Gitzo GT2541G 4SCT Carbon Tripod Review

June 20th, 2009 Posted in Tripods

Gitzo GT2541G 4SCT Carbon Tripod
Recommended for lightweight camcorders, spotting scopes and DSLRs with 200mm lenses, up to a 300mm maximum. Excellent maximum load capacity and good torsion rigidity, available in 3- and 4-section models at standard and eye level heights. Series 2 is the ideal solution for photographers that are looking for a solid tripod without sacrificing weight. All series 2 tripods (geared version excluded) now feature a new magnesium upper casting for a further weight reduction and a new third ultra low leg spread to take full advantage of the Ground Level Set. Series 2 tripods are also provided with the new Power Disc for a safer head lock.

>intended use:

  • Recommended for lightweight camcorders, spotting scopes and DSLRs with 200mm lenses, up to a 300mm maximum. Excellent maximum load capacity and good torsional rigidity, available in 3- and 4-section models at standard and eye level heights. Series 2 is the ideal solution for photographers that are looking for a solid tripod without sacrificing weight.
technical details

maximum height 159  cm
leg sections 4
weight 1.8  kg
minimum height 30  cm
center column geared
closed length 54  cm
maximum height (with center column down) 129  cm
load capacity 12  kg

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