Canon powershot G10

GoodGearGuide reviews the Canon G10 and writes;
“The G10 is compact but it packs plenty of manual features and is ideal for an enthusiast who doesn’t want to lug around a D-SLR. We found it to be very well-suited to low-light photography and macro shots, but it will perform well in any situation. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

TrustedReviews reviews the Canon G10 and writes;
“It is beaten on picture quality and portability by the smaller, lighter and slightly cheaper Panasonic LX3…. It’s still an impressive camera and can produce excellent results, especially in Raw mode ”
Rating: ★★★★½ reviews the Canon G10 and writes;
“I am struggling to think of a more impressive compact digital camera than the Powershot G10. It is simply the best. Yes the price tag is high, but you pay for great picture quality, build quality and set of features. ”
Rating: ★★★★½

Adorama reviews the Canon Powershot G10 and writes;
“Where the Canon PowerShot G10 really excels is sheer image quality, and here its performance can only be described as awesome—noticeably better than the G9 (which is very good indeed) and far better than other digital cameras of comparable size and price.”
Rating: N/A
CNET reviews the Canon G10 and writes;

“The good: Functional and fun shooting design; great enthusiast-oriented feature set; very nice photo quality The bad: Should be a little faster shot to shot. The bottom line: The Canon PowerShot G10 is a solid enthusiast digital camera for those who want something compact to complement a dSLR.”
PhotographyBlog compares the Canon G10 to Nikon P6000 and writes;
” The Nikon Coolpix P6000 is a good camera, but the Canon PowerShot G10 is better – it’s as simple as that. In terms of both features and handling, the G10 has the edge, and it was invariably the camera that I reached for first…it’s easy to declare the Canon PowerShot G10 as the winner of our first head to head review.”
Rating: N/A
DCR reviews the Canon G10 and writes;
“The bottom line in our opinion is that in spite of some minor imperfections, the latest Canon PowerShot G10 camera proves to be a very well rounded package. In short, even in the face of high expectations, Canon delivered the goods with its latest flagship PowerShot.”
Rating: N/A

KenRockwell reviews the Canon G10 and writes;
“I’d buy a Canon G10 and use it for landscapes, travel, nature and the weird stuff I shoot instead of dragging along an SLR. Even if I was carrying an SLR, I’d rather grab a G10 than change lenses on an SLR. The G10 is that good.”

Looking for a review on the Canon powershot G10

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  1. Lucio Gleisner Says:

    I really like the style of both camera’s..And also the cost is comparable…I would like to hear which is much better and why thanks photo guru’s!

  2. Tyrone Espree Says:

    what is better canon powershot g10 or sigma dp2 and why? searching to obtain a camera to go somewhere with can someone help

  3. Alycia Cessna Says:

    got given a cannon g9 camera however the expensive does not work – i have to buy an attachment expensive. what’s the least expensive one?

  4. Dirk Luehring Says:

    Searching for a great camera which will take great pictures in a concert in which the lights are low and flashes aren’t permitted. Likewise want a great video. Searching in the Canon PowerShot G10 14.7mp but they’re difficult to find to buy in a reasonable cost. How about the G12?

  5. Beata Threlfall Says:

    For instance, if a person hits a tennis ball for an opponent, and that i snap a photograph before the opponent hits the ball, will it appear obvious but still on their own racquet?

  6. Chi Frame Says:

    Particularly canon’s Powershot G10 or G9.

    Can you really have a meter reading through utilizing a Grey card?

  7. Art Schnall Says:

    A buddy explained they make individuals plastic protector things (that adhere simply with static electricity) for camera screens which means you don’t scratch them. he stated they come particularly for the brand name so that they fit perfectly. I’ve got a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS. How can i look for a protector for this?

  8. Ignacio Czarnota Says:

    I understand the G10 is really a more complex compact digital, but which may be worth the cash?

    I usually read mixed reviews, whichever camera I am reading through about, and it is difficult to really know if the camera is really worth its cost.

  9. Perry Angelino Says:

    I’ve come across pictures the G9 may take and am very impressed together. However, this camera isn’t just from my budget, but I’d like some thing compact.

    It is possible to camera that you’d suggest that works similarly but is more compact? I’d prefer so that it is under or around 1 ” thick.

  10. Sean Curls Says:

    i’ve got a canon powershot g10 and i’m utilizing it to consider underwater photographs. i am getting challenge with what settingsi ought to be using though. i can not result in the images of the individual obvious, it certainly is fuzzy although we’re both completely still. i am just wondering if anybody knows what configurations i ought to experience your camera to really make the photos obvious? it’s urgent. thanks.

  11. August Anon Says:

    I have had two Kodak’s and honestly, I hated them before long. They labored great in the beginning but gradually got worse. I have been searching at Nikon and Canon. I would like something that’s fairly small, convenient to carry around, takes nice crisp searching pictures, good colors, takes pictures fast, much less costly, nice battery existence.

  12. Maybell Mochizuki Says:

    I am considering obtaining a g10, however i want a camera will be able to fasten a fisheye lens to. Please assist me knowing cameras well, and have experience using this type of lens by yourself camera.

    Many thanks!

  13. Otelia Branyan Says:

    hey men i have been attempting to take graffiti images with my Canon Powershot G10

    however i read articles that i must set my Shutter Speed on Slow/low

    and that i got no clue how

    so can u heelppp!

    and when you realize much more about graffiti light images help me more regarding how to set my camera ..

    thanks alot. xo

  14. Carl Whalan Says:

    I wish to understand how well the HDR is around the Canon Powershot G10. May be the range low or high, as well as, how do you switch on HDR, or arrange it.

  15. Nelly Eugenio Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Powershot sx100IS and don’t determine if it’s raw, whether it has how do you place it? Do you know the benefits of raw? and will i require a special program to pass through it to my computer?

  16. Fae Kinsman Says:

    I truly desire a Canon Powershot G10 as my next camera. I really like the characteristics, quality, style, etc. The only issue is the fact that it is simply improper for me personally. I’m not sure much about photography and would not make use of the exposure compensation dial and honestly would ensure that it stays in Automatic more often than not. So, does anybody have applying for grants cameras with great quality but less personalization ability?

    PLEASE only camera-educated people!!!

  17. Luna Hasty Says:

    i’ve been searching at that one:

    Canon PowerShot SX20IS 12.1MP Camera with 20x Wide Position Optical Image Stable Zoom and a pair of.5-inch Articulating LCD

    could it be good??


  18. Tandra Faltus Says:

    Determining on 2 cameras right now. Must I obtain the canon G10 PowerShot, or even the PowerShot SX1 IS? I would like an excellent versatile camera. I really like the Digital slr, however , don’t have the cash for just one, plus I already possess a 35mm SLR. Video is actually not the problem right now. All I would like is really a camera that can take great photos in low light, even some evening shots and sunlight. Help.

  19. Dale Langloss Says:

    I am shooting having a Canon PowerShot G10. I am borrowing it in the Digital Imaging Lab inside my school, therefore it should have the ability to shoot in RAW, I simply don’t understand how to place it to ensure that it’ll.

  20. Cheryle Covarrubia Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Powershot G10 and Let me give a lens about it. Is it necessary to purchase a seperate adapter for each lens? Help you put this on and so the 58mm lens right?


  21. Fermin Passarelli Says:

    I seem like getting canon powershot g10, but my buddies explained that whenever it requires video it features a buzzing seem or smth. Well i take video frequently so any reviews about this?

    And it is the photo taken fuzzy during the night or smth? cause my handphone really sucks when taking photo during the night!

  22. Dacia Matson Says:

    I’ve canon’s Powershot G10 and that i like it. But it is just a little large just for transporting around. I really like the G series and saw there is a G11 and G12. I understand you will find variations within their features and mega pixels and all sorts of that, however it does not say if there’s a positive change in weight and size and skill to hold it around simpler. Can there be any difference for the reason that? If there’s, which is more compact, lighter, and simpler to hold around?

  23. Velia Shirilla Says:

    Canon Powershot G10 Review? I’d consider purchasing that camera, try not to determine if anybody attempted it. So tell me please!

  24. Myles Twisselman Says:

    My mother requires a new camera. She loved her old one (Canon PowerShot SD800) but it’s damaged. She’d as an upgrade. Anybody have opinions or preferences around the latest cameras? She’d prefer to stick with Canon, although not necessary.

  25. Roscoe Mill Says:

    I’m intrested on Canon Powershot G10 camera and it is $499 in BestBuy however in internet prices begin with $259… Must I purchase it from online?

  26. Tilda Allyn Says:

    I haven’t got the separate charger for that G10, can one just plug it right into a computer having a Small USB and allow it to charge this way?

  27. Griselda Vanoflen Says:

    I’ve got a Canon powershot G10. The freesat is excellent but simply will not reckonize anything I plug in to the front from the box. I’ve browse the customers manual with no luck. I’d appreciate some assistance. Thanks.

  28. Jerrell Attwood Says:

    I’m thinking about buying a canon g10. The cost is affordable, yet it’s missing the bezel. Exactly what is a bezel employed for on the camera? Could it be cosmetic or will it really possess a function?

    Your camera shows up like a auction item on ebay, i’m not sure the problem. Also, the missing bezel is about the lens not the controls. I’m just wondering exactly what the bezel really does and when your camera may be worth buying. Plus, are you able to purchase a replacement from Canon?

  29. Griselda Vanoflen Says:

    Canon’s Powershot SX1/ Powershot G10 or even the Nikon D40? LEss noise around the image, better performance at nighttime. Sharp images and fast.

  30. Gaynelle Favian Says:


  31. Scott Allmon Says:

    I am thinking about purchasing myself a camera as a birthday gift this season, and that i discovered the ‘Canon Powershot’ within my online search. I love the various colors it comes down it, also it appears enjoy it fits my personality well..but may be the camera good throughout?

  32. Maryanne Buchalter Says:

    I don’t know what Canon PowerShot camera to purchase. Could it be the G9 or G10?

    Sorry, i’m not only mentioning G9 and G10 but all canon powershot, the best idea?

  33. Von Goslin Says:

    I am considering purchasing a Nikon D3000 Camera i generally take pictures of individuals and my pal. Could it be worth getting? i’ve got a canon powershot g10 it is not just like i was expecting.

  34. Jerrell Attwood Says:

    I needed to get involved with photography a little and wanted to locate a very good camera for any reasonable cost. Through the looks from it, most good cameras start around the $350-450 range. Ive been searching at:

    fujifilm FinePix S200EXR

    fujifilm FinePix S2000HD

    Nikon D3000

    Cannon Powershot G10

    Which is better? (Either of those or of some other camera which you have had personal expertise with)


  35. Brooks Gossage Says:

    I am stuck between two cameras right now. Canon, or Nikon. Both of them are practically exactly the same but could anybody show me the main difference between your two? I personally use a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS right now and contains been amazing in my experience. I am fifteen years old presently, but I am requiring to upgrade to some better camera.. something which have a very obvious picture and also have amazing quality. What camera must i get free from canon’s & Nikon? Be exact with particulars as well as links could be great!

  36. Elbert Milone Says:





    please no Lengthy explanations,just the product.

  37. Eulalia Roskop Says:

    The brand new Canon Powershot G11 has 10MP, that is a downgrade in the Canon Powershot G10, with a 14MP sensor. Canon stated it put out Mega pixels to obtain better ISO levels. Someone please explain.

    Serious solutions only please*

  38. Daniel Krogmann Says:

    Like the Powershot G10 from Canon, it supports ISO 80 to ISO 1600. What does the ISO represent, and is it the higher the better?

  39. Deon Nooner Says:

    I’m thinking about buying a camera. I’ve hear erectile dysfunction a great deal about Canon Powershot SD1100 IS. Is that this camera worth to purchase. I’d read some reviews it has low light and evening shots aren’t so good ? Please advice me? Also tell me if there’s much better camera. My finances are around $200.

  40. Pa Nuckoles Says:

    I am a beginner to photography and am searching for a camera, certainly not point-and-shoot. I would like an SLR, but individuals are usually over $1,000. Is that one the ideal choice?

    Also, if anybody could train me a few of the fundamentals for implementing an SLR-type camera, that’d do well!

  41. Barney Decarolis Says:

    Hello, I acquired purchased a Canon Powershot G10 for Christmas, I love it however nowadays I observed a little scratch around the lens, it’s not a detachable lens and I am less than sure the way it got scratched because it will get covered instantly when switched off. Maybe after i washed it had been my sleeve or something like that? Anyway can there be anyway to eliminate it? :S Or can one have it fixed in some way?

    Thanks :)

  42. Priscilla Allegre Says:

    Must i obtain a video camera or perhaps a video camera? which is much better for reminiscences? I heard video cameras may take photos too however i have no idea which to purchase. If your camera im thinking canon’s Powershot SD 1400is or maybe the video camera, it will likely be canon’s Vixia HF M31. Exactly what do u men think i ought to get? Your camera or even the video camera?

  43. Claudette Aymar Says:

    I am waiting to allow them to are available in inside my local camera store. I believe its vital that you “try outInch a camera if you are planning for doing things a great deal (I plan to) so my purchasing decision awaits my really getting my on the job one. Also, how can you enjoy it, and just what not like? I am most likely thinking about buying one, but that is difficult to do if you cannot have them yet! LOL

  44. Genaro Mirich Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Powershot G10 that Let me obtain a lens adapter for…can there be anything I have to know? And just what exactly will they do? Will they permit you to by hand focus? Or will they boost the display quality? Produce all the tips and pointers you’ve! And just what exactly lens plugs do? Thanks!

  45. Dale Linander Says:

    I understand this really is horribly vague, but I did previously have a friend having a Canon camera. It had been black, were built with a large screen, were built with a square body, and also to scroll with the pictures you roll your finger inside a circle… I’ve no clue.

  46. Millard Labo Says:

    Particularly canon’s Powershot G10 or G9.

    Can you really have a meter reading through utilizing a Grey card?

  47. Breana Merl Says:

    I have been searching in the Canon PowerShot G10. At this time I’ve got a Canon Digital rebel XTi, Kodak EasyShare V1223, & a The new sony DSC-T100. I’m greatly disatisfied with my The new sony and most likely will not get another The new sony camera. Anybody have good recommendations? I am searching for something with a minimum of 12 – 15 mega pixels and it is somewhat small, although not exactly pocket-sized.

    I am a professional and so i am searching to inflate the photos to some pretty large size without anything searching pixelized.

  48. Columbus Lebarge Says:

    I discovered a canon g10 powershot 14.7 mega pixels. and i wish to market it. i do not have the cables or anything that accompany it. her built-in expensive but no exterior expensive. it’s in sound condition. it will possess a memory

    what is a tenna

  49. Cherri Hranchak Says:

    i’ve your camera- canon powershot G10 and that i just discovered that you could attach contacts into it. but what type of lens would i have to buy!?

  50. Steve Orlow Says:

    I am not entirely certain relating to this, but does while using adapter on the Powershot G10 permit you to attach standard Canon contacts (EF / EF-S)? I heard somewhere it does however i aren’t able to find anything on the internet about this.

    Otherwise what exactly are these plugs employed for?

    Thanks, Mick.

  51. Maybell Mochizuki Says:

    Im thinking about obtaining a compact camera round the £200 mark. I would like around 10 mega pixels or higher, ideally with hd movie mode. I believed perhaps a panasonic lumix fx500, fx150 and maybe even a canon powershot g10. Any suggestions?

  52. Odell Coia Says:

    I believed the $500 Canon G10, but is the fact that to much camera? Must I opt for another thing? Or perhaps is the G10 perfect? Why buy to much camera when you do not need it =P

  53. Sergio Friske Says:

    I am just a novice. Read lots of cameras’ reviews and designated these 3 cameras because the most worthy but can’t choose included in this. I do not need any professional features but would really like crisp images, wide position, low noise with zoom. Wouldn’t prefer to pay £££ for G10 only since it is just released (what are the really helpful enhancements versus G9?). Please advise.

  54. Detra Ricken Says:

    im searching to purchase a brand new camera and i wish to acquire one in the g series i am not confident that i ought to obtain the g7 g8 g9 or g10?


  55. Martin Kessell Says:

    I am not really a professional or expert digital photographer and so i have no clue concerning the ISO, or noise factor. Whenever I just read reviews regarding canon g10, this is the usual words i can tell. Is Canon G10 excellent? I actually want to purchase a slr however i cant afford it.

  56. Emilia Sundin Says:

    I simply recieved my canon g10 from newegg and contains just one hot pixel that is not very noticeable, i first got it for casual and professional picture taking, could it be worth coming back? (im a great photoshopper also)

  57. Raymonde Bonacci Says:

    I wish to bye camera cost between 30k to 35k please tell me the very best for photography might be its canon or Nikon, the very best regarding specifications, performance etc

  58. Stewart Seidler Says:

    I’ve got a canon g10 and also the images look fainted without any color. It needs to be under 1500 and from canon. The cheaper the greater. Can give 10points thanks

  59. Milo Mcdonough Says:

    I have been searching in the Canon PowerShot G10. At this time I’ve got a Canon Digital rebel XTi, Kodak EasyShare V1223, & a The new sony DSC-T100. I’m greatly disatisfied with my The new sony and most likely will not get another The new sony camera. Anybody have good recommendations? I am searching for something with a minimum of 12 – 15 mega pixels and it is somewhat small, although not exactly pocket-sized.

  60. Dwayne Dickman Says:

    Your Question

    What are the differences between these cameras?

    I’ve canon’s Powershot G10 and that i like it. But it is just a little large just for transporting around. I really like the G series and saw there is a G11 and G12. I understand you will find variations within their features and mega pixels and all sorts of that, however it does not say if there’s a positive change in weight and size and skill to hold it around simpler. Can there be any difference for the reason that? If there’s, which is more compact, lighter, and simpler to hold around?

  61. Kristofer Forden Says:

    I simply bout a brand new Canon T3i. I switch it on, start shooting a relevant video along with a couple of seconds later I recieve the “stopped recording instantly” message. Next, it really works fine. This only happens around the first attempt once i turn your camera on.

    I attempted this on two different, freshly-formatted class 10 SDHC cards also it still performs this each and every time. I highly doubt this is an problem using the sensor getting too hot because, when i stated, it just happens around the first attempt.

    I ought to also specify which i formatted them in-camera.

  62. Kyla Stolt Says:

    I am considering purchasing a Canon Powershot SD750 silver in my girlfriend like a surprise. She’d explained a couple of several weeks ago that they wanted one. I possibly could purchase it on her , however the cost is type of steep at $299. I’m wondering can there be another camera that’s every bit as good but a bit less pricey? It may be $225 or less. I understand she would like a camera that’s slim, which can squeeze into a pocket. Also she would like one which has a nice LCD screen to look at the previews, and it has different picture modes. Any suggestions is needed.

  63. Blake Alfonso Says:

    I bought a Canon SD1000 camera in March of 2007. I did not sign up for a guarantee at that time since i did not really consider it. Your camera has become damaged also it has not been annually yet. Can One still sign up for a guarantee now?

    The lens from the camera will not go in. Each time I push the energy button, it saids “Lens error, restart camera.” Each time I restart it saids exactly the same factor.

    I purchased your camera from Staples.

  64. Branden Niedzwiedzki Says:

    I would like an excellent camera that’s a maximum of 400 dollars, if at all possible.

  65. Edison Waddups Says:

    I truly desire a canon, but ive heard advantages to nikons. So, that you reccomend?

  66. Dori Zanchez Says:

    Possess a Canon S200spx and attempted to set up on laptop running 7 – place the disc in and also got message that it hadn’t been suitable for 7. Anybody possess the solution please.

  67. Alecia Meysembourg Says:

    My camera is really a Canon TLb 1974, I purchased it lately inside a thrift store

    I’ve one lens that is a Canon FD 50 mm 1.8 SC

    I am thinking about purchasing a fisheye and wide-tilted lens

    Can anybody let me know:

    (1) about how exactly much they’d cost?

    (2) how easily are these or other lens are available with this model?

  68. Quincy Ewer Says:

    I would like a camera which has exactly the same quality because the Canon Eos500D or 400D. I’m not sure much about cameras but I have seen the images it will take. But how can this be camera so costly? Could it be due to the standard or even the functions? Can there be anything cheaper but with similar quality?

  69. German Triano Says:

    I’ve 3 questions really:

    1. Are you able to change CANON contacts on all canon digital slr models?

    2. Are you able to change NIKON contacts on all NIKON digital slr models?

    3. Are you able to interchange NIKON and CANON contacts for models?

    I’m thinking about buying a Digital slr, Among the finest to understand which is flexible just in case I purchase these two brands.

  70. Morgan Syta Says:

    I’m thinking about buying canon’s powershot sd870, but i’m wondering if there is a noticeable difference between the silver and also the black aside from the color?

    Just help.

  71. Eldora Stormer Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Elan 7 and was thinking about buying canon’s 50D. I’ve got a couple of Canon contacts to choose my camera and didn’t know when they could be suitable for the camera I had been getting. How do i know if I’m able to switch the contacts between digital and film? And So I determine if I have to purchase a lens to choose your camera or otherwise.


    I’m open holiday to a feedback concerning the camera too.

  72. Warren Gnas Says:

    I actually want to obtain a canon, however i also want the wonder shop application which makes your skin look great. Samsung has some amazing cameras that actually help make your picture perfect, but i’m not going a samsung.

    Help me look for a canon camera having a similar application.

  73. Rubin Coklow Says:

    I simply bought canon’s 7D mainly for videography. There appear to become countless lens’ available. Because the 7D has already been pretty costly, my plan for a lens is all about 200-300. I’d like a lens with great zooming capacity, very wide shots not to mention, very obvious image. Any suggestions?

  74. Raymonde Bonacci Says:

    Likely to Jamaica soon and I have to understand what the very best Canon Powershot camera is (under $250) for that landscape shots i’m going to be taking. Thanks!

  75. Les Tippin Says:

    I’m searching to purchase a Canon camera. I’ve lately quit on Nikon due to two defects in 2 different cameras ( I understand they’re a high camera kaira so disagree if you would like however i am completed with them). Do you know the major variations between your Digital rebel Eos 550d Xs and also the Digital rebel Eos 550d Ti? There is a cost difference of approximately $200. I’m thinking about minoring in photography but want to begin using these cameras. Which is much better?

  76. Glennie Gookin Says:

    I presently possess the Canon 430 EX expensive, and am thinking about purchasing a 580 ex expensive to place right into a softbox, or purchasing strobe lighting, I had been searching at strobe softbox package having a expensive illuminate to 300 w. Would the 580 EX expensive be as strong like a 300 watt strobe light ? What will it be equal to ?

  77. Willard Tutwiler Says:

    Canon ef 75-300mm lll & canon ef 75-300mm lll usm

    Which is much better for portraits, sports, and wildlife ? Why

    I want these lens for any canon digital rebel xti

    Exactly what does the usm do?

    Are these lens better using the usm?

  78. Darrick Kinsey Says:

    I presently possess the canon powershot a550 or something like that like this, and i’m improving towards the canon sd780 is. My old camera may take pictures as much as 7.1 mexapixles in normal, fine, and superfine modes. Can canon’s 780 also shoot in superfine? And when not would be the photos still crisp and obvious?

  79. Felipa Kyte Says:

    I would like a brand new camera, and Canon PowerShot was suggested in my experience. It’s for casual, vacation picture use.

    What are the differences between your Canon PowerShot SD1200-IS and also the Canon PowerShot A1100-IS. The second cost less, but could it be lower quality?

  80. Kareen Morisey Says:

    I would like a Canon camera that’s cheap but I wish to have the ability to buy different contacts like seafood eye and stuff. Thanks!

  81. Rocky Stufflebean Says:

    I’ve got a canon xti now and that i like it, but I’m wondering if this is a great camera for like wedding ceremonies or portaits on the professional basis?

    thanks tammy

  82. Charmaine Moehrle Says:

    I acquired canon’s mp270,can one refill it having a syringe by drilling an opening around the cartridge?

  83. Kristofer Forden Says:

    I simply got such a Canon 7D and that i only agreed to be wondering exactly what the best lens is always to obtain the greatest quality?

  84. Harvey Raether Says:

    I simply bought canon’s 60D mostly for videography reasons. I’m searching to buy a lens with great wide position and zoom abilities. I realize I will need to eventually buy several, but I am searching for one that’s well rounded both in departments.

    Every suggestions are appreciated!

  85. Rocco Cordiero Says:

    I’ve an authentic Canon Eos 550d in the early 90′s and I am searching to upgrade to my first camera. Aside from the apparent difference of digital versus film, are these cameras functionally similar? That old Eos 550d has your fundamental manual functions plus some “modes” plus an automatic mode. Can One expect similar functionality in the T2i?

  86. Celeste Distasio Says:

    I wish to obtain a cheap camera from canon eos 550d edition in singapore. My current eos 550d 500 still used film and it has moist, creating fungus. How can i fix it too?

  87. Art Schnall Says:

    I’ve canon’s digital rebel xs and i’m a new comer to SLR photography. I’d like suggestions on the bestseller or two which will train me using my camera particularly in addition to photography generally. An added bonus could be a reason within the book/books of ways to use the software that accompany your camera. Appreciate your help :)

  88. Onita Cheu Says:

    I understand on Canon cameras you are able to choose a particular color to focus on as the relaxation from the picture is within black and whitened. Is that this possible using the A560, and when so, how can you get it done?

  89. Ramiro Higgin Says:

    Possess a Canon 5D Mark III having a 24-105. Really searching to dive into landscape photography since after i had the 40D using the 17-55, loved it.

    Considering that, without budget vices, what’s the best Canon L series lens available for landscape photography? I anticipate using ND and Polarizing filters too for many of my shots.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  90. Lu Hart Says:

    I’d canon’s Digital rebel XTI, and that i have about 4 contacts for this. I’m wondering when they works with another kind of camera, because the XTI is a touch amateur for me personally now. When they do what camera? When they don’t what will be a nice upgrade, for any $500 budget?


  91. Irvin Obermeier Says:

    I’ve got a lovely Canon Digital Ixus i camera, about five years old. However, sometimes the screen will not turn on. After I hook it up towards the pc it really works again for any couple of occasions. Your camera is small and takes such great pictures. At a shop they simply shrug their shoulders and wish me to purchase a replacement. Whatever you can suggest I actually do?

  92. Tristan Sweatmon Says:

    Can canon’s MD205 Small DV Video camera take pictures? And just what type of cable must you connect canon’s md205 to some computer?

  93. Rita Leibowitz Says:

    my canon 500d broke, well internally, and that i have no idea basically is deserving of it fixed or obtain the nikon 5000d , when i often hear it really is goood, help.

  94. Rosario League Says:

    I love Canons and Nikons. My last couple of cameras happen to be Canon powershots and I have been pleased with lightweight, features and decent photos. Since I carry an apple iphone everywhere that takes ok photos (ie should you simply want a fast shot nothing fancy), and so i figured I’d step-up and obtain some thing than compact digital with increased features along with a better lens. My cost range is $250-$400. Thanks!

  95. Esperanza Hages Says:

    I’ve got a Canon hv30, a small dv casette along with a firewire cable linked to an iMac. There is nothing detected. Could it be because I am using iMovie being an editing program? What software can import HDV footage?

    Help, I’ve important footage to edit which is very frustrating. I have learned my lesson and can buy digital video cameras to any extent further.

  96. Ruby Lothridge Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel X 35mm film camera. The lens is EF 35-80mm. I’m not sure much about camera’s so unsure the other information i ought to include with my question. I wish to upgrade to some digital Canon camera but wondered if my lens in the old camera works on the digital canon body? And when so, which camera wouldn’t it perform best with? It’s also a manual/automatic lens in the event that essential to know. Thank you for any help.

  97. Thu Domhoff Says:

    I’d a Canon powershot which i loved which survived a really very long time. The display finally went and that i require a new camera. I simply have no idea which canon ones are the most useful which i need to look at getting? I’d should you prefer a normal sized camera, not really a giant absurdly fancy one.

  98. Ardis Amburgy Says:

    My hubby bought canon’s Digital rebel T3i as a present also it came bundled up with numerous add-ons, including two Zeikos lens. The first is a couple.0x telephoto lens 58mm and also the other is really a .45x wide position lens 58mm. I’m somewhat overcome with this particular whole camera, but I must try these contacts out. Canon’s contacts attach effortlessly towards the camera, however i must need something to connect these contacts because they do not appear to take out of the box.

  99. Federico Birckett Says:

    I am thinking about buying a canon 7d, together with a 3rd party (ideally Sigma) lens. The only real factor is, I am not completely sure which 3rd party lens is going to be suitable for a canon 7d. Help?

  100. Randolph Delagol Says:

    I’m a new comer to the advanced photography world, and that i just bought Canon Digital rebel XT since it appears to become a great basic level camera with higher features. I’m mostly thinking about taking snapshots of dogs at dog park and occasions, etc. I wish to have the ability to take obvious photos of these playing around. Do you know the contacts that will fit my criteria? I’d like something around the cheaper side that will the job. Thanks!

  101. Wilbert Alrais Says:

    I believed about obtaining the Nikon D3000 , however i would like a canon since it takes more obvious pictures. Any recommendations for a canon camera that is not so Hi-tech & all fancy around the menu & buttons. Something clear to see & handel , & for somebody thats beginning photography :)

    THANKYOU<3 .

  102. Tyrone Espree Says:

    I bought my Canon 50D about 3 several weeks ago and also have lately made the decision I wish to buy an exterior expensive. What are the suggestions which will be the better to get?? My finances are about 200 – 350 dollars.

  103. Gabriel Vasta Says:

    I lately purchased a Canon XS Digital rebel , must i send this back or bare this , i’ve heard that you could take videos with this particular.

  104. Monroe Mcveigh Says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing a second hand Canon 300d, for 300 dollars!

    It offers:

    its situation

    Battery Power Grip

    Two battery’s

    a Filter

    A Handheld Remote Control

    An association to hook up with your pc

    As well as an extra lens (35mm-80mm)

    So my real question is must i purchase it, is the fact that a great offer? And just what particulars shoould i search for?

  105. Daisy Heiberger Says:

    Genuine Canon ink CLI-8 cost an excessive amount of individually. Eventually, purchasing ink will definitely cost a lot more than the printer after many uses. What is the method to buy wholesale, bulk, and have the tubes filled again by Canon Corp?

  106. Mariah Praska Says:

    Without expensive with manual focus – how lengthy will my canon 550d battery last when capturing constantly inside a photoshoot (roughly)? I actually do possess a spare battery, however I have to understand how lengthy it’s stated to last in order to exercise an agenda. Thanks!

  107. Raeann Bellair Says:

    I possess a Canon Digital slr and i’m likely to purchase some contacts. I’m searching at good quality contacts in an affordable cost.

  108. Kaila Hollmann Says:

    Canon 5d and also the 7d. I had been just wondering if Nikon had any cameras which have features that rival individuals from the 5d/7d, for example HD recording, liveview mode, integrated cleaning system, etc.


  109. Rocky Stufflebean Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Powershot SD750 (Digital ELPH). I’m able to download my pictures from my camera to my computer, but how do you download my pictures from my computer to my camera?


  110. Sam Ends Says:

    I’m creating a movie made up of images taken through the canon 5d mark II. As it is made up of still images shot in raw, I wish to output my movie in 4k. Let’s focus on the existence of me I can not discover the resolution of the raw image around the canon 5d Mark II. Could someone please let me know exactly what the resolution is? I’ve got a canon 50d, however i presume it is not exactly the same.


    I do not possess a theatre, but my film come in a showcase in the finish of the season inside a theatre.

  111. Cecil Chustz Says:

    I have seen 2 different cameras one using the words ” Canon powershot sd 750 digital elph” written on front side from it and the other with “canon digital ixus 75″ written onto it. Surely this really is 2 different cameras? It is the ixus 75 i am after as thats the main one i just read ranked reviews on and shouldn’t obtain the wrong one.

  112. Denae Iannotti Says:

    I purchased my camera in 1991, its a canon eos 550d 630, awesome camera, broke the more compact lens however the one i have is 80-200mm zoom, I wish to obtain a camera which will fit that lens instead of purchasing brand new ones. It’s electric/manual focus. Does anybody know without a doubt. Considered going some place to see basically can make use of a camera body and find out whether it fits.

  113. Terry Cozad Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Digital rebel T1i. I wish to take pictures of my city after which ask them to printed. The biggest size will be a 27 1/2 x 39 1/4 (poster size) and more compact. Any suggestions to find the best camera configurations and where you’ll get individuals dimensions printed? Among the finest quality pictures to border.

    I’ve the stock lens 18-55mm

  114. Maranda Timperman Says:

    I’m in Philippines, need serious sponsorship from canon, does anybody possess a contact e-mail? It’s for any photography workshop

  115. Narcisa Gitlin Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Eos 550d Digital rebel G that included a 28-80 small zoom macro along with a 70-300 macro super…..I wish to obtain a digital will be able to still use my contacts on.Any recommendations? Will it be cheaper to obtain only the body? Im searching within the $500 range.I’m not a professional, but hope to obtain a good camera to understand which will last.

  116. Buford Vreeken Says:

    I have been searching and asking around a great deal for the best macro lens in my Canon XSi.

    I understand there might be certain kinds of macro contacts? (i.e. f/2.8, 60 mm…)

    This is when I recieve confused when looking for the best lens in my camera.

    I would like the highest quality, but not probably the most costly.

    Any suggestions, or clarifications could be much appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!

  117. Deonna Vanhekken Says:

    Any assistance will be appreciated :) - Last Minute Deals

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