Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Review

October 23rd, 2009 114 Comments   Posted in Digital SLR Cameras

The Canon EOS-1D Mark IV offers higher resolution and an extended range of sensitivity settings as well as a significantly higher-resolution LCD monitor and new 45-point area AF system. Resolution has been increased to 16.1 megapixels (effective) and the 27.9 x 18.6 mm APS-H sized CMOS sensor has a focal length crop factor of 1.3x and a 3:2 aspect ratio.

photoreview reviews the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and writes:
“The camera body is supplied with a standard shoulder strap, LP-E4 lithium-ion battery pack and LC-E4 charger, AC-E4 AC adaptor kit, DR-E4 DC coupler, EG eyecup, plus USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and video cables. The supplied software disks include the latest versions of Digital Photo Professional (Win/Mac), ZoomBrowser EX (Win), Image Browser (Mac), PhotoRecord (Win) and EOS Capture (Win/Mac).”

CNET reviews the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and writes:
“Packing 16.1 megapixels on an APS-H-sized CMOS sensor, the 1D Mark IV is also laying claim to being the first professional level digital SLR with full high-definition video recording. Nikon’s recently announced D3S could have trumpeted this fact but it’s only capable of 720p recording.”

Canon EOS 1d Mark IV Video

Packing 16.1 megapixels on an APS-H-sized CMOS sensor, the 1D Mark IV is also laying claim to being the first professional level digital SLR with full high-definition video recording. Nikon’s recently announced D3S could have trumpeted this fact but it’s only capable of 720p recording.

Burst rates are also a bit special, at up to 10 frames per second with 120 shots able to be captured in succession. Like the D3S, the 1D Mark IV is capable of some pretty impressive high ISO sensitivities, all the way up to 102,400.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

The Ultimate SLR Camera Course

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Nikon D3S Review

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Nikon D3s digital SLR for the professional photographer
During the presentation, Nikon claimed that no less than 70% of the DSLR cameras of 3000 Euros or more is actually a Nikon digital SLR. This is an extensive part of the market where the Nikon D700, introduced in July 2008, undoubtedly takes up the largest share. Looking at Nikon’s entire professional DSLR offer, the structure is transparent and clear. It is all about meeting the demands of the professional photographer, with the emphasis on image quality rather than the actual pixel amount. And it is exactly that; the demand for improvements and enhancements, that justifies the introduction of the Nikon D3s.

Image quality of the Nikon D3s SLR
Whereas the ISO quality of the Nikon D3 was already high, Nikon has clearly raised the bar once more while developing the D3s. The Nikon D3s features a Hi-3 ISO boost and, with a maximum ISO base of 12,800, ISO can be expanded to an incredible 102,400 ISO. This remarkable performance is only made possible by entirely re-developing the 12.1 Megapixel image sensor. Thanks to the large pixel space for every single pixel and a fully changed internal structure at which a minimal in-camera editing takes place in order to retain sharpness and detail, the professional photographer is able to significantly expand his job location and freedom. Shooting in less ambient light is now also enabled, which extends the effective workday on location.

Nikon apparently held a press-event in beautiful Scotland. LetsGoDigital has been there to test the new Nikon D3s already. This Nikon D3s is a hands-on review and not a lab test. LetsGoDigital says that they will receive final Nikon D3s samples soon to test them in their lab.
For me it is more important how a camera works in real life.
One of the highlights of the new $5,000 Nikon D3s DSLRcamera is the ISO sensitivity. It can be expanded on the Nikon D3s from Lo 1 (ISO 100 equivalent) up to Hi 3 (ISO 102400 equivalent). LetsGoDigital says about this new capability in their hands-on Nikon D3s test: “Dinner was served in a dimly-lit environment, presenting the ideal circumstances to try out the high ISO performance of the Nikon D3s. It’s a pity we cannot show you the images, since it is simply incredible what the improved sensor of the D3s is able to do. Both pictures and videos benefit from the large ISO range, enabling shooting in the most difficult circumstances. If you have the possibility to shoot using a Nikon D3s in the near future, you will soon be convinced.” Read the full Nikon D3s review on LetsGoDigital.
Nikon D3S Video Review

Pentax KX Review

October 10th, 2009 181 Comments   Posted in Digital SLR Cameras

The new K-x comes in a kit with the same lens as the K2000.  In fact, the only real difference between the two cameras seems to be a sensor upgrade, which brings video and live view along for the ride.  There are also a few minor updates, like a faster shutter speed (up to 1/6000, now).

Since the K-x is so similar to the K2000, owners of the latter would feel right at home with the updated model.  All of the buttons are in almost the same places.  The one exception is that since Pentax had to add a live view button, the info and menu buttons on the back get pushed down, and the delete key now resides as a secondary function on the flash pop-up.  It’s a pretty minor change, all things considered.  There’s also a video icon added to the selection wheel at the top of the camera.

DP Reviews

“ The Pentax K-x sits in the slot previously occupied by the company’s K200D – one of the best-specified entry-level DSLRs on the market in its time – though that position has now been elevated by the arrival of a new breed of simplified models below it. In Pentax’s line-up that means the K2000/K-m designed to entice compact camera users into DSLR ownership with its easy-to-use interface and diminutive scale, and it’s that camera the K-x is immediately reminiscent of (they share the same body)… ”

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Pentax KX Video Review