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SLR Lenses

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216 Responses to “DSLR Lenses Sale”

  1. Jorge Mierzwinski Says:

    I’m not searching to become professional digital photographer. I simply enjoy taking photos. But when for whatever reason, I occur to take an excellent picture, I’d want it to be used in a resolution and movie quality sufficiently good to submit inside a contest or perhaps available. Exist non digital slr cameras able to this? I truly don’t seem like coping with different contacts, and also the dust problems connected with altering them.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Dionne Carrizal Says:

    I have been shooting digital for a few years, however Let me discover the manual functions of the old 35mm camera… clearly I wish to start with a decent camera that does not exceed my budget, and I have observed that Nikons and Canons are often over $70 -unless of course you discover an immaculate oldie of father inside a yard sale-, however i loved a Praktica TL-3 that’s in good condition, using the standard lens as well as the initial manual and box, everything for $35… Is that this a great camera in my learning days?


    No offences please men it’s my money with no yours. I’d never criticize all of your judgements!


  3. Tracey Ord Says:

    Hi im searching for a web-based Australian Website that provides loads of camera equipment/accesories for sale and fast delivery im particularly thinking about Digital slr equipment for example contacts, filters, speedlights etc. The web site should also have huge discounts and should be within Australia.

  4. Darwin Kelash Says:

    Be specific regarding: shutter speeds, focusing, low lighting conditions, blur, and overall display quality.

    Smartass solutions aren’t really my factor, 10 pts to some good answer.

    Thank ya!

  5. Burton Spachtholz Says:

    I wish to purchase a Nikon D7000 but I wish to hold back until black Friday since i heard best to buy has good sales on cameras on that day. Is the fact that true ?

    Any help could be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Ross Manary Says:

    I purchased a brand new The new sony Digital slr camera. The sales representative explained that Minolta was absorbed by The new sony which previous minolta contacts would fit around the The new sony Digital slr range. Inflict individuals determine if i’d require a mount? And when so, how can i purchase one?

  7. Steve Orlow Says:


  8. Curtis Tupaj Says:

    I’m considering obtaining a slr or similar camera, and am very thinking about the Nikon D60 or D40, but I’m wondering if anyone were built with a suggestion on the similar camera at a lower price? Thanks!

  9. Leeann Mcmindes Says:

    I understand Sigma Contacts Fit on the canon Digital slr body. but will the list stops there? what exactly are other make of contacts could fit on the canon Digital slr body ? Or do all producers possess a size standard ?

    Thanks ahead of time/

  10. Rhea Ulch Says:

    do you know the factors that need considering for purchasing a camera

  11. Chan Reisz Says:

    A sigma 30mm 1.4 was once like 300-350 however its like 475$ and also the same goes with canon’s 28mm 1.8 is much like 550$. The 50mm 1.8 is 120 for that least expensive. It was once 80. Can they go lower?

  12. Stacy Kailiponi Says:

    I am not sure what is the best offer out their. What can you advise me to obtain? my cost range can be $500, but im flexible.

    Im really into photography and i wish to know what’s the best camera i’m able to get to take good pictures, which is not too costly.


    *top quality

    bad pictures, that’s as much as the digital photographer :)

  13. Reynaldo Ricardson Says:

    I must purchase a Digital slr camera however i don’t figure out what to actually search for. What kinda of camera would you reccomend. i am really confuse about contacts. which kind of lense must i get?

  14. Kaila Hollmann Says:

    I wish to purchase a digital slr camera and also have been searching for a great deal. I have found some relatively inexpensively, but nice cameras on Ebay from retailers with excellent feedback. Do you consider I ought to have a slight risk by purchasing used (however in nice shape) or must i just spend more to purchase an entirely brand new one?

  15. Linwood Steeber Says:

    What’s the best camera available? Like for beginner photography enthusiasts? People that’s specialising in photography? I truly desire a great camera. Assist me. Produce links to great websites which will type of assist me on being a better digital photographer. Especially on taking photos of individuals or simply one individual plus some character.

  16. Arlena Botelho Says:

    Have used a Canon A-1 for a while and that i are in possession of about $650[very little for any good camera, I understand] to get involved with an electronic package.Your money can buy,what model package must i be searching at?

  17. Mitchel Kobernick Says:

    I am employed by a newspaper and want to purchase a camera. I am completely from my element but prepared to take the time to understand the particulars of utilizing a far more advanced camera. Let me have the ability to shoot video, take quality photos, possess a decent zoom as well as an optical view finder. Is purchasing something similar to a Nikon D3100 or D3200 well worth the extra cash in comparison to something similar to a Nikon awesome pix P510? I have heard the car-concentrate on video is noisy around the digital slr Nikons, is the fact that an issue? I am just worried that I’ll finish up requiring to purchase costly contacts which i can’t presently afford. I have to buy today because of sales expiring. I am on mass confusion getting investigated for some time and want help making the decision. THANKS!!

  18. Barney Decarolis Says:

    I possess a Minolta Dynax 505si Super camera but I wish to market it and upgrade. My real question is, what’s the purchase worth of your camera? I can not look for a “NEW” purchase cost since it is quite a old camera (launched 1998) but it’s in top condition with two contacts and they’ve all been protected inside a situation the whole time i’ve possessed it. If anybody has any idea help me! Thanks!

  19. Shayne Kevin Says:

    I wish to enter into photography. Mostly landscapes however i likewise want something which has a decent zoom function and is effective in low light (I am going to comic disadvantage each year and prefer to take pictures and video without expensive throughout the planels)

    Presently the Cannon Digital rebel T2i and Nikon D3100 and Fujifilm HS25 take presctiption purchase throughout boxing day but when you’ve every other suggestions which are similar I’d like to here them!

  20. Shaunda Schutjer Says:

    my finances are around 500. i wish to create films later on and that i actually want to know what is a awesome camera which has a awesome quality .

  21. Jolyn Rauco Says:

    and that i wanted a great camera to consider greater quality photo’s with various zooms, since I am new only at that I additionally wish it to be considered a reasonable cost. Help me.

  22. Scott Allmon Says:

    I actually do a lot of hiking and also have been dissatisfied with the standard of my camera. I am thinking about mostly outside photography. I’ve been thinking about canon’s Digital Digital rebel. Thank you for any suggestions you may have on other cameras.

  23. Hoyt Driessen Says:

    I presently have $500 dollars and I have been searching at Digital slr cameras. I can not determine if I ought to save my money for any Digital slr $750+ or simply stick to something cheaper. The least expensive I’m able to locate them is $450 plus they not have the specifications I want.

  24. Christian Salway Says:

    Hi ,

    Can anybody suggest me some least expensive Digital slr cameras available for sale.By finances are not huge for this reason I would like it to buy on boxing day.

    My home is toronto and can apreciate a great deal if a person will easily notice me the price and where to purchase additionally , I am talking about the shop where cameras could be bought on cheap rates on boxing day ??

    Thanks ahead of time for the help .

  25. Antonia Combass Says:

    Despite the fact that at various situations they produce optically better and good quality images. They appeared to become resented and never as common as others. Automatically people assume that they’re inferior. I possess a E-520 and i’m pleased with it.

  26. Tommie Beish Says:

    I am really thinking about photography, and am wishing being professional when I am older. I am searching for an excellent camera that is not too outrageous in cost, but has contacts that demonstrate great detail, and it is pretty easy to use. Please leave reviews of every camera recommended should you purchased it. Thanks ahead of time for the help(:

  27. Monroe Johannesen Says:

    I wish to purchase a cheap camera that’s appropriate for top contrast photography. If I wish to have a photo of the black guy in waiting along side it of a big window (really low light within the room but outdoors could be quite shiny). Frequently the black guy become totally uninterpretable within the photo. Can any one of you please suggest us a cheap camera that will handel this case with all of other necessary options?

    Thanks ahead of time.

  28. Paul Rickenbaker Says:

    I actually want to start my very own photography business. I’ve got a Kodak EasyShare Z712, do you consider it’s a appropriate camera to begin with? I’d love a Nikon, however i just not have the money. People always compliment me abt. my pictures plus they always let me know I ought to pursue photography. I understand my camera is not the very best, but in my experience it isn’t abt. the type of camera you’ve, it’s abt. the composition, quality, and creativeness. Any input could be greatly appreciated.

  29. Ellsworth Goshi Says:

    I am selling my The new sony A-300 Digital slr Camera with extra contacts, exterior expensive, cable releases, transporting situation, and everything. It’s all regulated very nice new, no problems. I am unable to do eBay and Craig’s list keeps delivering me junk e-mail. What must i do?

    I’m searching to market everything for around $700

  30. Javier Hammarlund Says:

    I’m thinking about setting up a photography business quietly, to see where it is going. I am a good photo taker, however i lack a great camera. What can you suggest like a good camera that can take top quality photos?

    Don’t be concerned about budget, because I am aware if I wish to get involved with this type of work, I’m going to purchase things i need.


  31. Edison Metherell Says:

    i discovered a second hand macro 70-300mm Tamron lens available for 200$ but i’m not sure if it is a good lens for macro shots…help?

  32. Irvin Obermeier Says:

    I’m seriously thinking about the Nikon d60. I’m searching for a typical lens of decent quality that’ll be great for throughout things and also at a macro lens. What can you suggest? I am unable to appear to locate any suggestions about macro contacts. What will be a good size for? Also, What’s the distinction between exposure, ISO and aperture, and shutter speed. All of them cope with light and i’m type of confused. Any help could be awesome! Thanks!

  33. Mildred Harden Says:

    Quite simply when did they first emerge available towards the public?

  34. Berna Coron Says:

    I’ll have $1,000…however the least investment property…the greater.

  35. Tobias Orielley Says:

    I Have To Obtain A BETTER CAMERA – I am Attempting To START PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS. ALL CAMERA’S Are Extremely Costly EVEN Sale! DOES Anybody KNOW WHERE OR WHO May Have ONE Available? THANKS, YOUR Assistance Is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

  36. Rashad Givens Says:

    I’d appreciate any recommendations. Let me make use of the camera for creative reasons, not random family pictures and more.

  37. Latisha Heir Says:

    I would love a pleasant camera (I really like photography). Attachable zoom contacts, sorta professional could be awesome. Links could be great, and when the thing is it available on E-Bay, that link could be amazing. Thanks!

  38. Benedict Taskey Says:

    I am proficient at photography, but that is restricted to me taking photos with my smartphone or little Nikon.. i recieve compliments on a number of my shots plus some say i ought to do more with my talent.. Although when it comes to gainful endeavours, I wouldnt know how to start?

    My only idea could be framework or canvassing my work and selling from home. Any tips?

  39. Brittni Rasual Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon D40 Digital slr, If I wish to are actually excellent pictures to small objects what I have to know for selecting the best contacts, because you will find several contacts on purchase on the internet, a number of them are cheap plus some very costly, what’s the fundamental guide? may be the optics quality? interesting help

  40. Angel Gildroy Says:

    It might be awesome taking photos with my canon but i’ve got a feeling it may get stolen.

  41. Matha Becerril Says:

    I just read multiple reasons for not using digital slr cameras for film making, however there is many people nevertheless there’s the best for that Canon 7D. I wish to get into film making, also do photography quietly. Since I Have have only a financial budget of no more than $1,200, I can not obtain a video camera along with a camera that will have high movie quality, and so i thought to begin with, most likely the 7D will be a sensible choice? I saw some sample videos with a few different contacts and contains amazing video quality, plus includes a mic input along with other good features. What is your opinion? Interesting suggestions!

  42. Leonore Donelson Says:

    Hi all.

    I’m a Digital slr beginner .Lately i must buy my first Digital slr. I favor to select my first Digital slr from Nikon or Canon series. However, i’m not sure which brand is much better. Which Nikon Digital slr is the greatest? Which Canon Digital slr is the greatest? Any recommendation?

  43. Emil Heindel Says:

    So Im purchasing a camera and i wish to understand what camera I ought to buy.

    The specs i would like is:

    I dont desire a Digital slr

    I would like a Digital slr type

    Large Lense

    Lense will be able to put teleconversion lense

    any optical zoom

    any size screen

    8-10 mega pixel

    and merely the very best camera Digital slr like camera.

    Finances are 200-300 350-400 tops

  44. Michale Cabotaje Says:

    I have to buy an slr, what brand or model can you suggest. He is simply a beginner and so i really don’thave to purchase him the most recent. Need assistance please.

  45. Remedios Boggus Says:

    I am purchasing one from ebay! :D

    can anybody let me know a great minolta camera?

    Plus some information on it please ^.^


  46. Isabella Jaster Says:

    Ok, I would like a pleasant professional camera, but I’d rather get one when there’s a vacation purchase or something like that simply because their costly. What store might have an excellent purchase Bestbuy,Walmart, Brandsmart? can there be every other great places? thankyou

  47. Saul Dreyer Says:

    I have got a mature 35 mm Canon Eos 550d SLR. I am seeing many of the 28-135mm zoom contacts on purchase that include canon’s 40D digital camera models. Can One use that lens on my small film camera?

  48. Lucius Thyng Says:

    I wish to sell my crafts and arts and find out many people take such top quality amazing pictures ! WHAT CAMERA And Just How Could They Be Carrying This Out?

    I would obtain a 10 Mega pixel kodak or panasonic. WHICH BRANDS Would Be Best ? ZOOM? And So On… PLEASE ! THANKS

  49. Lynn Tuft Says:

    Under $200

    lengthy battery existence

    simple to take pictures

    most significant may be the pictures taken ought to be Obvious

  50. Phuong Molleda Says:

    ive got that one available. could it be best to purchase a second hands cam what r things we ought to check before we purchase the Digital slr?

  51. Boyce Sae Says:

    Any recommendations for a great dslr, under $500, with the features, to have an amateur digital photographer?

  52. Antoine Hespe Says:

    I have been saving and saving for any camera and I am almost there. I have been thinking about obtaining the T3 however the T3I is on purchase at Target for $599. I am getting a 55-250 lense to choose it regardless of what but I am unsure what camera to obtain. My pal has got the T3I and loves it, she states which i is deserving of it however i just would really like a couple of more opinions to close the offer.

  53. Lupe Blonigan Says:

    I acquired a brand new nikon coolpix slr 230 however i wanna charge it through usb port.I cant understand when its fully billed a eco-friendly light keeps flashing however i have no idea if it’s showing charge.I do not have a manual help.

  54. Rudolf Largent Says:

    Let me purchase a new digital Nikon camera. I’ve got a large amount of AF contacts I made use of with my Nikon SRL? It is possible to digital Nikon that will permit me to make use of my older contacts?

    Thanks for the tips. I am a hobby digital photographer, but will have some nice older contacts, including macro 500mm telephoto. Used to do didn’t remember to incorporate my budget-its below $1500US. The minus the better. If at all possible I’d love to obtain a camera which includes a choice (or whatever its known as)that can help with trembling camera. I have developed RA and my meds have triggered a lot of hands trembling.

  55. Mercy Pasek Says:

    I like Nikon cameras and I like photography. What’s the best camera by Nikon for any beginner?

  56. Monty Delker Says:

    I wondering should you could attatch the Nikon d3000′s lens to some video camera and so i might get a much better searching picture for videos. Help?

  57. Ilse Blunt Says:

    when capturing with my nikon d60 the lens came detached and also, since won’t remain attached. the lens will attach and lock in place and can disappear your camera unless of course are applying pressure toward your camera. i’ve looked over the lens and camera and absolutely nothing seems to become damaged. has other people had this issue?

  58. Clement Srsic Says:

    I purchased my Nikon d5000 about this past year, however i barely utilize it. I am thinking about selling it and becoming a Canon Digital rebel t3i in my father. I first got it for around $900 and just how much must i market it for? Where must i market it? Thanks!

  59. Berna Coron Says:

    I’m thinking about buying the Nikon D40. It’s my first SLR carmera and that i plan for doing things on outings all over the world (you may only go once so may as well take good pictures). I simply want to take photos of landscape and architecture and hopefully just purchase one lens rather than needing to keep switching contacts. What can you recommend?

  60. Lyndon Ortmeyer Says:

    I’ve exactly what occurs the standard Nikon F2 Photomic SLR but no hot shoe, coupler, sync switch, wires, or any one of that stuff, none which I understand is essential. So yeah, any listing of stuff needed and suggests regarding how to install/assemble them could be great.



  61. Ashley Burner Says:

    Canon 5d and also the 7d. I had been just wondering if Nikon had any cameras which have features that rival individuals from the 5d/7d, for example HD recording, liveview mode, integrated cleaning system, etc.


  62. Sergio Friske Says:

    I have the nikon n-50 35mm film camera and I need to know how to find the f-stop setting and the shutter speed. Also the nikon n-50 has many different programs it can run on would the f-stop and shutter speed be the same for each on?? Thanks for any help.

  63. Karol Franssen Says:

    Its a Nikon Coolpix L110, and I am getting frustrated over the truth that I can not alter the shutter speed. Could it be even possibly? I am a naturally shaky person, and so i can’t have a nice picture around the modes that provide slow shutter clicks. If it is difficult, could anybody recommend a much better camera? Ideally an Slr? Much less costly though.

  64. Carrie Lia Says:

    Okay my nikon coolpix 5700 internal flash isn’t working but I bought this extended flash a slave flash.
    What I want to know is how can I fix the settings so that my slave flash would flash to make my pictures brighter . I have it set to slave on and the slave mode I have it to is S1 can anyone help me?

  65. Mariah Praska Says:

    Ive been searching in the nikon D3000, D5000, D3100, and D7000. I’d like reviews of every please and suggestions and recommend what is perfect for marco photography. Thanks!

  66. Werner Virrueta Says:

    I wish to know what is the “standard” camera lens for that Nikon cameras of 52mm. The majority of my buddies has got the 18-55mm lens in it but I´m confused, I figured that 18-55 only does apply to 58mm. Are you able to please orient me relating to this matter?. Any explanation is going to be useful. Thanks!

  67. Macy Anliker Says:

    I’m searching to invest around 400 on the camera but am only worried about taking photos as opposed to the movies and stuff. What Nikon will give me the highest quality picture for approximately that cost. Perhaps a nikon coolpix l120 would get the job done? Any help could be great thanks!

  68. Jerrold Aitkins Says:

    I have performed using the Nikon one in the shop, and Like it. It’s somewhat a lot more than Let me spend at this time. What are the cameras which are comparable in features that do not cost as much?

    I am not really a serious digital photographer, only need a brand new camera which will take good pictures to scrapbook.

  69. Larry Boylen Says:

    I am attempting to watch some videos which were documented on a nikon camera on my small mac. I replicated the memory to my computer however the file type is unreadable. How do i watch it?

  70. Aretha Croteau Says:

    not only an electronics shop a genuine Nikon outlet or perhaps a store where i’m able to find cameras, contacts along with other Nikon stuff.


    my home is Quezon City btw.

  71. Clark Washko Says:

    I have to purchase a remote shutter release in my Nikon D40, I understand that both ML-3 and also the MLl3 are compatible, the ML-3 is much more costly compared to mll3. Does anybody own both of them? Do you know the rewards and disadvantages?

  72. Conrad Alamillo Says:

    Perform the amounts within the Nikon mean a greater version when they are greater (for instance, a Nikon D50 is greater than the usual D40) as well as for Canon, a greater version when theyre lower? (5d greater than 450d).

  73. Juana Dicostanzo Says:

    I simply purchased a Nikon Coolpix 5700 used. It does not possess the usb cord but her massive memory. How do you get my photos from this to my laptop?

  74. Shenna Pancake Says:

    I am wondering how good the Nikon Coolpix L120 does inside a low-light gym with a lot of sport action. I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix L22 which does not perform a grand job for the reason that condition, even around the sport setting. I really like my camera, but that is its only downfall.

    Please let me know knowing from general observations, not really a review you read. And do not suggest more costly cameras. I am not searching to purchase an expert camera anyway.

  75. Rudolf Largent Says:

    I curently have the Nikon FA, however the F3 appears to become calling out my title too! Do you know the benefits and drawbacks?

  76. Ressie Cart Says:

    I have got the contacts and I have alwasy had a few physiques. However the camera I really like Nikon d200 is dying. It has been causing problems a great deal. Regrettably I suppose digital does not last as lengthy.

    I am really from the look using the technological facet of photography. I simply prefer to make top quality photos, I shoot wedding ceremonies, baptisms, portraiture, and my very own art work pieces. I am searching for something exactly the same quality ora little better to have an okay cost.

    What’re your suggestions?

  77. Masako Tress Says:

    I’m attending a skill school for photography and want an excellent digital, however the Nikon D3 that they encourage is much from my cost range–seriously, I am a student!! Can there be anything pretty much as good but less costly?

  78. Bennie Vinet Says:

    How do i record videos with Nikon D3100 as the preview being shown on my Mac? I have search a great deal with this and could not locate an answer, any help could be appreciated, thanks.

  79. Lee Pacquin Says:

    hello, im thinking about purchasing a D-SLR.

    I had been just wondering when the nikon D5000 was the very best for me personally.

    im a novice with SLR, but im thinking about learning, and taking advantage of it virtually everyday. my real question is, i mostly take pictures of creatures ( horses more often than not) and character, outdoors world. would the nikon D5000 be the greatest for your?

  80. Dusty Concatelli Says:

    Also what’s best? Nikon or Canon. Cannot choose from the 2. I’m just beginning photography and that i want the very best Digital slr.

  81. Hui Whipps Says:

    I am thinking about beginning my very own photography studio. I’ve got a Nikon D80- is that this a great camera for studio photography? Purchasing another camera is unthinkable, and so i really should know if this sounds like okay or otherwise! Also, any other strategies for the studio could be greatly appreciated!

  82. Warren Gnas Says:

    I’ve the Nikon J1, I will be taking photos of my buddies in order for there senior pictures. My directions and manuals have been in japanese… So I am at a complete loss. But when anybody has got the camera and it is pretty professional by using it or comfortable and understand how to utilize it well, are you able to please let me know what configurations I ought to get it under? Please and thanks.

  83. Troy Hyman Says:

    I am thinking about obtaining the Nikon D5100 inside a couple of days approximately, before a concert. I’m wondering when the camera is effective at recording videos in noisy conditions (I’m attending a stylish-hop concert – to become more specific, Watch the Throne with Kanye and Jay-Z) and when the built-in microphone can capture audio all right. Thanks ahead of time!

  84. Janae Ahhee Says:

    Searching at purchasing a Pentax k1000 and wasn’t confident that its right for the initial camera. I’d like to understand if they’re recognized to have song that put on out in comparison with other older cameras.

  85. Amos Kitchell Says:

    I understand the Pentax K-x and K2000 may take AA batteries that is best to the inability to reach a energy source and also the Pentax K20D and K-7 are weatherproof. I cant choose which someone to get. Each year i must customize the camera (normally small 200 $ ones) becasue they break. I want a sturdy camera which may be run by somthing apart from shops, any ideas?

  86. Kent Eberting Says:

    I purchased a camera in This summer 2012 from Wolf-Ritz camera within my hometown. I made the decision to buy a guarantee to accompany my Digital slr camera and also the two additional contacts I acquired there. And So I got a comprehensive warranty covering 3 years of complete service, to be able to cushion the brand new glass I had been transporting around beside me.

    I entered exactly the same store before it closed in October of 2012. I had been given a pamflet with a sales-person, who described what the law states firm pointed out below was performing all returns and obligations for Wolf-Ritz, and to create a court ‘plea’ because they stated together. Unfortunatly I lost this paper, and can’t find many details online to be able to assist me to.

  87. Isaias Violante Says:

    I’m wondering if anybody might help me with my Nikon P100. I have got the close-ups, stills, etc. I actually want to shoot moving horses. More specific horses which are jumping, galloping, being ridden at shows, etc.

    What’s the best setting in my Nikon P100 to shoot this kind of photography. Ideal shutter speed? Any advice can help really.

  88. Heriberto Wead Says:

    Was searching for an extra battery buy for my Nikon P500 and desired to go to a *REAL* store to obtain the batteries immediately ! Any tips ?

  89. Levi Cammarota Says:

    I am thinking about buying one in my Nikon D3100 therefore it needs to be compatible. What’s the distinction between the Nikon mc-dc1 and mc-dc2 remote release cord? Thanks

  90. Monte Mcnuh Says:

    So I must buy a Nikon SLR, however i have no idea how to start. I would like a camera that’s right for a novice, but even while I be advanced, it will not require me to instantly get a more complex camera. Also, what will be a good lens which i could purchase like a “starter” lens, for additional fundamental photography?

  91. Chung Romey Says:

    Around three several weeks ago my Nikon Coolpix camera was getting a lens problem. My dad researched where you can send it back to have it fixed around the official Nikon website, and that we sent it within the box together with all the information requested. Now it has been too lengthy and that i haven’t become back or become any word onto it. I’m not sure what to do around the Nikon Web site to discover where it may be or the way i am setting it up back. Does anybody understand what I’m designed to do?

  92. Peg Haakinson Says:

    I am seeing some great deals on used Nikon D200′s at this time since the D300 has gone out. I am wondering if that might be a much better wager long-term compared to D40x or D80 in my first Nikon Digital slr due to the sturdiness. Any ideas on whether it might be too advanced just for beginning out? Or could I come to be it pretty rapidly?

  93. Cameron Mcquiston Says:

    I’ve got a Nikon D60 and also upgrade my 55-200 mm lense. Camera is mainly accustomed to potograph my children sport action plus some of low lighting indoor occasions. My finances are $600 how do you choose the best lense?

  94. Andy Szubinski Says:

    i believe nikon is about precision photography,while canon needs fine-tuning photoshoping..to offer the effect.i love natural.

    so would u suggest nikon d3000 over canon digital rebel xsi?

  95. Demarcus Douthitt Says:

    I want a great nikon or canon camera for any beginner that’s convenient to carry around.



  96. Whitney Aune Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Eos 550d 60D. It requires great pictures. But I wish to take pictures nearly as good as observed in like national geographic or fashion shoots. To obtain a better picture would I have to purchase a higher quality body or perhaps a certain kind of lens? I actually do have my cost limits but would like to learn about any advice whatsoever :)

  97. Benny Urabe Says:

    I am obtaining a Nikon coolpix camera also it only has the real low watt battery and so i was searching for where i possibly could purchase a 1000mAh battery. Does anybody know any sites or stores which have the best battery compatible for that Nikon coolpix s60 camera?

  98. Erick Ducceschi Says:

    I get a Nikon D5100 and I must buy a lens that zooms relatively far but still take top quality pictures.

  99. Carey Stingley Says:

    I’ve got a nikon camera having a expensive attatchment and i’m trying to puzzle out what model it’s. I’ve attempted to type in most from the amounts and stuff quietly, as well as on the lense, however i am not able to obtain the exact model.

  100. Tyesha Bolfa Says:

    My father just offered me a Nikon FG 52mm film camera and there is no manuals or anything.

    So I’m wondering what type of film and battery it needed.

  101. Nolan Mose Says:

    The SD cover (door) on my small Nikon D60 is damaged. How do you change it step-by-step and how can i purchase the part relatively cheaply?

  102. Armida Cataline Says:

    Should you possess a Nikon camera I would love to understand your ideas onto it. Be sure that you let me know what type it’s and just what you want and do not like about this.

    I am searching to purchase a Nikon camera soon and that i wanted some outdoors sights which ones are the most useful. Cost is not that vital that you me as lengthy as the standard makes it worth while. I’d rather not pay $700+ simply to discover which i may as well have become a disposable camera from walmart.


  103. Jeffry Weinkauf Says:

    I’ve got a nikon coolpix 4600 camera. I dont enjoy it because after i take pictures, they come out fuzzy because I’ve got a shaky hands. Exactly what is a better option to this camera?

  104. Jarod Quezergue Says:

    What’s the best Nikon made Digital compact camera obtainable in world? Could it be obtainable in India and what’s the aprroximate price of it? Just in case any particular shop you knowin and around Delhi please guide me.

  105. Carol Skibisky Says:

    Of all the professional series cameras from nikon what will be the best model to purchase for somebody on a tight budget. I presently possess a nikon d3000 and wish to upgrade soon.

  106. Lorinda Mickell Says:

    I am unable to use my nikon d80 using the metz mecablitz expensive. Each time attached it my camera, your camera keep blinking the expensive within the camera information panel and also the shutter will not launched.

  107. Xochitl Dearment Says:

    I previously had a Nikon Further ed and loved it. Im searching for such like. Doesn’t have to become a Nikon but must be a completely manual 35mm camera. One will be able to change all of the configurations and contacts and the like. Oh and i’m searching for used/older types of course, I’m purchasing one on ebay.

  108. Lorenzo Olding Says:

    Yes, I understand it is a little late so .

    However I don’t want anything too expenssive (which means this instantly means no SLRs/DSLRs.

    And So I am searching at Nikon compact digital camera models.I suppose it does not need to be Nikon, however i know Nikon is a very good logo and I have had issues with Kodak before.

    I’m thinking about Coolpix S8100 and Canon – PowerShot 14.1 but I’d like more options and opinions!

    Help a cousin out! Thanks a lot!

  109. Cyrus Peaslee Says:

    I presently possess the Canon 430 EX expensive, and am thinking about purchasing a 580 ex expensive to place right into a softbox, or purchasing strobe lighting, I had been searching at strobe softbox package having a expensive illuminate to 300 w. Would the 580 EX expensive be as strong like a 300 watt strobe light ? What will it be equal to ?

  110. Yun Shark Says:

    Genuine Canon ink CLI-8 cost an excessive amount of individually. Eventually, purchasing ink will definitely cost a lot more than the printer after many uses. It is possible to method to buy wholesale, bulk, and have the tubes filled again by Canon Corp?

  111. Rita Leibowitz Says:

    I possess a Canon Digital slr and i’m likely to purchase some contacts. I’m searching at good quality contacts in an affordable cost.

  112. Elliot Rhode Says:

    I understand on Canon cameras you are able to choose a particular color to focus on as the relaxation from the picture is within black and whitened. Is that this possible using the A560, and when so, how can you get it done?

  113. Demarcus Douthitt Says:

    So, I found a classic Pentax and Ricoh Film camera within our house, and contains amazing group of Ricoh and Pentax contacts (most likely 5 still in good shape, no fungus, just small dust contaminants common in old contacts). Since it will require a while for me personally regarding how to determine if the camera is working (since i have do not have understanding with film cameras), can one make use of the same contacts basically purchase a new Digital slr? and when yes, what camera’s could it be compatible to? Thanks!

  114. Michale Cabotaje Says:

    Its a Vivitar v2000 and that i cant appear to locate other contacts online for this. Or the other brands fit onto it… like my the new sony digital fits minolta contacts i know you realize.. but thats what i’m saying. I arrived to some darkroom equiptment and wish to begin using this camera and brush the pull out it.

  115. Kiley Molinas Says:

    I’ve a lot of good (old) pentax contacts for any film slr. I’m a new comer to slr photography, these contacts received in my experience. Could it be really worth trying to suit a brand new dslr to old contacts? Am I Going To use whatever improvement in the photos basically had new contacts for any camera? Any assistance to get me began could be greatly appreciated!

  116. Johnna Henkey Says:

    I’ve many good Minolta Rokkor contacts I have utilized on several Minolta SRT camera physiques. I realize that The new sony bought Minolta same goes with the The new sony digital physiques fit the Rokkors (such as the older Pentax contacts use current Pentax digitals)?

  117. Scottie Velazquez Says:

    I am a beginning digital photographer and that i have my father’s old Pentax Spotmatic. I’ve got a wide position however , desire a macro for close ups. Anybody know where I possibly could locate one that will fit this old camera? Would be the pentax contacts for more recent cameras interchangeable?

  118. Drew Hertzog Says:

    As the offers are well listed and they’ve a great variety of frames to select from, they merely use Pentax multifocal contacts.

    Other opticians have stated in my experience that Hoya are superior contacts which perform better however they are more expensive.

    Therefore if I recieve 2 new pairs of glasses with Pentax contacts, would I expect much difference? Would appreciate some expert guidance here.

  119. Maybelle Mohaupt Says:

    Already washed the lens and spots remain. Attempted different contacts and also the spots remain.

  120. Marquerite Lichter Says:

    Links plz and price could be great thanks also provide some PENTAX contacts any suggestions

  121. Ronny Ingraffea Says:

    I believe I heard that of Canon’s contacts fit their cameras, but I am unsure. Like they will use a typical size on their behalf all. Might be wrong. Just wondering if other people heard this.

  122. Quentin Ramon Says:

    Can anybody let me know if Pentax autofocus contacts are suitable for every other brands of camera. I have 2 that I must look for a Digital slr body (most likely used) for your will replace my Pentax Z30 & Z60 physiques. Unsure if I wish to stick with the Pentax brand or otherwise.

  123. Derick Blaney Says:

    And So I have lately acquired a Asahi Pentax Spotmatic. The only issue is im confident that that light meter is faulty. I would be wrong though. I’ve attempted evaluating the sunshine from my Canon 60d with similar lens. Clearly I cant evaluate the images make up the Pentax but Ive been keeping each camera on same iso and same f stop to see what shutter speed i have to use it for light meter to become happy. The pentax appears to inform me im uncovered fine in a low shutter speed when I have to push my 60d as much as 1500. I suppose that since the pentax is 35mm is would let much more light it. And So I have no idea. Can there be in whatever way of calibrating the built-in light meter within the Pentax? How do you get it done? And when same with there some kind of conversion between your light consumption of my canon and also the full 35mm?


  124. Salena Hittle Says:

    I’ve some film contacts from the pentax that might be very helpful-a 70-210mm along with a 50mm f/2. For your reason, I’m thinking about the Pentax K2000, or even the K-m in United kingdom, since it works with all the pentax contacts. Will these old contacts work in addition to digital contacts would (or nearly as well)?

  125. Steven Henebry Says:

    This is perfect for anybody that has used an modified nikon, pentax, or any other lens with an eos 550d body. How good do you use it? Would be the pictures obvious? Will it feel solid using the body? I believed of adapting a classic lens myself and so i was curious.

  126. Jerald Timus Says:

    Hello everybody, I can not appear to locate a lot of camera stores around Scarborough area. Only places i’m able to think about purchasing old contacts are yard sales. Anybody know an old-fashioned place or a spot where i’m able to buy old contacts in my pentax kx?

  127. Branden Niedzwiedzki Says:

    I am a new comer to photography. I’ve got a Canon Digital rebel Xs and I wish to customize the lens…most likely a telephoto lens. But exactly how are you aware which contacts match the digital camera and that do not. Does it need to function as the same brand? Does any Canon lens match any Canon digital slr?

    Thanks a lot!

  128. Joy Zaic Says:

    I understand you’ll be able to use old contacts on new digital slr cameras… but how about the other way round?

    I ve been thinking on purchasing a Nikon 24mm 2.8 lens. I’ve got a d90 body in addition to a film one.

    So my doubt is within whether must i obtain a completely new one, or perhaps an old (say1970s-1980) lens to be able to utilize it with both cameras.

  129. Lincoln Bazan Says:

    I have got a classic pentax camera body, which utilizes m42 screw mount, and merely won as a present a pentax kmount lens. Can there be an adaptor to ensure they are fit together?

  130. Rocco Cordiero Says:

    I have to look for a camera that may use older Slr contacts. What type of mounting system wouldn’t it must have?

  131. Clay Villada Says:

    I am searching to purchase the Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG MACRO lens and am wondering the way i can discover if the lens – along with other contacts for your matter – are suitable for my Canon 300D?

  132. Calvin Reagey Says:

    I would like a lens in my film camera that may get super-macro shots. What contacts are from the greatest quality for macros which will use this camera model? Do you know the best contacts (macro, wide-position, seafood-eye) with this camera which are affordable?

  133. Bert Casco Says:

    I get a K-7 soon, and I haven’t got any Pentax contacts that may opt for it. I actually do however possess a nice group of Visitar brand contacts, and i’m wishing these is going to be compatible. Otherwise, it is possible to way I’m able to make sure they are compatible?

    Company, I meant Vivitar, I am sorry lol

  134. Flora Dowsett Says:

    Really I simply want to have the ability to use my SMC Pentax-M 1.7 50mm

    Nevertheless it does not appear to acknowledge the lens after i turn on my camera. It will not let me take shots by using it. I have read articles from individuals who say they will use them so can anybody allow me to in around the trick/s to have it to operate?

  135. Dorathy Szymansky Says:

    I’ve got a selection of contacts and filters and stuff but would really like the effectiveness of digital. Together with the above mentioned real question is it worthwhile? Am I Going To be putting a nice income after bad? Wouldn’t it you need to be easier to start accumulating a camera on your own? Any websites will be able to purchase these things from?

  136. Lilla Buckham Says:

    I wish to enter into photography and I have made the decision to choose a Pentax KX. What contacts must i consider getting?

  137. Brett Zerkle Says:

    I wish to take pictures and instantly load them into my computer in order to place a border in it and print them and problem these to clients. Is that this possible using the s220 from nikon.


  138. Prince Salvey Says:

    My hubby includes a Pentax Dslr. I do not fully realize other things about this (it’s his factor, not mine). He’s tickets for any golf tournament and desires a telephoto lens to have the ability to take pictures from the golfers. Let me acquire one for him for his birthday, however i don’t know how to start searching. What must i be searching for inside a lens? Exactly what is a good brand? Just how much must i spend? Any help could be appreciated! Thanks!

  139. Andra Naccarato Says:

    I have been reading through everywhere it’s the lens which makes the photo, and Among the finest to understand why do best to use individuals contacts? Can’t I simulate greater quality lens effects in illustrator? It’s hone tools, and contrast tools and saturation tools, etc., why must you buy greater quality contacts after i can deal with it in illustrator? Please someone show me before i am going and purchase an L series lens. Thanks.

  140. Otelia Branyan Says:

    The telephoto is another pentax, but we have an extra part that won’t let it screw in to the lens mount.

  141. Maranda Branscombe Says:

    I’m searching for a camera and contacts which will produce very professional photographs. What I must photograph are objects close-up like dew on the leaf as well as landscapes. Mountain tops to be precise. Any help could be great.

    I’m skilled appropriately. However, it’s been many years since i have acquired my camera. Our cameras still use traditional fashioned film and that i develop my very own black and whitened photographs. I had been searching for brands along with other peoples favorite Digital camera models.

  142. Dale Langloss Says:

    I continue seeing camera’s say that they’re suitable for “this type of contacts” or such things as that. However i come with an old 35mm non-camera and that i have lots of unique brands of contacts! So i’m wondering when the camera’s now only work with similar brand lens, for example Canon with Canon contacts or Nikon with Nikon contacts, etc.

  143. Cristal Ransier Says:

    In my opinion its likely. however , i truly only need help finding what adapter i want.

    Im utilizing a nikon d100 at this time, but my grandfather game me an array of film contacts, from multiple makers, like kiron, kalimar, albinar and tokina.

    i really like shooting digital and it might be unfortunate for that 1000′s of dollars price of contacts that i must sit around while im shooting digital.

    any help?

  144. Eduardo Walling Says:

    I’ve been given a Canon EF-M which is designed to function as the same an Eos 550d 1000 but with no auto-focus and also the expensive. I intend for doing things but I’m not sure what contacts I’m able to use

    Any help could be appreciated. Thanks :)

  145. Beata Threlfall Says:

    Hi, I’m wondering where I’m able to look for a k mount lens adapter—a pentax lens to some nikon body? I discovered a lot of awesome pentax contacts however they don’t fit my nikon D5000. So, Yahoo solutions community, how can i look for a k mount lens adapter to my nikon body? Please produce links.

    (Ritz Camera does not do anything whatsoever to assist, so you realize)

  146. Spencer Reaves Says:

    I’ve a trio of working manual contacts from my old Sears SLR 35MM camera. These contacts are Pentex K mount. Can they focus on a camera body as lengthy because it is additionally a K mount camera.

  147. Katlyn Sohl Says:

    I have been searching in the Pentax contacts just for fun, and located it kind of painful to check out them. Please understand I am not bashing on Pentax by any means, I believe they make the perfect company, this is just an observation. But does other people believe that the Pentax contacts look absolutely hideous? That eco-friendly color affects my eyes… very abnormal searching…

  148. Scott Angel Says:

    Hello, I’m a new comer to photography and merely bought a Pentax ME from ebay also it included a Gold Crown 75-205 mm Telephoto lens. What type of adapter will i need?


    Yes, I’ve removed the lens around the camera and attempted to screw around the Telephoto lens, but it doesn’t screw into position. It’s loose and may come from the camera easily.

  149. Marc Basua Says:

    I’ve got a pentax Im searching for some cheap contacts.

  150. Gennie Patron Says:

    I’ve got a Pentax K10d camera with Pentax 50-200 mm lens. Which 2x teleconverter can one use with this particular lens and camera combination. The ripper tools do not need to be produced by Pentax. Please suggest. Thanks.

  151. Gloria Florendo Says:

    I am going for a photography class and also the class suggests a Pentax K1000 35mm SLR or equivalent. What exactly are some equivalent models, particularly any which i will get for under $100 (a little of the lengthy shot it appears)? Also listed were Ricoh KR5-3 and Yashica FX3 Super 2000. Also, do anybody are conscious of certain areas to purchase quality used cameras for any good cost?

  152. Gonzalo Steininger Says:

    I have were built with a Nikon digital slr for a while now, and my dad lately uncovered his old SLR and some five superbly-maintained Pentax contacts. They are all primes, and I am in love with my Nikon 50mm because it is. It is possible to method to use Pentax contacts on the Nikon mount? If that’s the case, where might I have the ability to buy an adapter or ripper tools?

  153. Ronny Ingraffea Says:

    I Wish To START Experimentation IN PHOTOGRAPHY, MAINLY BLACK & Whitened ARTISTIC QUALITY PRINTS. I Must Understand What Logo And MODEL, INCLUDING MULTIPLE Contacts, I Ought To Begin With. CANON, NIKON, PENTAX? Contacts? ALSO, Knowing An Excellent BOOK/MANUAL To Discover BLACK AND Whitened PHOTOGRAPHY OR PHOTOGRAPHY Generally PLEASE Tell Me.

    Because Of Everything RESPOND.

  154. Detra Ricken Says:

    Im trying to puzzle out if my old pentax contacts could be compatible with a brand new pentax SLR (i’d most likely obtain the k100d). the contacts are pretty old and also the aperture is placed around the lens. i possibly could determine match-ups basically understood the mount type (ex. k-mount, s-mount, kaf2-mount, 67/645).

    ok, i simply discovered that it features a “K-Bayonet mount” does anybody determine if it’ll focus on the k100d then?

  155. Jerrold Aitkins Says:

    I heard somewhere available old pentax contacts for his or her new camera. I’d a glance also it stated the pentax k-x may take all K mount contacts, is that this true. there’s one hundred-300mm lense I wish to buy also it states they fit ALL k mount pentax cameras. Does it fit the pentax k-x? Thanks!

  156. Jean Defouw Says:

    I’ve Sigma contacts on my small old Film automatic SLR Minolta camera. I truly don’t wish to eliminate them if they’re suitable for the more recent Minolta Dslr cameras which I’m searching at purchasing. Would save a lot of money basically only needed to buy the bottom of a brand new camera versus a whole new set. It is possible to strategy for finding this out?

  157. Quinton Smink Says:

    Can One make use of the pentax fa contacts i’ve on the camera? what brands? only pentax- who helps make the best dslr today anyway?

  158. Christian Salway Says:

    I’d a Canon powershot which i loved which survived a really very long time. The display finally went and that i require a new camera. I simply have no idea which canon ones are the most useful which i need to look at getting? I’d should you prefer a normal sized camera, not really a giant absurdly fancy one.

  159. Jon Nicks Says:

    I’m wondering if it is easy to mix older contacts with more recent body. I am searching at film cameras. I’d a Minolta XG-7 and all sorts of lens for this (Just like a Minolta F1.4 50MM etc.) I offered your body but nonetheless possess the contacts. Let me obtain a more recent body to make use of these old contacts with… Can you be sure if they are effective having a more recent body?

  160. Beata Threlfall Says:

    Each time I personally use my Pentax Q the images don’t appear that sharp in comparison with other peoples pictures I’ve come across on the web. Have you got any tips/advice? Something related to my configurations? thanks!!

  161. Summer Yanacek Says:

    Apart from the apparent stuff, like how big the aperture and also the zoom. Exactly what does it mean to possess 11 elements and 9 groups? Is much more always better? People state that picture quality is mainly determined by the standard of contacts.

    For instance, which contacts is much better?

    http://world wide web.dpreview.com/items/compare/side-by-side?items=samsung_k_100_2p8&items=canon_100_2p8_usm

    Taylor, regardless that they’re not suitable for one another with no adapter, which can give the greater picture?

  162. Luis Schwandt Says:

    I’m in Philippines, need serious sponsorship from canon, does anybody possess a contact e-mail? It’s for any photography workshop

  163. Randy Borge Says:

    I would like a Canon camera that’s cheap but I wish to have the ability to buy different contacts like seafood eye and stuff. Thanks!

  164. Christy Dershem Says:

    I’m a new comer to the advanced photography world, and that i just bought Canon Digital rebel XT since it appears to become a great basic level camera with higher features. I’m mostly thinking about taking snapshots of dogs at dog park and occasions, etc. I wish to have the ability to take obvious photos of these playing around. Do you know the contacts that will fit my criteria? I’d like something around the cheaper side that will the job. Thanks!

  165. Royce Diercks Says:

    I lately purchased a Canon XS Digital rebel , must i send this back or bare this , i’ve heard that you could take videos with this particular.

  166. Wynona Bonar Says:

    I truly desire a canon, but ive heard advantages to nikons. So, that you reccomend?

  167. Latisha Heir Says:

    I bought a Canon SD1000 camera in March of 2007. I did not sign up for a guarantee at that time since i did not really consider it. Your camera has become damaged also it has not been annually yet. Can One still sign up for a guarantee now?

    The lens from the camera will not go in. Each time I push the energy button, it saids “Lens error, restart camera.” Each time I restart it saids exactly the same factor.

    I purchased your camera from Staples.

  168. Hui Whipps Says:

    I actually want to obtain a canon, however i also want the wonder shop application which makes your skin look great. Samsung has some amazing cameras that actually help make your picture perfect, but i’m not going a samsung.

    Help me look for a canon camera having a similar application.

  169. Huong Rusk Says:

    I’ve 3 questions really:

    1. Are you able to change CANON contacts on all canon digital slr models?

    2. Are you able to change NIKON contacts on all NIKON digital slr models?

    3. Are you able to interchange NIKON and CANON contacts for models?

    I’m thinking about buying a Digital slr, Among the finest to understand which is flexible just in case I purchase these two brands.

  170. Maryjo Minotti Says:

    my canon 500d broke, well internally, and that i have no idea basically is deserving of it fixed or obtain the nikon 5000d , when i often hear it really is goood, help.

  171. Harley Boyar Says:

    I simply bout a brand new Canon T3i. I switch it on, start shooting a relevant video along with a couple of seconds later I recieve the “stopped recording instantly” message. Next, it really works fine. This only happens around the first attempt once i turn your camera on.

    I attempted this on two different, freshly-formatted class 10 SDHC cards also it still performs this each and every time. I highly doubt this is an problem using the sensor getting too hot because, when i stated, it just happens around the first attempt.

    I ought to also specify which i formatted them in-camera.

  172. Marilynn Staiger Says:

    I simply bought canon’s 7D mainly for videography. There appear to become countless lens’ available. Because the 7D has already been pretty costly, my plan for a lens is all about 200-300. I’d like a lens with great zooming capacity, very wide shots not to mention, very obvious image. Any suggestions?

  173. Frances Weirauch Says:

    I’ve got a lovely Canon Digital Ixus i camera, about five years old. However, sometimes the screen will not turn on. After I hook it up towards the pc it really works again for any couple of occasions. Your camera is small and takes such great pictures. At a shop they simply shrug their shoulders and wish me to purchase a replacement. Whatever you can suggest I actually do?

  174. Calvin Reagey Says:

    Possess a Canon S200spx and attempted to set up on laptop running 7 – place the disc in and also got message that it hadn’t been suitable for 7. Anybody possess the solution please.

  175. Timmy Ketay Says:

    I simply bought canon’s 60D mostly for videography reasons. I’m searching to buy a lens with great wide position and zoom abilities. I realize I will need to eventually buy several, but I am searching for one that’s well rounded both in departments.

    Every suggestions are appreciated!

  176. Genaro Mirich Says:

    I’m thinking about buying canon’s powershot sd870, but i’m wondering if there is a noticeable difference between the silver and also the black aside from the color?

    Just help.

  177. Eduardo Walling Says:

    I love Canons and Nikons. My last couple of cameras happen to be Canon powershots and I have been pleased with lightweight, features and decent photos. Since I carry an apple iphone everywhere that takes ok photos (ie should you simply want a fast shot nothing fancy), and so i figured I’d step-up and obtain some thing than compact digital with increased features along with a better lens. My cost range is $250-$400. Thanks!

  178. Renna Corporon Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Elan 7 and was thinking about buying canon’s 50D. I’ve got a couple of Canon contacts to choose my camera and would never know when they could be suitable for the camera I had been getting. How do i know if I’m able to switch the contacts between digital and film? And So I determine if I have to purchase a lens to choose your camera or otherwise.


    I’m open holiday to a feedback concerning the camera too.

  179. Orville Dusen Says:

    I purchased my camera in 1991, its a canon eos 550d 630, awesome camera, broke the more compact lens however the one i have is 80-200mm zoom, I wish to obtain a camera which will fit that lens instead of purchasing brand new ones. It’s electric/manual focus. Does anybody know without a doubt. Considered going some place to see basically can make use of a camera body and find out whether it fits.

  180. Mariel Koener Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Powershot SD750 (Digital ELPH). I’m able to download my pictures from my camera to my computer, but how do you download my pictures from my computer to my camera?


  181. Marinda Hardwick Says:

    My camera is really a Canon TLb 1974, I purchased it lately inside a thrift store

    I’ve one lens that is a Canon FD 50 mm 1.8 SC

    I am thinking about purchasing a fisheye and wide-tilted lens

    Can anybody let me know:

    (1) about how exactly much they’d cost?

    (2) how easily are these or other lens are available with this model?

  182. Silas Vangelder Says:

    Canon ef 75-300mm lll & canon ef 75-300mm lll usm

    Which is much better for portraits, sports, and wildlife ? Why

    I want these lens for any canon digital rebel xti

    Exactly what does the usm do?

    Are these lens better using the usm?

  183. Silas Vangelder Says:

    I acquired canon’s mp270,can one refill it having a syringe by drilling an opening around the cartridge?

  184. Denae Iannotti Says:

    I bought my Canon 50D about 3 several weeks ago and also have lately made the decision I wish to buy an exterior expensive. What are the suggestions which will be the better to get?? My finances are about 200 – 350 dollars.

  185. Thanh Ausburn Says:

    I would like a camera which has exactly the same quality because the Canon Eos500D or 400D. I’m not sure much about cameras but I have seen the images it will take. But how can this be camera so costly? Could it be due to the standard or even the functions? Can there be anything cheaper but with similar quality?

  186. Henry Osoria Says:

    I am considering purchasing a Canon Powershot SD750 silver in my girlfriend like a surprise. She’d explained a couple of several weeks ago that they wanted one. I possibly could purchase it on her , however the cost is type of steep at $299. I’m wondering can there be another camera that’s every bit as good but a bit less pricey? It may be $225 or less. I understand she would like a camera that’s slim, which can squeeze into a pocket. Also she would like one which has a nice LCD screen to look at the previews, and it has different picture modes. Any suggestions is needed.

  187. Clifton Vanbibber Says:

    I’m searching to purchase a Canon camera. I’ve lately quit on Nikon due to two defects in 2 different cameras ( I understand they’re a high camera kaira so disagree if you would like however i am completed with them). Do you know the major variations between your Digital rebel Eos 550d Xs and also the Digital rebel Eos 550d Ti? There is a cost difference around $200. I’m thinking about minoring in photography but want to begin using these cameras. Which is much better?

  188. Dalton Dumeny Says:

    I wish to obtain a cheap camera from canon eos 550d edition in singapore. My current eos 550d 500 still used film and it has moist, creating fungus. How can i fix it too?

  189. Jacquelyn Medved Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel G that included a 28-80 small zoom macro along with a 70-300 macro super…..I wish to obtain a digital will be able to still use my contacts on.Any recommendations? Will it be cheaper to obtain only the body? Im searching within the $500 range.I’m not a professional, but hope to obtain a good camera to understand which will last.

  190. Lamonica Aldaz Says:

    My hubby bought canon’s Digital rebel T3i as a present also it came bundled up with numerous add-ons, including two Zeikos lens. The first is a couple.0x telephoto lens 58mm and also the other is really a .45x wide position lens 58mm. I’m somewhat overcome with this particular whole camera, but I must try these contacts out. Canon’s contacts attach effortlessly towards the camera, however i must need something to connect these contacts because they do not appear to take out of the box.

  191. Kyla Stolt Says:

    Without expensive with manual focus – how lengthy will my canon 550d battery last when capturing constantly inside a photoshoot (roughly)? I actually do possess a spare battery, however I have to understand how lengthy it’s stated to last in order to exercise an agenda. Thanks!

  192. Marinda Hardwick Says:

    I have seen 2 different cameras one using the words ” Canon powershot sd 750 digital elph” written on front side from it and the other with “canon digital ixus 75″ written onto it. Surely this really is 2 different cameras? It is the ixus 75 i am after as thats the main one i just read ranked reviews on and shouldn’t obtain the wrong one.

  193. Broderick Geanopulos Says:

    Possess a Canon 5D Mark III having a 24-105. Really searching to dive into landscape photography since after i had the 40D using the 17-55, loved it.

    Considering that, without budget vices, what’s the best Canon L series lens available for landscape photography? I anticipate using ND and Polarizing filters too for many of my shots.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  194. Leon Mulrain Says:

    Can canon’s MD205 Small DV Video camera take pictures? And just what type of cable must you connect canon’s md205 to some computer?

  195. Michale Jessel Says:

    I’ve canon’s digital rebel xs and i’m a new comer to SLR photography. I’d like suggestions on the bestseller or two which will train me using my camera particularly in addition to photography generally. An added bonus could be a reason within the book/books of ways to use the software that accompany your camera. Appreciate your help :)

  196. Freddie Goergen Says:

    I’ve got a Canon hv30, a small dv casette along with a firewire cable linked to an iMac. There is nothing detected. Could it be because I am using iMovie being an editing program? What software can import HDV footage?

    Help, I’ve important footage to edit which is very frustrating. I have learned my lesson and can buy digital video cameras to any extent further.

  197. Tomas Steenken Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel X 35mm film camera. The lens is EF 35-80mm. I’m not sure much about camera’s so unsure the other information i ought to include with my question. I wish to upgrade to some digital Canon camera but wondered if my lens in the old camera works on the digital canon body? And when so, which camera wouldn’t it perform best with? It’s also a manual/automatic lens in the event that essential to know. Thank you for any help.

  198. Andre Boehman Says:

    I’ve an authentic Canon Eos 550d in the early 90′s and I am searching to upgrade to my first camera. Aside from the apparent difference of digital versus film, are these cameras functionally similar? That old Eos 550d has your fundamental manual functions plus some “modes” plus an automatic mode. Can One expect similar functionality in the T2i?

  199. Tori Kellom Says:

    Likely to Jamaica soon and I have to understand what the very best Canon Powershot camera is (under $250) for that landscape shots i’m going to be taking. Thanks!

  200. Raymonde Bonacci Says:

    I believed about obtaining the Nikon D3000 , however i would like a canon since it takes more obvious pictures. Any recommendations for a canon camera that is not so Hi-tech & all fancy around the menu & buttons. Something clear to see & handel , & for somebody thats beginning photography :)

    THANKYOU<3 .

  201. Joslyn Koeppe Says:

    I’ve got a canon xti now and that i like it, but I’m wondering if this is a great camera for like wedding ceremonies or portaits on the professional basis?

    thanks tammy

  202. Celestina Liuzzi Says:

    I presently possess the canon powershot a550 or something like that like this, and i’m improving towards the canon sd780 is. My old camera may take pictures as much as 7.1 mexapixles in normal, fine, and superfine modes. Can canon’s 780 also shoot in superfine? And when not would be the photos still crisp and obvious?

  203. Mariette Embs Says:

    I would like a brand new camera, and Canon PowerShot was suggested in my experience. It’s for casual, vacation picture use.

    What are the differences between your Canon PowerShot SD1200-IS and also the Canon PowerShot A1100-IS. The second cost less, but could it be lower quality?

  204. Ward Pignatello Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Digital rebel T1i. I wish to take pictures of my city after which ask them to printed. The biggest size will be a 27 1/2 x 39 1/4 (poster size) and more compact. Any suggestions to find the best camera configurations and where you’ll get individuals dimensions printed? Among the finest quality pictures to border.

    I’ve the stock lens 18-55mm

  205. Sherly Forge Says:

    I’d canon’s Digital rebel XTI, and that i have about 4 contacts for this. I’m wondering when they works with another kind of camera, because the XTI is a touch amateur for me personally now. When they do what camera? When they don’t what will be a nice upgrade, for any $500 budget?


  206. Leighann Channell Says:

    I am thinking about buying a canon 7d, together with a 3rd party (ideally Sigma) lens. The only real factor is, I am not completely sure which 3rd party lens is going to be suitable for a canon 7d. Help?

  207. Lea Cesare Says:

    I simply got such a Canon 7D and that i only agreed to be wondering exactly what the best lens is always to obtain the greatest quality?

  208. Denae Iannotti Says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing a second hand Canon 300d, for 300 dollars!

    It offers:

    its situation

    Battery Power Grip

    Two battery’s

    a Filter

    A Handheld Remote Control

    An association to hook up with your pc

    As well as an extra lens (35mm-80mm)

    So my real question is must i purchase it, is the fact that a great offer? And just what particulars shoould i search for?

  209. Shayne Kevin Says:

    I have been searching and asking around a great deal for the best macro lens in my Canon XSi.

    I understand there might be certain kinds of macro contacts? (i.e. f/2.8, 60 mm…)

    This is when I recieve confused when looking for the best lens in my camera.

    I would like the highest quality, but not probably the most costly.

    Any suggestions, or clarifications could be much appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!

  210. Don Mallach Says:

    I’ve got a Canon 60D having a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. I needed a very cheap telephoto lens simply to get me began off. Any recommendations? Also, I wish to shoot music videos with my Digital slr. Must I be shooting in 24p or 25p?

  211. Everett Bambrick Says:

    I’ve Pentax K-r

    Contacts: 18-55 1:3.5-5.6

    50-200 1:4-5.6

    i wish to take portraits within the forest and do not have money to purchase extra equipment and never great deal of time to hold back for better weather

  212. Kathi Sauerwein Says:

    I am attempting to buy a Digital slr camera in order to begin taking higher quality photos and hopefully at some point pursue photography as my profession. I have been searching in a canon t3i along with a t4i and I’m wondering if both of individuals will be a sensible choice or maybe you will find every other cameras that might be good too. Attempting to stay under $1200. I have a lot to discover Digital slr and I am prepared for your and incredibly excited to change to Digital slr. What exactly can you suggest for any beginner Digital slr camera that wouldn’t have to be upgraded for some time.

    Sorry I did not wish to type a ten paragraph question, sometimes people decide to not read these if they’re too lengthy. I simply wanted an indicator from someone familiar with photography. I have already looked google wanted another options.

  213. Claudette Aymar Says:

    I’m creating a movie made up of images taken through the canon 5d mark II. As it is made up of still images shot in raw, I wish to output my movie in 4k. Let’s focus on the existence of me I can not discover the resolution of the raw image around the canon 5d Mark II. Could someone please let me know exactly what the resolution is? I’ve got a canon 50d, however i presume it is not exactly the same.


    I do not possess a theatre, but my film come in a showcase in the finish of the season inside a theatre.

  214. Arlen Audain Says:

    I’d an olympus camera that we got from christmas three years ago, however it broke. Could it be really worth trying to repair or can you reccomend obtaining a dslr or simply another digital?

    If so, then any reccomendations, as im a novice ill be searching in the cheaper finish of cameras.. something around 600AUD if at all possible.


  215. Darlena Christel Says:

    While looking for a new camera body, I stored seeing water broken cameras and contacts available as “for parts only.” I discovered a couple of high-finish contacts alone or combined with physiques. I’ve little interest in the physiques, however i believed that when the water damage and mold wasn’t bad (no visible condensation or dried water around the elements) I would have the ability to use something similar to a 70-200mm L lens entirely manual mode. Would I probably be stuck around the largest aperture and have I simply gone full retard?

  216. Maximo Doiron Says:

    Hi im beginning my photography course and am requiring a camera when you are just one mother cant afford 1000′s so was searching in the Nikon D7000 could it be sufficiently good to do photoshoots with? Im wanting to pay attention to babies and portraits thanks

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