Canon IXUS 200 IS Review

September 19th, 2009 Posted in Dirt Cheap Cameras Speicals

The Canon IXUS 200 IS is the latest touchscreen compact camera to come from the industry leader.

Canon has never had much trouble getting its range of IXUS compact cameras noticed: it has historically been among the best-looking, best-performing you can get, and the Canon IXUS 200 IS adds another string to a formidable bow.

The screen on the back isn’t only one of the largest TFTs you’ll find on a compact, but the bright 3-inch widescreen monitor is a touchscreen, the first to feature on a Canon compact.

It sits near the top of the IXUS range – below cameras such as the IXUS 980 and 990, but its 12.1 megapixel (MP) sensor raises it above the crowd.

The IXUS 200 starts in under a second and a half, and the recycle time between shots is around three seconds, which is reasonably good. Its only downfall when pitted against a stopwatch is its continuous mode.

Canon claims an unimpressive 0.8fps per second, but over the course of 10.75 seconds the IXUS 200 grabbed just seven shots, which is under 0.7fps. Again, for the money it would be nice to see a bit more pace, as the IXUS 200′s lack of speed makes it less than ideal for taking pictures of moving subjects, from uncooperative children to wildlife.

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  1. Fannie Aquilera Says:

    I would like a camera which takes these type of pictures:

    http://world wide

    What camera would that be? See the other pictures and let me know just how much would a camera of this capacity cost?

    I would like a camera which takes picture close up very obvious using the background out-of-focus.

  2. Kassandra Rothstein Says:

    I lately whent to some show coupled with the worst zoom ever. I believe your camera I’ve now’s 12x however i want the very best zoom available, and that i would like it to be little in order to go to shows, school, and place it within my bag. Since I Have am strapped for cash I wish it to be under 200 or around there.

  3. Kaila Hollmann Says:

    Which may you say is the foremost camera?

    - Canon IXUS 90 IS


    - Panasonic DMC TZ4

    I like taking close-up shots and landscape shots, frequently portraits too. Which may you say is the foremost camera from both of these. I’m not going every other suggestions of cameras unless of course they’re within the same cost range


  4. Lynsey Aamodt Says:

    http://world wide

    http://world wide

    Have their pros, neither genuinely have cons. The Olympus has some great features, more optical zoom, panorama mode, and dual image stabilization, whereas canon’s has only optical image stabilization. But a Canon is really a Canon which talks by itself.

    Book the websites and browseOrstudy just a little before you decide to condition your opinion. Also tell me should you own among the 2… or perhaps an earlier type of the two. I’m torn between your 2 and would really like some useful opinions/input around the matter. Thanks!

  5. Ghislaine Morgado Says:

    I truly love photography, and my last camera, a canon, similiar to that one

    http://world wide

    got damaged lately! I’m going on holiday soon though, and am searching to purchase a camera over the following week.

    I understand the folks at the shop may help..however i wanted some opinions so I am not walking inside blindly. So, if anybody may find us a camera that can take good, top quality pictures, but is not probably the most costly on the website (most likely not over $600), then that might be lovely!

    http://world wide

    Best of luck, and thanks!

  6. Barton Kut Says:

    Just wondering if anybody could give some feedback about this compact camera plus some reviews.

    I’m searching to invest a maximum of £200, and wanted a camera to make use of after i go travelling inside a couple of several weeks time through England. Next, I’ll be taking it to college for four years. My primary points are decent photos and fairly good short movies, quality as I wish to get it for hopefully 10+ years, simple to use and incredibly, really small and lightweight.

    I’m a real camera phobe. I understand some fundamentals, but anything.

    I saw canon’s ixus 120 IS, and fell deeply in love with it.

    Can someone provide us with a bit of support, and then any other cameras they’d recommend.

    Cheers! Much appreciated!!

  7. Debrah Tempel Says:

    Hey all Im beginning college in September to review photography & film. i presently possess a Canon DSLR1000D and that i find this an excellent starter camera, i’ll prob update it inside a couple of years.

    Anyway Im searching for a concise camera will be able to use everyday, nights out, foods, concerts etc Essentially all individuals occasions I dont wanna take my Digital slr too.. and for individuals “wish I mad my camera moments”. I only say I’d have this camera beside me everywhere I am going.

    Iv a financial budget up to £200 and perhaps I possibly could push it a little more. Im searching for a good megapixal 10 plus but more to the point Im searching for an excellent optical zoom.. a minimum of 5 plus. Also Im searching for a camera that is going to do us a good couple of years but nothing too bulky. Obviously i would like all of the added extra, face recognition, red-colored eye, and a wide selection of modes.

    I am not sure about brands. Iv been searching for Canon IXUS and Powershot but cant really begin to see the distinction between them that the Powershot is a lot of manual. Im thinking maybe manual could be what you want although not always Canon.

    Anyway I dont want anything TOO bulky, def no SLR heavy type.

    Thanks folks, links to reviews and United kingdom websites could be great :)

    Oh btw does not need to be a Canon :)

  8. Kym Rieks Says:

    Im searching for essentially exactly what the question states, sleek, digital, and between 200-300$. Links could be really appreciated.

  9. Anthony Heriford Says:


  10. Jeanetta Stasio Says:

    I must obtain a camera in $200. A compact digital, somewhat slim(though not really a neccissity) that can take excellent pictures, manual features are unneccessary, and it is very a great product. Any suggestions?

  11. Leisa Wolven Says:

    I had been looking through ebay for that Canon IXUS 100 IS, and I’ve discovered many advertising Canon PowerShot SD780 IS / IXUS 100 IS. I had been just wondering if they were exactly the same camera when i don’t actually want to be purchasing the incorrect factor?


  12. Martin Adleman Says:

    hunting for a new camera.

  13. Tony Jespersen Says:

    i want a great camera that records videos over a few minutes which takes great picture thats is nice because this

    http://world wide

    as well as

  14. Darryl Insognia Says:

    I am searching at purchasing ether the brand new MjU 1020 or even

    MjU850 or even the Tough850SW.

    Are you able to recommend Olympus and when not what Cameras would you recommend. I would like a concise point&shoot virtually when i curently have an electronic SLR. Thanks ahead of time for the Suggestions.

  15. Carrol Sammet Says:

    So I would like a camera personally to make use of however i have no idea what type to obtain. I’ll be by using this for many taking photos of family and buddies. I must ensure that it stays below $200 but 250 is ok beside me. I may also be getting my dad an electronic photo frame to place all of the photos I’ve taken during the period of the entire year for his Christams. Any Idea on which I possibly could get. Try too kep it small

    It dosent need to be simple to use because I’m a techy and I understand how to complete stuff, but easy is alright

  16. German Triano Says:

    i am considering purchasing canon’s Powershot SD750.

    do you know me anything bad or good which i ought to know about?

  17. Tashina Paya Says:

    Okay so by old camera [ the new sony cybershot ] keeps breaking, such as the button in which you press lower to consider an image always. always, always jumps off and also the spring does too and the organization gave us a brand new camera, however the brand new one just did the exact same factor. I would like a canon camera now, just like a canon powershot and Among the finest to be aware what you’d recomomend ?

    My pal includes a canon S3 IS and that i like this, but she did say that it’s heavy and will get annoyoing, and so i desire a lightweight.

    I really like taking photos, espically of horses, creatures, character, etc.

    So recomendations could be great

    I am virtually searches for a light-weight sleek powershot canon that also has top quality.

  18. Tracey Glawson Says:

    I’ve began making youtube videos and they’re thriving. I began having a Canon ixus 230 HS however it constitutes a clicking noise within the backround which isn’t good. I’ve investigated other cameras and it appears as though lots of compact digital camera models make seem within the audio from the video. I’d should you prefer a compact camera because it is easier and would easily fit in my pocket, SLR’s are a little large.

    It will work better that i can make use of a camera as it might be ’2 in one’ however i would obtain a video camera if there is not worthwhile digital camera models. My plan for obtaining a camera would depend on £350 as well as for a video camera could be £200 absolute maximum.

    It really is difficult to discover when the camera constitutes a clicking noise as no review sites appear to create about this. I’d prefer one which lately-ant arrived on the scene and good overall camera.

    Thank you,


    Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS may be the Canon Ixus 220 HS and that i possess the model up out of this the Ixus 230 HS.

    Any suggested digital seem recorders basically chose that route?

  19. Tennille Mimms Says:

    I am searching to purchase a camera. I would like it simply to consider pictures of excellent occasions, however i want a good thing and shoot camera. What’s the best?

    Thanks both!

  20. Stephanie Vandervoort Says:

    im searching directly into purchasing a brand new camera.

    i believed concerning the kodak m883 but ive read lots of bad reviews onto it so i am not so sure any longer.

    i truly want top quality pictures,

    nice && sharp.

    large LCD

    which is loaded with lots of features.


    under $200


  21. Kathrin Helbling Says:

    I’m not a professional with cameras, however i ‘ve always loved photography, but I have not attempted it, so I believed of having some nice camera and seeking it. So which can you suggest is better? I’ve always wanted some thats almost professional like number two, but many of people let me know I do not need this type of cam, cause it’s too large, but nonetheless I really like it, but I’m not sure whether it’s good.

    So which must i buy?



    3)http://world wide

    I simply need to know out of this three cameras or sth round the same cost

  22. Quentin Ramon Says:

    She’s 16 and needs an electronic camara for christmas. a camera which has top quality but is not totally overpriced. she’d a nikon camera before and didnt want it to much. for those who have any suggestions tell me! thanks!

  23. Mac Vonstein Says:

    I’m going on holiday soon and that i wanan purchase a digi cam. A cannon one. One thats great for sightseeing along with a good contact lens? Please let me know what type everyone think i ought to get and why please. Thanks!

    Also, i dont want any kinda of professional type…just “just for funInch(?)….

  24. Louis Gerveler Says:

    Or it is possible to small compact camera you’d recommend rather (for <£200.)

  25. Jewell Madaras Says:

    i simply desired to determine if everyone have recommendations for me which models to purchase. i would like a high quality camera for any good cost, not a budget kind although not so costly either. a more compact camera should be in order to just make it around i suppose. thanks!

  26. Linwood Steeber Says:

    She leaves over a couple of days and requested me what she is deserving of. Obviously I have no idea, although I imagine something small could be more suitable. She’s doing France The country and England and it’ll be spring/summer time there. Likewise need assistance with a hard drive for that files please ? She most likely has not considered that.

    Saying thanks to you ahead of time. Lizzie

  27. Harland Luecke Says:

    A camera that’s simple to use or learn how to use along with a camera that can take an expert quality of photos. Cost isn’t an problem.

  28. Loida Cassius Says:

    Large screen

    A minimum of 8 mega pixels

    And never over 250

    I understand cybershots are the most useful for your however i just do not have 400 dollars plus tax at this time.

  29. Eufemia Budesa Says:

    Im confused between your Canon IXUS 100IS, Canon IXUS 120IS and also the Canon SX 120IS. That is a better buy, thinking about features,quality,portability and cash ?

  30. Cecelia Briggerman Says:

    I must know do you know the specifications we ought to consider while purchasing a camera., any ideal brands, Any websites to assist?

  31. Willie Hogston Says:

    I want a camera (or video camera) that can take great quality videos at concerts.

    My cost range is just £200

    I believed in regards to a the new sony cybershot or perhaps a panasonic lumix.

    Any suggestions or reviews?

  32. Willard Hatcherson Says:

    On my small camera (Canon Ixus 860 15) after i record a relevant video and listen to it back, the recording seems to become increased. After I upload the recording to my computer, the recording continues to be increased. Does anybody know why this really is? It was once fine, it has just all of a sudden happened. Can there be in whatever way to send it back to normalcy speed?

  33. Emanuel Embury Says:

    I would like a camera with really obvious picture(number 1 feature wanted) and wonderful features.

    I’d like a your camera to possess breathtaking if at all possible

    and those that shot many fames inside a couple of secs.

    forget about or little a lot more than $200

    I heard canon is excellent. Can there be something better?

  34. Dusty Concatelli Says:

    searching in the canon range. prob have around £200 and also have read good quality reviews from the canon IXUS 850 is.

    two cameras im stuck between would be the

    Canon IXUS 850 is

    Canon IXUS 900 Ti

    is anybody is the owner of these camera/cameras better still.

    mainly want real good picture quality and im traveling round europe soon….therefore if anybody has every other good suggestions then please share them….searching at just top makes though

  35. Millard Labo Says:

    I am unsure basically need it or otherwise. I would like a camera which has high mega pixels, 3X or even more optical zoom, prints and emails pictures well, very little lag among shoots, large Vast screen, light and small, and under $200.

    I understand this camera is big and bulkly, but will not the little ones break simpler? I been told by many people that Canon camers are the most useful.

    I am mostly likely to take pictures of landscapes and scenery on holiday.

    Is that this things i want?

  36. Dale Linander Says:

    Most usb cables possess a different attachment towards the camera itself. I’ve got a canon ixus camera and also the cable for your does not fir the video camera, despite them being round the same age.

  37. Rachal Fierst Says:

    I’m prepared to buy among the above digital camera models,I’ve done my use reviews,manuals etc and that i need personal encounters of these cameras.That which was impressive and just what would be a complete disappointment.

    Thanks ahead of time,I’m searching forward for the solutions…

    Dromeas(A holiday in greece)

  38. Otelia Branyan Says:

    Ok, Since ive simplified lower towards the Canon (me large fan ) ) and tossed The new sony from the picture, I’d like more expert opinions/suggestions around the two models, ie. the Ixus 75 or even the new 950….. still enjoy the ixus 75 however i can understand a choice of not getting an optical viewfinder along with a energy hungry 3.” Liquid crystal display will be a small snag… however…. its a still an incredible cam….. Your sights … please… thnx.

  39. Yun Shark Says:

    Samsug SL820?


    Canon Powershot SD970?

    Reviews for reference:

    Samsung -

    http://world wide,2817,2350890,00.asp

    http://world wide

    http://world wide

    Canon -

    http://world wide,2817,2350281,00.asp

    http://world wide

    What I am searching for inside a camera:

    Under $400 (ideally around $200, but you will find exceptions…)


    Sharp-sharp-sharp images/photos

    Image Stabilization

    “Faster” Shutter Lag – a.k.a. take pictures faster

    Nice Features


    Versatilty (inside w/o expensive, night time w/ expensive, outdoors within the blazing sun, blue skies, cloudy days etc.)

    Accurate and delightful colors

    The reviews for every camera are everywhere, and they’re rarely in comparison to each other. The first is a lot of “valueInch type, as the other develops from a very respectable type of cameras, but is more expensive. I am a student who just really wants to make use of this camera for recording everyday situations (and possibly some adventurous ones too i.e. holidays etc.).

    Please, if you are planning to recommend me a completely different camera, stay with the needs and don’t head to other brands. I must stay with a Canon Powershot or perhaps a Samsung.

    Many thanks.

  40. Cordell Wilgus Says:

    My old camera provides me with the worst pictures I have seen. Could someone reccomend exactly what the best make of cameras will be to buy, and perhaps a particular model knowing of 1. What I am essentially searching for is a that is not so bulky like my other one and may fit in your wallet, and takes great pictures that are simple to upload to my computer.

  41. Jeramy Mankin Says:

    I would like top quality pictures and video. Zoom is essential but there both had stuff that I loved. Unsure when the LCD is really a large deal for me personally. HELP!!!

  42. Pete Finan Says:

    I am looking for a good concert camera for low light conditions when ever I am going to rock concerts. I am attempting to decide between your Nikon Coolpix L810 and Canon Ixus, but when any one of you has any recommendations for a great camera at shows, that will rock. I am going to shows nearly every month, so think before saying most concerts do not let cameras cuz they just about all do. I am getting trouble getting a camera with a decent ISO and that i suck at technical specifics with cameras. Thanks!

  43. Ulysses Dibari Says:

    My Digital Canon Ixus 980 Can’t connect with my mac laptop professional (snowleopard software ) but could connect with home windows 7 on a single mac laptop professional …. Will I require a software for connecting it to my mac’s snowleopard?

  44. Leonard Calero Says:

    I’ve got a Canon IXUS 40 camera. Even if I turn on the red-colored eye setting, sometimes some pictures still come forth with it.

  45. Cordell Wilgus Says:

    The truth is which i don’t such as the wheel that some cameras, like the majority of the Kodak cameras, have on the top. Battery existence is essential for me personally. Help me found the correct one for me personally.

  46. Jordon Vallejo Says:

    I’ve approximately 200$ for any camera and i am unsure which.

    I want it for hangouts plus some arty photos sometimes.

    Something with crisp obvious quality that lasts lengthy.

    Someone recommended the new sony or canon.


  47. Deana Wehby Says:

    I’ve just bought Canon Ixus 220 HS and i’m gonna purchase a memory. Which models and brands will it support? Also as much as just how much capacity supports?

    Please tell me!

  48. Julius Ilic Says:

    I’m searching for a brand new camera to exchange my 7 years old Fujifilm MX-1200. I haven’t stored current with alterations in technology and thus am pretty lost with how to start searching for a alternative. Your camera is principally to take photos socially and am prepared to repay to 150pounds/300dollars. My primary preferences are great quality images little size, additional features for example anti-shake programming would be also nice.

    Thank you for just about any help or advice.

  49. Meggan Ziedan Says:

    What’s the best camera available at this time? I’m searching to invest under $200. The only real distinct feature I would like besides a obvious picture and good specs is really a video capacity which has seem. Any suggestions? And suggestions where you can buy? Thanks

  50. Karissa Hollandsworth Says:


    I am going travelling in March and wish a concise camera to capture the moments!

    I have used a canon ixus 100 during the last couple of many am searching to replace it all, however the latest Ixus (510hs) includes a touchscreen and poor battery existence based on some reviews.

    I had been wishing a sort soul available may help me choose a great camera to go into the publish-christmas sales!

    Things I want:

    - between £150- £200

    - good battery existence. i take normally about 200 photos each day.

    - good zoom (12x optical could be ideal)

    - high-speed shooting

    - good low light photos

    additional, less important, particulars:

    - not really a touchscreen

    - uses SD rather than microSD

    - waterproof could be fantastic

    Appreciate any help ahead of time! :)

  51. Claudette Aymar Says:

    I am attempting to have the ability to capture light such as the street moments or indicating light with my canon ixus 95is, however, i understand it is something related to lengthy exposure and also the shutter speed, however i have no clue, could someone help me? thanks greatly xxxx

  52. Terry Batcheller Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Ixus 85 IS and that i observed it uses lots of memory, Yes, it is really a 10 megapixel camera same goes with use more however i can’t put burn the majority of my pictures together onto CD’s where with my old camera I possibly could! How do i allow it to be use less memory without downgrading the image quality to? I can not find my instructions!! thanks!!

  53. Fermin Passarelli Says:

    Ive been a canon fan….always! Presently come with an ixus40 and want to upgrade exactly the same. The style of the IXUS 75 really got me on my small ft… the threeInchdisplay really was appealing… also examined your camera for blurr images by shakin the cam really intensely and you know what …. obvious images even without image stabilisation?!! Then arrived the bigger ixus 950is that is a nice cam too with 4x optical zoom and eight mpix. but a couple.5″ screen. The 7.1mpix to eight.1mpix difference really does not bother me 4x optical zoom might have however been better around the ixus75….. digic III and ISO1600 are gr8. THEN! I became of wander around to some the new sony showroom and that i saw the DSC T100 and was intrigued using the features for example steady shot, 3″ screen, 5x optical zoom, 8.1mpix, ISO3200 as well as quite disappointed that canon didnt have several these advanced features…. and hell, now im confused….. Need ur feedback men…. would actually help b4 i make my buy! What can you select? Peace!

  54. Sergio Friske Says:

    I’d like a Canon brand in line with the a few things i often hear about the subject.

    I’m searching to invest under $200, however i am prepared to purchase a refurbished camera to obtain a higher quality.

    I’ll be utilizing it like a fundamental everyday camera, consider I’m a skill student I want the potential of taking quality pictures.

    Battery existence is essential in my experience, as my camera now only lasts about half an hour!

    What exactly are some recommendations? I’m unaware if this involves what zoom I would like and just how many mega pixels! Thanks :)

  55. Kareem Wandersee Says:

    Hello everybody,

    I’ve been searching for a brand new camera within the last month approximately, I’ve done lots of research and browse lots of reviews! I’ve simplified my search lower to Canon’s Powershot A720 IS or IXUS 950.

    Both of them appear to possess good reviews however the IXUS 950 appears to attain slightly greater even though it lacks manual.

    I want a camera which has optical image stabalization (I am unable to take non-fuzzy photos so take some help!) and 8mp-10mp. I personally use auto a great deal instead of fiddle about with manual but may after i am feeling creative I head to manual and find out what goes on. I’d should you prefer a Canon camera due to their status to make good camera’s.

    I had been just wondering if anybody may help me decide and let me know which camera they believe is much better?


  56. Donnell Ming Says:

    i’m attempting to but a camera. i dont what type i ought to get. i love those that have auto face dection, red-colored eye crop and blurr fix. I wish to spend under $450. Where and that we must i get?

  57. Rickey Jaquish Says:

    a teenage girl who would like to take obvious, sharp(not not not not Fuzzy) photos mainly of her buddies plus some action shots.

    a more compact more portable camera could be great.


  58. Yvonne Crom Says:

    1. CANON IXUS 85IS £199.99

    http://world wide kingdom/shopcomet/product/446645/CANON-IXUS-85IS

    2. CANON IXUS80IS CARA £149.99

    http://world wide kingdom/shopcomet/product/443972/CANON-IXUS80IS-CARA

    3. NIKON S550 SILVER £149.99

    http://world wide kingdom/shopcomet/product/443174/NIKON-S550-SILVER

    4. PENTAX OPTIO S12 £139.99

    http://world wide kingdom/shopcomet/product/465801/PENTAX-OPTIO-S12

    5. The new sony DSCT2W.CEH £169.99

    http://world wide kingdom/shopcomet/product/447714/The new sony-DSCT2W.CEH

    Please base your suggestion on looks and specs!

    I’m just curious because these are my 5 best cameras and I’ve got a £200 gift certificate to invest on the camera :)

    My main needs are the camera is small , compact, has top quality images and can last many years..

    Thank you for responding to!

    MIDORI xox

    Some good solutions here, thankyou greatly for the time!

    I’ll be while using camera mainly for:

    a) capturing in nightclubs

    b) taking general photos of individuals, structures etc

    c) shooting videos of dance performances

    d) taking top quality vibrant pics and vids of japan so landscapes, metropolitan areas etc

    Thanks :)

  59. Stephnie Dominski Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Ixus 850 IS and that i cant find how you can alter the shutter speed. Can someone assist me to please

  60. Lyndon Ortmeyer Says:

    I would like a webcam for sites like skype, but I haven’t got, nor wish to have to purchase, an ordinary one. so i am wondering if my camera will act as a webcam. the model is Canon Ixus 900 Ti camera, does anybody determine if I’m able to?

  61. Chas Goldsboro Says:

    My desires are the following:

    1. Spend $200-300.

    2. Have the ability to print 8×10 pix with (near) 35mm quality

    3. Should have contact lens permitting 28mm equivalent and telephoto (enough to complete an in-focus tight headshot)

    4. The execution from the snapshot ought to be not far from time I click on the button–no excessive waiting.

    Please provide brands and models. Thx.

  62. Vince Skillpa Says:

    I have to obtain a alternative battery power in my Canon Digital IXUS 8215, does anybody be aware of title from the battery power I’m able to get where from please?

  63. Dee Forcade Says:

    I can not appear to obtain the serial number on my small canon ixus 90 IS, I’m not sure where you can look, someone help! I understand its a little silly however i require it to sign in on the Canon site.

  64. Carlee Chaddock Says:

    I have not possessed a camera, and want to purchase a Canon Digital. I just have it to take photos in order to placed on my computer. I’m not an expert as they say and perhaps 5, 6 pixels if comfortable with me. Can someone recommend one number and just what it could cost ? Thanks

  65. Nyla Pascucci Says:


    I must determine if there’s an interior memory within my Canon IXUS 50, even if I remove the memory (SD) card. If that’s the case, where’s it situated?

    Because of all who answer this.

  66. Adaline Schlee Says:

    Hello there, only a nintendo wii which id appreciate a great deal to have an answer :)

    After i use my canon ixus 130 camera it always appears to consider pictures fuzzy, as well as another absolute separete factor is how can you alter the speed setting for in case your moving extremely fast, help me!

  67. Sanora Tuley Says:

    presently i wish to upgrade the sd memory of my canon ixus 40.. and i’m wondering what will be the maximum memory it may handle since most memory cards now are becoming more bigger like 2gb and 4gb.. what exactly will be the best sdcard it may handle..

  68. Jacqueline Domiano Says:

    I want a Canon NB-4L 3.7V 760mAh (Li-ion) battery power. Just how much could it be in HKD? I want a tripod too in my Canon Ixus camera. If only to have it from the Fortress store near Ramada Hotel, Kowloon.Thanks

  69. Luciana Ohno Says:

    I’ve just bought a brand new Canon ixus 100is camera and also have now made hundreds of photos.

    All photos are of high resolution and I have to in some way batch compress all of the images. How do i do that? Any programs?


  70. Riley Asfour Says:

    Iv been searching at reviews for that Canon IXUS 125 HS Camera – Pink (16.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 3. inch LCD and someone stated that they do not know if it features a self timer. I truly desire a one what’s a self timer. Any one of everyone determine if it will? And I am disappearing in November to Florida for 2 days and wondering whether it will great for this ?

  71. Marco Lemelin Says:

    i purchased canon’s ixus 130 lately and also the retailer guy believed that it might be amusing to provide us a manual inside a language which i do not understand.

    and so i have no clue using the functions =.=”

    how do you alter the shooting way of your camera (e.g. seafood eye effect, colour accent etc)? like, what buttons will i press to choose them?

    i only wanted your camera to make use of these effects yet i’ve no clue how you can choose them.


    thanks ahead of time!

  72. Lyndon Ortmeyer Says:

    I’ve got a top quality Canon IXUS 960 IS 12 megapixel camera. It features a manual evening shot facility. I don’t appear to have the ability to obtain a night shot by using this facility. Any hints could be appreciated.

  73. Rudolf Largent Says:

    Help – husband has lost the manual to my Canon Digital IXUS 8015 – can anybody let me know how you can take away the date to ensure that it doesn’t show on pictures? Thanks!

  74. Benedict Montierth Says:

    i truly want canon’s IXUS 100 but it is costly and so i wanted 2 purchase it in the least expensive place possible. i dont desire a used 1. and so i dont wanna continue ebay. i would like it completely new and from the store.


  75. Terresa Walks Says:

    I am considering purchasing canon’s Ixus 100 and contains an optical viewfinder. what’s that???and just how expensive is it in Japan? I am going to Japan inside a couple of days

  76. Maybelle Mohaupt Says:

    I’m considering purchasing a concise camera and wondering what will be the best to buy??? I am searching to invest 200-300 onto it. I am not excessively computer savvy, so something simply and top quality. Shall We Be Held asking an excessive amount of? Any suggestions???

    I’ve heard the Canon Powershot is nice….but which???

    thanks a lot

  77. Mac Vonstein Says:

    I’ve got a canon ixus 70 and wondered basically should make use of the choose the highest quality (most pixels) to consider a photograph. Would this produce clearer photos? I’m planning to email those to my buddies and never print them out what exactly could be my favorite choice. Memory isn’t a problem for me personally.

  78. Colin Mirabal Says:

    Proprietors of Canon Ixus 850 please! Thks. My pal given me this camera and I am surprised it just includes one lithium-ion rechargeable battery. My family’s Panasonic Lumix FX9 includes 2 and that i always needed to use both batteries to last us a whole day’s phototaking before re-charging during the night.

  79. Esmeralda Melquist Says:

    Will it make a difference from inserting the entire camera in to the computer, or must i just stick to that?

    I’ve got a Canon IXUS 90 IS.

    If you feel it’s important, it might be useful should you could recommend an inexpensive, quality readers.


  80. Brett Zerkle Says:

    Just purchased a canon ixus 95 IS and would really like just a little printer to print my photos, Nothing too costly. Simple to use and provides top quality ink jet printers. Any advice welcome.

  81. Brandi Dumbar Says:

    I have seen 2 different cameras one using the words ” Canon powershot sd 750 digital elph” written on front side from it and the other with “canon digital ixus 75″ written onto it. Surely this really is 2 different cameras? It is the ixus 75 i am after as thats the main one i just read ranked reviews on and shouldn’t obtain the wrong one.

  82. Steve Orlow Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Ixus 60 – the small instruction book that included it just talks of charging battery once the symbol implies that it’s flat but this is actually bothersome many of the time. Am I Going To damage battery by charging up prior to the symbol shows?

  83. Sharan West Says:

    I am searching for a Canon IXUS 300 HS camera (colour: whitened) created in Singapore.

    It is always good if a person could link me to a number of websites that market it.

    I have attempted searching on the internet and ebay but could only appear to obtain the versions created around australia and Hong Kong.


  84. Lon Tousley Says:

    I’ve got a lovely Canon Digital Ixus i camera, about five years old. However, sometimes the screen will not turn on. After I hook it up towards the pc it really works again for any couple of occasions. Your camera is small and takes such great pictures. At a shop they simply shrug their shoulders and wish me to purchase a replacement. Whatever you can suggest I actually do?

  85. Walter Ashland Says:

    plus additional , is canon ixus 98015 special edition.? just how much does that camera costs in Europe and Philippines and Asia?

  86. Wilbert Alrais Says:

    I purchased canon’s Ixus 95 IS lately and I’m wondering if there have been any effects you could do this using the photos, like make sure they are look fluorescent or something like that like this. Also, are you able to do the one thing where one can take several photos simply by clicking the button once (if guess what happens I am talking about).


  87. Cindy Hoerner Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Ixus 60 camera, it appears to consider top quality videos but do you consider they are just like a video camera?

    I possibly could obtain a 4GB card which would hold a 50 minute film.

    Advice please!

  88. Nellie Vogl Says:

    Whenever I put my SD within my Canon Ixus 750 it pops up with “Memory error card locked” however the actual lock around the Sdcard is not locked. It workes fine within my other camera.

  89. Charisse Ribb Says:

    I’ve got a canon IXUS 500 camera, and ordinarily a window pops up that begins the entire process of posting, however it has not show up, and my computer does not appear to complete anything after i connect your camera into it.

    I’ve no clue what file manager is, so do you understand why please.

  90. Rubin Coklow Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Ixus 750 camera having a normal 1GB SD memory right now. I want a larger memory (4GB). What’s the distinction between SDHC and SD and would my camera accomodate SDHC?

  91. Damian Mixson Says:

    Canon’s IXUS 860 IS doesn’t have an optical viewfinder. What’s the purpose of the optical viewfinder? So how exactly does this modify the image? And what’s the main difference?

  92. Mac Doering Says:

    My camera may be the Canon IXUS 200 IS. I’ve been having fun with the color accent and colour swap way of age range and should not appear to discover how you can alter the colour within the colour accent mode from yellow to a different colour and just how to make use of the color swap mode. Can anybody please let me know? It will be great if you possess the answer for but it is okay should you have only the solution for just one(ideally colour accent)

  93. Margit Tabarez Says:

    I’ve got a Canon IXUS 310 (Canon PowerShot 500) so when I transfer HD videos the seem is slow.

    How do i upload HD videos to my computer without it problem?

  94. Riley Asfour Says:

    Also, I’ve both of the aforementioned switched on and my subjects still frequently get red-colored eyes – shall we be held doing a problem? I figured you typically get a few flashes to lessen red-colored eyes but my camera does not appear to achieve that… Any tips?

    It is a Canon Ixus 82IS.


  95. Chae Leibel Says:

    I remember when i saw an image of the expensive, that mounted onto a Canon Ixus 50, having a bracket. Yes, it was more effective compared to built-in expensive, and is made to provide a large boost. However I can no more find this picture, and also have attempted a large number of (Canon) sites, but nonetheless cannot find anything.

    I’d really be thankful if a person could point me within the right direction.

    Thank you.

  96. Shaunda Mcsparin Says:

    Options that come with canon IXUS 130 and it is comparison, must i consider nikon S4000 also

  97. Brooks Naff Says:

    My canon Ixus 500 informs me the battery(lithium) is flat – even brand new ones and ones just billed. It is possible to second battery within the ixus that keeps the date etc which might need changing – if that’s the case location around the camera could it be?

  98. Maryanne Buchalter Says:

    i’m able to take more then 1 picture in 1 shutter in canon ixus 130?

    for jumping plus some other motion?

  99. Rolf Shores Says:

    What’s better Canon IXUS cameras or The new sony Cybershot W cameras? Specifically in term of display quality.

  100. Kristian Viesselman Says:

    I’ve got a canon digital Ixus 330 and may easily transfer photos off it onto my pc using Picassa, however i cant transfer video, does anyone understand how i’m able to do that please? It does not appear within my computer either. thanks ahead of time. x

  101. Rochelle Carlye Says:

    I am presently while using Canon Ixus 700 and also the pictures are nearly always fuzzy. I am nowhere near a specialist with cameras and so i may not be utilizing it properly however i desire a new camera to make use of for entertainment not proefessional or anything, just like lengthy because it takes obvious and top quality pictures.

    I believed Canon or Nikon. What’s best? Exactly what do you recommend?

  102. Justin Tysarczyk Says:

    just introduced a brand new canon ixus 8015 could use an online? were could i recieve one from?

  103. Sheldon Revord Says:

    The expensive on my small Canon Ixus camera is excessively vibrant, to the stage of reflecting off surfaces and faces after i take photos, which spoils them. How do i turn lower the brightness level? Thanks

  104. Carlee Chaddock Says:


    I’ve canon’s Ixus 130 and wish to record only seem, as with you skill having a tape recorder. My pal comes with an earlier model of the identical camera and it is always recording individuals conversations, so I am sure it is possible with mine. I simply require a step-by-step instruction regarding how to get it done.


    First response is an ill considered one: I would not be asking this basically had, or perhaps found my answer inside the manual.

    Towards the latter two, appreciate your creative input, however this camera truly does have voice recording abilities much like a tape recorder. I am really looking to get audible evidence of someone saying something they will not admit to, so them being unsure of or seeing your camera is vital.

    My pal has got the model before mine and that he does record audio constantly. I simply haven’t determined how you can on mine. Thanks anyway!

  105. Carroll Demien Says:

    can someone please suggest me a good thing and shoot camera with features much like canon ixus 105 as well as in exactly the same cost range? major preferences are:

    1. night shots

    2. good image capture of moving objects

    3. viewfinder and HD movie (that is missing in ixus 105)

    I understand the help! Thanks

  106. Phuong Molleda Says:

    I’ve got a Canon Ixus 80 IS camera and that i cant obtain the photos off my camera and onto my computer for whatever reason. I’d exactly the same camera before however the previous model coupled with no issues with it. I’ve the best Compact disc and also have installed all of the software however when I connect your camera, no box pops up saying “upload images to computer”.


  107. Jay Belluz Says:


    I’ve got a canon IXUS 210 which is only said to be used between -40 levels Celsius. However if only to consider it skiing beside me in which the temps might drop as little as -20 levels Celsius. Would this cause permanent harm to your camera?


  108. Freddie Riesland Says:

    Hi, I simply got such a Canon IXUS 210IS camera and delay pills work well except after i view images, the screen turns black after 2 seconds.I’ve had a glance within the mnu and manual but can’t appear to repair it! I believe this can be the purpose but how do you power it down or result in the wait time longer. It will get quite frustrating despite utilizing it for like ten minutes, Thanks!

  109. Monet Georgales Says:

    I have had a Canon ixus 750 camera and although on vacation I battled to consider pictures outdoors during the night without or with expensive despite experimenting with one of these configurations. Exactly what do they are doing?

  110. Traci Verdon Says:

    I’ve got a very fundamental camera: canon ixus 80is. I’m just experimentation with this particular between very narrow limitations. Can anybody let me know how to setup (iso, speed, etc… ) my camera in order (or at best try) shoot flying objects such as these?

  111. Leonard Calero Says:

    So i’ve got a nikon coolpix and from what i have seen, it SUCKS. the images are fuzzy, the colour isn’t good, also it takes literally 5 seconds for that damn factor to consider an image!! I will give it back for any better one, however i take some advice. i honestly dont worry about mega pixels unless of course it truly is important. i would like it to possess a pretty large screen, take fast pictures, (not 5 seconds to consider an image after which another 5 seconds to complete storing it, like my nikon), have top quality video, in which you cant hear the motor an excessive amount of. also much less bulky please, a slim camera..the only real factor is i type of possess a cost limit, under 200..

    my pal comes with an exilim (sp?) and my other friend includes a great kodak. besides individuals two brands, what is your opinion is nice? i dont like the new sony! i really like taking photos at parties and stuff therefore it needs to be great!! pleasee produce advice

    Also..i must have the ability to purchase it at best to buy - Last Minute Deals

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