikon coolpix l20 within the charger nevertheless its not charging. i possibly could also hear within your camera. i attempted to plug it in to the computer altering batteries but nothing happened

  63. Tad Bodary Says:

    I’ve had my nikon coolpix s210 for more than a year. I drawn it of my bag yesterday and also the lens is stuck within the camera. It won’t even switch on. It’s happened before however i handled to obtain the lens to correctly work again. Any suggestions on repairing it for minimal cost?

  64. Gaston Snellenberger Says:

    I simply purchased a Nikon coolpix that’s 16mp but uses batteries I had been thinking about obtaining a The new sony cybershot that’s 14mp and it has a rechargable battery I really should know which is much better & explanations why?

  65. Merlin Leary Says:

    I wish to turn the expensive off for that nikon coolpix S570 how do you get it done?

  66. Maybelle Mohaupt Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L4 camera and also the expensive just eliminate eventually but anything else concerning the camera is still effective perfectly (and have left wonderful pictures in sun light if it is vibrant enough.) Can you really obtain the bulb changed? Would I must send it in a shop or could I actually do it myself? Will it be achieved whatsoever? I really like this camera and I wish to try everything I’m able to to have it fixed.


  67. Fermin Passarelli Says:

    I would like a nikon coolpix L22 camera nut i wish to have the ability to share them without needing to place a cord right into a computer and need to use software to repeat the photos to the pc.

  68. Rowena Peaden Says:

    Today i’ve bought Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Camera & i wish to buy a or 2 memory for your. What memory is going to be best for your camera & the number of pictures could be taken by utilizing that memory & how lengthy it’ll capture video. I want these particulars urgently. And please advise the cost in India too.

  69. Mario Vanuden Says:

    Will it take a high quality picture? May be the Nikon Coolpix L22 much better than it?

  70. Rudolph Appleyard Says:

    I compensated $207 plus taxes in my Nikon Coolpix L810 camera and I am obtaining the feeling which i got scammed. After I take pictures with no expensive, a lot of the time they finish up fuzzy and out-of-focus. Even if I hold my hands almost perfectly still and whatever I am going for a picture of continues to be too, the image continues to be of low quality. I am unsure whether it’s since i am while using camera around the wrong setting or maybe your camera just sucks altogether. For those who have experienced by using this camera before, please tell me what your experience was like. Exactly what do you recommend I actually do? Basically ended up getting scammed, the other cameras can you recommend?

  71. Otelia Branyan Says:

    Basicallt, I’m going to customize the camera, and also the kind i’ve made the decision on may be the Nikon Coolpix series

    But you will find a lot of to select from, and that i really can’t decide…

    does anybody be aware of right one?

  72. Alonzo Reesor Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L18/L16 compact digital camera. Have not had an issue with it until today, the lens barrel is stuck and will not retract. I figured could it have been low battery energy and set fresh batteries inside it also it still will not retract! I am scared to actually try to pressure the barrel to retract has other people had this issue and just how have you solve it?

  73. Sherly Forge Says:

    Around three several weeks ago my Nikon Coolpix camera was getting a lens problem. My dad researched where you can send it back to have it fixed around the official Nikon website, and that we sent it within the box together with all the information requested. Now it has been too lengthy and that i haven’t become back or become any word onto it. I’m not sure what to do around the Nikon Web site to discover where it may be or the way i am setting it up back. Does anybody understand what I’m designed to do?

  74. Ellsworth Goshi Says:

    I am a regular teenage girl searching for a camera to consider pictures of excellent quality of me and my buddies. Between your Nikon Coolpix S550 and also the Fuji Finepix Z20 which is the foremost to obtain.

    I am also thinking about keeping this camera for around four years unless of course if tips over so remember that.

  75. Shelby Cancio Says:

    Presently i’ve got a 16mb and 256mb Sdcard in my Nikon CoolPix 3700 model. I intend to buy an additional SD memory, however i am worry basically buy too large capacity of SD memory, your camera might unable to identify them.

    Anybody use Nikon CoolPix 3700 here? And what’s the utmost SD memory capacity you are able to achieve per single Sdcard?

  76. Jong Viray Says:

    My battery is drained on my small nikon coolpix L18. I wish to switch the battery myself is the fact that possible or must i just customize the camera.

    What must i do to ensure that my camera works and will not keep saying the battery is drained? Does anybody know? -thanks!

  77. Beula Cozzolino Says:

    I am considering buying the nikon coolpix S3000. Does a chargeable battery and charger include it or must i get them individually?

  78. Charmain Bialecki Says:

    I am searching for a Nikon Coolpix p510 on the internet that’s new and $330 or less. Can not be used or refurbished. If anybody knows an internet site that sells a brand new p510 and also the website had past great reviews, publish a solution here please and thanks.

  79. Orlando Vasudevan Says:

    And So I just purchased a Nikon CoolPix Touch screen camera and required it to Florida on holiday. I required lots of pictures however when I turn it on using the USB to the iMac the images do not show on iPhoto or Nikon Transfer. I am getting really frustrated. Help!! :/

  80. Thu Domhoff Says:

    I wish to obtain a tripod, but I’m not sure how you can know if it’ll fit my Nikon coolpix l18 camera. How do you know?

  81. Herb Melis Says:

    I am obtaining a Nikon coolpix camera also it only has the real low watt battery and so i was searching for where i possibly could purchase a 1000mAh battery. Does anybody know any sites or stores which have the best battery compatible for that Nikon coolpix s60 camera?

  82. Doug Locks Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix P100. The Recording HD quality around the camera is excellent, however when I attempt to look at it on my small monitor once i download it there, it will get screwed up and doesn’t show the audio simultaneously because the video. It is possible to method to watch it normally without losing the standard?


  83. Azzie Savaria Says:

    I’ve Nikon Coolpix l100 and that i desire a new camera what can you suggest?

    I take photo’s of Flowers, Horses, Landscapes and Sky’s, amongst other things,

    also it will it be good whether it were built with a Video onto it.

  84. Kurtis Endlich Says:

    Nikon Coolpix 900 camera, a mature camera. Just purchased in sound condition but no Nikon serial cable. Camera has compact expensive memory. Have to transfer pictures to my pc, a Dell Dimension E310. Any method of doing it with no cable? Original Nikon cable is mainly not available within my ‘net search so far.

  85. Carmon Huehn Says:

    My nikon coolpix wont switch on but just a little red-colored light is flashing through the expensive indicator. The batteries work. I simply examined them. Can anybody help? Many thanks!

  86. Yan Ruths Says:

    Hi everybody, I simply purchased a Nikon Coolpix s3200 and I wish to understand how to change how long pictures are shown on my screen after going for a picture (I must shorten it). This was a option on my small old camera, a Canon, and that i wasn’t confident that I possibly could perform the same goes with my Nikon. Thanks.

    update: the reply is not within the user guide or anywhere around the Compact disc that included your camera. nor have i been capable of finding it simply by searching on the internet. the model is s3200 along with a friend explained to appear under “monitor configurations” and “image review,” however these choices are unlisted any place in my camera’s configurations.

  87. Pricilla Rieb Says:

    I am departing for Africa the following month and that i need a simple to use camera. A camera that does not have lots of pieces, cost range $75 – $130, maybe I possibly could record videos IDK I am new only at that. Perhaps a camera which will traverses annually!

  88. Deon Ciardullo Says:

    Your camera could be either Samsung or Nikon and $100 is well $100

  89. Cyrus Mcclanan Says:

    I am utilizing a nikon coolpix s570 camera. Pictures are showing up by having an uncomfortable yellow-colored color, even while using the appropiate camera moments for example evening, portrait, museum, intelligent portrait, snow, sports, etc. The ISO is 400. It has not been touched.

    Can there be other things to regulate? So what can I actually do to prevent it? Can it be anything is improperly set?

  90. Glenn Pospishil Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix S3100, and I’m wondering the way i can enhance the pictures I take at concerts by using it. Like, exactly what the scene selection I ought to use? Whitened balance?

  91. Tandra Faltus Says:

    I’ve got a nikon coolpix 4600 camera. I dont enjoy it because after i take pictures, they come out fuzzy because I’ve got a shaky hands. Exactly what is a better option to this camera?

  92. Louis Gerveler Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix S60 and my expensive is much to vibrant. It is possible to way I’m able to lessen the vibrant expensive? Additionally, it appears to simply take obvious pictures if this really wants to once the lighting is not perfect. Can there be anyway I’m able to fix these complaints? I’m really not so happy with this camera since I have become it this past year and am considering a different one basically can’t get that one to enhance.

  93. Bunny Leakes Says:

    I’ve got a nikon coolpix S9100 camera and I wish to take photo’s inside my sons soccer game tomorrow. My real question is after i take pictures of products or people moving it is just like a blur. Any help could be appreciated!!!

  94. Lincoln Vallegos Says:

    Okay my nikon coolpix 5700 internal expensive is not working however i bought this extended expensive a slave expensive.

    What I wish to know is how do i fix the configurations to ensure that my slave expensive would expensive to create my pictures better . I’ve it set to slave on and also the slave mode I’ve it to is S1 can anybody assist me to?

  95. Jesse Cassetty Says:

    So for Christmas I’m thinking about purchasing a Nikon Coolpix P80 and I’m wondering, how can you save pictures on these cameras? Would you make use of a memory as an regular camera does?

  96. Myung Lutman Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix S220 that’s about 2 years of age. The standard from the pictures is awful, and I’m wondering if there’s a method to change that within the configurations?

  97. Zachery Baughey Says:

    My Nikon Coolpix S3000 requires a very long time simply to remove one picture. Maybe, 40 seconds? Why?

  98. Billy Alterio Says:

    I cracked the screen of my nikon coolpix s210. I’d rather not buy a completely new camera, I discovered a alternative screen online. The issue is I’m not sure how to replace it all and i’d rather not crack open your camera and break it. Does anybody know where there’s helpful information that describes how you can change screens?

  99. Lincoln Vallegos Says:

    I made some short videos on Halloween with my Nikon Coolpix S220, they went onto my computer however i desired to upload these to Facebook. How do you do this, or perhaps is there in whatever way that it is possible??

    Hannah — hmm they have to have transformed something since it would not work this way, it always stated my videos were the incorrect format. However it labored this time around, many thanks! You will get best solution if this provides me with the choice to choose lol

  100. Elbert Milone Says:

    I had been planning to obtain a compact digital camera, so my choice was Nikon and that i had options like Canon PowerShot A3300 and Nikon coolpix s6000, Canonsx130is. But finally made my thoughts to obtain Nikon coolpix S8100 since it had CMOS and located the resolution high. Could it be a smart choice.

  101. Ralph Neifert Says:

    I’ve an Hewlett packard 6.2 megapixel camera that’s four years old that I have always loved good enough, but I wish to go just a little better/more recent. I saw the Nikon CoolPix on Walmart’s website, and it is only around $120. I haven’t got knowledge about Nikon, but a friend includes a Panasonic Lumix that actually works very well. The Nikon is 10MP, and also the Panasonic is 12MP, so perhaps this is actually the primary difference? Thanks ahead of time.

  102. Reiko Meserve Says:

    I am considering purchasing a Nikon Coolpix camera, because i have heard that they are an excellent company to purchase from. What exactly are your reviews from the different coolpix ones? which of them are great? bad? (i already had the L20, also it stored freezing on me, so not that certain) oh and that i don’t actually want to spend over our limits more then $200-$250 if it is possible…

    thanks :3

  103. Terisa Long Says:


    I simply purchased a Nikon Coolpix S series camera. You will find large amount of cards on the market like SD, SDHC,Thumb drive Professional etc. Which is perfect? What’s the distinction between SD and SDHC? Thanks.

  104. Ike Hillhouse Says:

    My exchange partner includes a Nikon Coolpix S510 from Europe using the AC adapter, however the plugs don’t fit, so I’m wondering if they can charge to battery when it’s attatched to the pc through USB.

  105. Burt Luger Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon coolpix and that i know there’s a method to adjust the configurations in order to shoot in black and whitened, however i cannot learn how to change it out! Help!

  106. Rosaura Heinzerling Says:

    I purchased nikon d3100 camera. i wish to take my very own picture on my own. can there be any self timer option or anything like this within this camera? how can i think it is & how to get the image. Thanks ahead of time.

  107. Harvey Raether Says:

    Hi this really is Babu at the moment i purchased Nikon coolpix S550 anyone can suggest me do you know the ideal configurations to get top quality pictures.i am talking about color setting and iso resolutinon like several thge configurations i want .

  108. Kali Wollenburg Says:

    i simply had a nikon coolpix s220 as a birthday gift, and also the pictures i began uploading earlier labored fine. then 2 days later, i attempt uploading more pictures but after theyre on the pc the get all messed up? so what can i actually do and what is wrong?

    the images look fine around the camera, but when theyre on the pc the colour is strange and stuff.

    the images look fine around the camera though.

  109. Quentin Ramon Says:

    I actually want to purchase the nikon s60 and that i really would like it to have this setting onto it. Does anybody know?? Thanks!

  110. Araceli Sheakley Says:

    I have heard the shopping there’s really cheap, although not confident that I ought to risk purchasing a Nikon Dslr after i make it happen. Anybody done something similar to this?

  111. Kurtis Endlich Says:

    I purchased a Nikon d7000 with lens in Vietnam and want to insure it, I’m on vacation here for the following 11 several weeks can anyone recommend an insurance provider which will cover me although abroad and purchasing my camera abroad

    Yes can there be some factor wrong with this, but I am unable to find camera insurance getting away from home the United kingdom

  112. Lettie Suttles Says:

    I simply require a camera that’s only for taking simple top quality photos with my buddies and families which includes a better video/audio quality. Which one of these simple 2 can you get? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks on both of these cameras? So when watching a relevant video on playback do these possess the audio by using it also?

  113. Lesha Schutz Says:

    How can i purchase a Nikon D3100 in Delhi? Am i going to have the ability to buy the 550d easily in Delhi or Kathmandu?

  114. Lyndon Ortmeyer Says:

    I m thinking about buying Nikon Coolpix P510.It’s slightly above my Budget however i can accept that. Please advice. I m not too camera person, simply want a camera to take a few pic or video just for fun. HELP Please

  115. Julius Ilic Says:

    Someone said articles someone complain about hooking up their Digital slr to some portable DVD player to see their images immediately, although I am getting trouble foreseeing it.

    I attempted hooking up the Audio-video On my D90 towards the portable DVD player using the yellow and whitened jacks but that did not work. Maybe I am while using wrong cord? I’d rather not buy Nikon’s Camera Control just to get this done, can there be one other way?

  116. Rodrigo Roulhac Says:

    Let me buy Nikon or Samsung, but I am available to others. I wish to obtain a good camera but I am youthful and so i don’t genuinely have ways to earn money except like pet/babysitting once in awhile. Obviously, I recieve money from my birthday and xmas, but my birthday is within The month of january so I’d need to wait a very long time.


  117. Darius Sween Says:

    Come in Bangkok via Abu Dhabi international airports this summer time and wished to buy Nikon D800. I in route we have a stop in Abu Dhabi, I don’t know whether I ought to purchase the camera there or hold back until we obtain to Bangkok.

  118. Tony Antolin Says:

    Well i am going to purchase a Nikon D3100 but I have to understand what I must buy for this. The minimum needs! Like should i purchase a battery or perhaps a memory. Then what type of memory. Also does Best To Buy market it in shops or simply online??? I Would Like THE Red-colored ONE.

  119. Adam Blumenthal Says:

    what store can one purchase the Nikon 10.1MP s60 touchscreen camera???

    i’m able to t order online and so i require a store i’m able to personaly visit


  120. Corrina Ander Says:

    I’m searching to purchase a brand new nikon d90. I’ve looked through some to locate a cheap one but all of the least expensive ones which i found had method to many poor reviews. Therefore if anybody knows of the cheap reliable website please tell me.

  121. Monte Mcnuh Says:

    I’m researching to purchase a Nikon D600 using the lens package 24-85 vr, I’m searching for a great telephoto lens too. I’m a lot more acquainted with Canon system as well as in the subject of tele zooms it is simple, canon’s 70-200 f4 L usm is the greatest bang for buck lens. Can there be anything enjoy it for Nikons?

  122. Kimber Ailey Says:

    I purchased Nikon D5100 Couple of several weeks ago. I’m using 18-55 vr lens.I shoot many character & portraits by using it. Now I wish to shoot all kind of photos like portrait,landscape,micro. However I have no idea a little more about contacts. please suggest me some in my Nikon D5100 camera.

  123. Celestine Aloi Says:

    I must perform some freelance photography but I have to obtain a dslr first. I’ve got a Nikon F50 and also have lent a friends’ dslr and so i know cooking techniques, I am simply not certain of exactly what the least expensive camera is I’m able to buy which will still produce adequate quality to market. I have been searching in the Olympus E-500 and Canon digital rebel. I will not buy Nikon at this time because to conquer 6 Mega pixel you spend over $1000 (I am in Canada). Any suggestions?

  124. Eduardo Ishii Says:

    I’m going there the following month and i’m thinking about buying Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 G Erectile dysfunction VR & Nikon AF-S 35mm F1.8 DX prime …

  125. Dee Forcade Says:

    I’m going there tomorrow and will purchase a Nikon D40 camera. How can i purchase one?


  126. Art Mirabella Says:

    I had been gonna buy Nikon D3100 but my pal stated to purchase D90

    I wanna obtain a nikon one but got lost,any ideas?

  127. Tequila Gosselin Says:

    I simply purchased a Nikon D3000 and also have a memory within my camera. I required the memory to Meijer to obtain my pictures developed in most cases it really works with my regular digital Nikon but no pictures would develop, it had been blank, there is nothing wrong with my camera though, it’s brand new! I’m the initial camera owner.

  128. Jeannette Siering Says:

    I am attempting to purchase a Nikon D60 soon throughout the month, so could anybody let me know which stores in Melbourne market it?

    I only checked out certain areas like Teds, Dick Cruz along with a couple of others however the ones I visited did not get it. They merely had the D60 (and above) models.

    If anybody knows where, that might be much appriciated!

  129. Vicky Savannah Says:

    I’m a real toddler nowadays. I’m gong to purchase Nikon L100. only a couple of situations are annoying me.

    1)What’s D- Light function ?

    2)how’s the recording quality of L100?

    3)How must i adjust ISO for better picture?

  130. Collene Fergen Says:

    I’m considering purchasing Nikon p5100 but I’m not sure whether I’m able to add exterior lens into it later on contributing to it’s results after adding lens.

  131. Andrea Sardin Says:

    Does anybody have coupons or sales happening now to buy Nikon D600?

    Also, what’s the least expensive cost at this time with this camera? Thanks!

  132. Ike Hillhouse Says:

    I wish to buy Nikon 8000 camera for all of us $ 249.99.Can there be every other camera much better than than that one. Thois camera has 10 megapixel and 10 x zoom

  133. Marlana Margolin Says:

    I must perform some freelance photography but I have to obtain a dslr first. I’ve got a Nikon F50 and also have lent a friends’ dslr and so i know cooking techniques, I am simply not certain of exactly what the least expensive camera is I’m able to buy which will still produce adequate quality to market. I have been searching in the Olympus E-500 and Canon digital rebel. I will not buy Nikon at this time because to conquer 6 Mega pixel you spend over $1000 (I am in Canada). Any suggestions?

  134. Laurel Chicoine Says:

    I purchased a Nikon Coolpix while residing in China this past year and it is battery seems drained. During China, I did previously charge it by inserting it into my computer.

    Since I am in the united states, that method is not working neither on my small PC nor on my small friend’s Mac. Could this be considered a problem triggered through the computer systems utilizing a different current compared to what they do in China?

    I am afraid to make use of the wall plug that included your camera because I am afraid that it is current would wreck havoc on my building’s wiring with no adapter.


  135. Raphael Elgas Says:

    I lately purchased a Nikon Coolpix S100 and I’m not sure when I’ll be likely to unplug it in the charger. All I can tell after i charge is really a red-colored flashing light. Exactly that.

  136. Mahalia Chalfin Says:

    I am purchasing a nikon d60 hopefully soon and that i have no idea whether or not to buy at the shop or ebay. I have never bought off ebay before, I am only 13, however they sell your camera I possibly could buy at the shop for like 50$ or 100$ cheaper PLUS like extra contacts and stuff, but idk whether or not to trust ebay which the stuff is totally new? Must I buy at the shop or ebay.

  137. Chan Maceachern Says:

    I wish to purchase a nikon coolpix p100 but, I’d rather not spend much money the same is true anybody know an outlet where I’m able to purchase it the least expensive??

  138. Kym Rieks Says:

    I am searching to purchase Nikon digital slr but I’m not sure which. I am not trying to become a professional digital photographer or anything (I am only 16). I additionally don’t would like it to be super costly (again, im only 16). My parents decided on purchasing me one because we continue vacation a great deal plus they think it might be advantageous for them also. I’d like it whether it had awesome effects (if that is possible). So any suggestions?

  139. Doug Ramirec Says:

    I am thinking about purchasing Nikon’s new Digital slr known as the Nikon D3000. I wish to understand how much it is. Also, could it be well worth the cost? Thanks ahead of time.

  140. Ressie Cart Says:

    I’m presently residing in Taiwan and I wish to purchase a Nikon d3000 over the following couple of months. I am searching for any suggestions on what to do to buy one. I understand hardly any chinese and for that reason might have a hard time speaking with any sales rep who does not know British.

  141. Donnell Ming Says:

    I’m searching to purchase the Nikon D600 camera in my boyfriend. He’s really into photography and the camera is fairly old so I wish to buy him new things for his birthday.

    How can i find discount rates around the Nikon D600 camera?

  142. Esperanza Hages Says:

    I purchased nikon d3100 camera. i wish to take my very own picture on my own. can there be any self timer option or anything like this within this camera? how can i think it is & how to get the image. Thanks ahead of time.

  143. Johnsie Walen Says:

    I intend to buy Nikon D40 but someone stated your camera doesn’t have “Macro mode” with no “Stabilization.” Basically have a daytime picture, how must i create a picture backing without tripod? Like me a novice, Liquid crystal display in D40 is simply for view images ? We must shoot pictures by viewing within the peep hole ?

    How about batter existence ? Is image is overexposure?


  144. Homer Jeannette Says:

    Hello there I had been thinking about purchasing Nikon D800 Slr for photo studio within this website: http://world wide Is that this website reliable to purchase items? Since it has best discount rates and it is type of awkward.. Or has anybody bought any product out of this website? please answer As soon as possible. It’s for any birthday present with this approaching April. Thanks.

  145. Micaela Klis Says:

    I believed about purchasing Nikon D5000 however the only brand new one is $1,000 and I haven’t got much money. You can aquire a used one for around $500. i believe Amazon . com is a nice reliable source for the reason that way but could it be smart to obtain a used camera and it is Amazon . com as reliable as It is? Thanks!

  146. Daniel Krogmann Says:

    I’m thinking about buying Nikon d90 but lately Nikon released D5000 that is nearly like the D90 features.The primary difference is on its’s $300 under D90.

    Among the finest to understand why D5000 costs less expensive than D90 !! can there be any technical difference or something like that differ within the options that come with both of these !!

  147. Lorinda Bettin Says:

    I acquired a solution nevertheless it had been a classic 35mm camera, It appears which was true(:

    But how can i purchase one?

    And just what kind is that thisOrought to I purchase: Nikon, Canon, Kodak, etc.?

    About how exactly much does it cost?

  148. Robert Schlotzhauer Says:

    I am 19 and seeking to become professional landscape and model digital photographer although not sure which camera model to purchase, nikon or cannon or any other brand?

  149. Mohamed Gathman Says:

    I wish to buy Nikon D60,my first motive is taking photo of my patients(I’m prosthodontist) however i shouldn’t buy extra contacts!I wish to know could it be appropriate for this function or otherwise?

  150. Ed Spanfellner Says:

    Hi i will buy nikon d90 with 18-105 lens. And it will actually cover 1300 dollars. And so i heard that exist procuring by diffrent websites which connects with ebay. Are you aware how to proceed or how can have it?

  151. Jenise Cillo Says:

    I’m searching to purchase the Nikon D600. I’m considering waiting until black friday 2012, or christmas sales, but when I’m able to find the best coupon or discount for this I might have it now.

    Are you aware where I’m able to buy Nikon D600 for that least expensive cost at this time? Thanks

  152. Elanor Thepbanthao Says:

    Hi Photography enthusiasts/Amateurs,

    I’m searching toward buy Nikon D600 (body only) when i already own 3 different D-Type contacts that we bought with Nikon F100 a long time ago. Nowadays I’ve been realizing that lots of the Honk Kong based online retailers are providing very attractive cost as well as their customer’s feedback are extremely appealing too. However I haven’t had any experience purchasing any goods from all of these gray importers.

    Therefore, it might be so kind should you publish a number of your ideas and experience if any.


  153. Joesph Byrd Says:

    Hey Men!

    I’m presently determining to purchase Nikon d3100, Nikon d90 or even the nikon d5000.

    I mostly need it for shooting video but the picture quality is essential.

    Which is much better , any recommendations? Thanks.

  154. Pat Rigsbee Says:

    I wish to buy Nikon D90.Where it might be cheaper,I wish to be aware of market cost on Nikon D90 in Japan. Plzzz help

  155. Staci Grate Says:

    I wish to purchase the Nikon D31000 14.2 Megapixel Camera on Black Friday 2010. My home, I get access to a Wal-Mart, Target, and finest Buy. Are you aware which of individuals may have the very best deals? Thanks!

  156. Jacquelyn Medved Says:

    Likely to Dubai finish of the month and thinking about buying a Nikon SLR. Could it be cheaper there than within the United kingdom? Just how much roughtly the cost? Thanks.

  157. Steve Orlow Says:

    I’ve bought Nikon D40 a week ago. But my friend keep questioning me why i am not step-up purchasing the most recent upgraded cool product, D40x to begin with. Aside from the cost that im budgeting of, can there be any solid reason D40 is slightly much better than D40x?

  158. Jed Sewyerd Says:

    I purchased nikon D-80 from among the foreign tourist. did not got any manual or software or perhaps any add-ons together with your camera.

    Please tell me – Basically can connect your camera with Laptop than which software and cable is req? and where I’m able to have it?

  159. Dannie Heverly Says:

    Thinking about buying nikon d5100 ,can someone kindly produce a guidance regarding other camera (basic level)much better than d5100·thanks

  160. Rico Mcgibbon Says:

    I wish to purchase the Nikon D40, and they’re offering two different packages. Ones has the 55-200 G lens, and also the second one has the VR 55-200 lens. What’s the distinction between both of these, and which do u recommend?

  161. Ming Strasburg Says:

    I will purchase a Nikon camera, but I am torn between buying the Nikon D40 or even the Nikon D40X. I understand the D40X is $200 dollars a lot more than the D40. Could it be worthwhile? Do you know the other variations? If at all possible, please show your source.

  162. Bradford Cranmer Says:

    Is really a Nikon Coolpix L81 a great photography camera for novices and it is it professional like.

  163. Johnathan Mederios Says:

    I’ve got a SU 800 wireless transmitter along with a SB600 expensive. I’m searching for an inexpensive alternative to ensure that I don’t have to buy another Nikon expensive. I’ve a classic SB 24 and I’m wondering basically could just place a receiver with that?

    Would that be okay? To utilize a receiver on the SB 24 having a SU 800?

    I’ve researched devices and just discovered the MiniTTI and Flex by Pocketwizard. They reveal using the SU 800, but on the top of the MiniTTI or Flex. Can you really just purchase a receiver and employ it using the SU 800 to trigger the SB 24?

  164. Herta Vallarta Says:

    I’ve canon eos 550d 60d. Is that this a great camera for fashion photography.

    Am also thinking to purchase nikon d7000.

    So plz help.

  165. Jestine Henkensiefken Says:

    I’m thinking about buying a concise digital slr camara but I’m not sure hat to purchase. I planned to purchase Nikon coolpix P520 however the megapixel is just like my canon digital slr camera!Help!!!

  166. Claudette Aymar Says:

    I’m thinking about buying a concise digital slr camara but I’m not sure hat to purchase. I planned to purchase Nikon coolpix P520 however the megapixel is just like my canon digital slr camera!Help!!!

  167. Reynaldo Ricardson Says:

    and plz a cam that cant break easy im 15 and break everything im shocked my video cam didn’t break yet its a switch video i understand u end up like under 100$ but

    my mother could easily get it for me personally so its bweeten a ipod device or

    cam for christmas

    i’ve got a switch video cam i want A PIC CAM!

  168. Eleonore Lacrue Says:

    There’s a positive change of $20 (Rs.1000)approximately between Coolpix L19 and L20 along with a display size difference . However the cost difference is to date which i never expect this.. Therefore the cost difference is perfect for Megapixel and Screen difference or perhaps is there another thing because of which Cost is placed to date between your 2 ? shall we be held missing something or saying correct ? exactly why is there so large improvement in cost ?

  169. Regena Sarcinelli Says:

  170. Mohamed Ottalagano Says:

    I have gone to live in Scotland and wish to get lovely photos :) I’ve got a Samsung digital already but searching to purchase a Nikon D200 as I have seen a great cost :) thanks

  171. Levi Cammarota Says:

    Hey men, I have had my Nikon Coolpix L20 for around 3 several weeks, and out of the blue it stopped uploading to my laptop (Hewlett packard Pavilion dv5)… i figured there is an issue with your camera, and so i required it back… however the SAME factor is happening using the brand new one.. I’m not sure should there be something I am not doing right, or perhaps is there a problem with my computer????… Someone Help

    P.S… I installed the program already

  172. Nicky Bellomy Says:

    initially i figured i might be best that i can purchase a nikon D5000 but for whatever reason i don’t know should i be making the right choice. could someone assist me to in selecting things to buy please!!

  173. Benita Payson Says:

    I believed of purchasing Nikon D40 personally. Presently I’m in New Delhi. Please tell me what lens are incorporated after i purchase it. Or should i buy lens individually? Please let me know concerning the memory too.

  174. Paola Budnick Says:

    Exactly what is a good camera to buy under $150? lost my camera nevertheless its here we are at a replacement anyway, I’d a Kodak easy share, it began playing up also it were built with a large black just right the interior that stored getting bigger enabling you to hardly begin to see the picture, i don’t understand how it arrived but any who, I’m searching to buy a different one, I had been searching in the Nikon COOLPIX L20, it appears pretty awesome if anybody has it or is aware of it please tell me how it’s.. Any recommendations?? If that’s the case please tell me… - Last Minute Deals

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