Nikon D3S Review

October 17th, 2009 38 Comments   Posted in Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon D3s digital SLR for the professional photographer
During the presentation, Nikon claimed that no less than 70% of the DSLR cameras of 3000 Euros or more is actually a Nikon digital SLR. This is an extensive part of the market where the Nikon D700, introduced in July 2008, undoubtedly takes up the largest share. Looking at Nikon’s entire professional DSLR offer, the structure is transparent and clear. It is all about meeting the demands of the professional photographer, with the emphasis on image quality rather than the actual pixel amount. And it is exactly that; the demand for improvements and enhancements, that justifies the introduction of the Nikon D3s.

Image quality of the Nikon D3s SLR
Whereas the ISO quality of the Nikon D3 was already high, Nikon has clearly raised the bar once more while developing the D3s. The Nikon D3s features a Hi-3 ISO boost and, with a maximum ISO base of 12,800, ISO can be expanded to an incredible 102,400 ISO. This remarkable performance is only made possible by entirely re-developing the 12.1 Megapixel image sensor. Thanks to the large pixel space for every single pixel and a fully changed internal structure at which a minimal in-camera editing takes place in order to retain sharpness and detail, the professional photographer is able to significantly expand his job location and freedom. Shooting in less ambient light is now also enabled, which extends the effective workday on location.

Nikon apparently held a press-event in beautiful Scotland. LetsGoDigital has been there to test the new Nikon D3s already. This Nikon D3s is a hands-on review and not a lab test. LetsGoDigital says that they will receive final Nikon D3s samples soon to test them in their lab.
For me it is more important how a camera works in real life.
One of the highlights of the new $5,000 Nikon D3s DSLRcamera is the ISO sensitivity. It can be expanded on the Nikon D3s from Lo 1 (ISO 100 equivalent) up to Hi 3 (ISO 102400 equivalent). LetsGoDigital says about this new capability in their hands-on Nikon D3s test: “Dinner was served in a dimly-lit environment, presenting the ideal circumstances to try out the high ISO performance of the Nikon D3s. It’s a pity we cannot show you the images, since it is simply incredible what the improved sensor of the D3s is able to do. Both pictures and videos benefit from the large ISO range, enabling shooting in the most difficult circumstances. If you have the possibility to shoot using a Nikon D3s in the near future, you will soon be convinced.” Read the full Nikon D3s review on LetsGoDigital.
Nikon D3S Video Review

Joby Gorillapod Focus

June 6th, 2009 68 Comments   Posted in Tripods

The stronger, better, sexier Professional Tripod that supports your big rig, yet never ties you down. Gorillapod Focus with a zoom lensThe Gorillapod Focus was built for the professional photographer. It can support an amazing 11 pounds (5 kg), providing the stability of a standard tripod at a fraction of the size and weight–only 1.1 pounds (500g). Sturdy machined aluminum sockets with an anodized gunmetal finish offer incredible flexibility while ensuring a rock-solid hold in almost any environment.

Cleverly designed to help capture hard to get images like time-lapse, available-light, night-time or long-exposure, the Gorillapod Focus helps photographers refine their imaging skills. It is the biggest, strongest Gorillapod yet!

Gorillapod Focus leg joints

Sturdy machined aluminum sockets, featuring an anodized gunmetal finish, allow flexibility over 360° of rotation while maintaining their stability and ensuring longevity.

Gorillapod Rubberized FootRubberized ring & foot grips provide extra gripping power to grapple wherever you want to go.

Gorillapod Focus adapter screw

The adapter screw allows you to mount both the standard 1/4-inch cameras and other 3/8-inch professional tripod heads.

Product Specifications

Intended for: Professional camera rigs with large zoom lenses, and video cameras.
Max weight load: 5kg (11 lbs)
Adapter: Universal 1/4-in tripod screw plus a 3/8-inch adapter screw
Size: 290 x 92 x 92mm (11.4 x 3.6 x 3.6in)

Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs)
Habitat: Anywhere!

Joby Gorillapod Focus